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How do you get Magic Powder Green

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iWec Level 173 Bera Phantom 4
I've been trying to craft my infinite throwing knives, and I need 20 magic powder (green)'s. I randomly got 5 from crafting plates.. whats up
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BobR Level 163 Windia F/P Arch Mage
That's how you get them. Every time you craft a plate there's a chance it will turn into powder.
Either make lots of plates and hope you get powders, or you have to buy powders from someone else.
Jun 15 2012
I would just craft plates. It's about a 20% chance to get a powder.
Edit: those BIG heart rocks drop powders occasionally.
Jun 15 2012
c5548christine Level 210 Windia Bishop Flan Guild
The rule is simple. All ores or herb can turn into bag of powder. The colour of the ore/herb will be the color of the powder. If you want green go for green herbs or ores. I know diamond is white, aquamarine is blue, gold is yellow etc. Green you probably need DEX, Mithril or emerald.

Good luck!
Jun 15 2012
chunchild239 Level 116 Windia Demon Slayer 4
If you have 20mil (unlike me), just buy it from the FM.
Jun 15 2012

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