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How many of you have decent adv bless

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Jun 24 12
Bera Rogue
Hi basil!

I was just wondering how many of you actually have decent advanced bless, since we are such a rare class.
POLL - How many of you have decent adv bless
31% - I have decent advanced bless (: - 9 / 29
68% - I don't have decent advanced bless ): - 20 / 29
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Jun 24 12
Broa Mercedes 3
I'm not a pirate, but I got AB and SI when there was a mini-S-rank neb glitch which is common, so I guess it might as well have been for a pirate too.
Jun 24 12
Bellocan Night Lord
I have decent advance bless~
Jun 24 12
Windia Buccaneer
I wish I had it! If anyone in Windia is willing to lend to a poor Buccaneer, I'll be indebted to you
Jun 24 12
Mardia Shade 4
is adv bless exclusive to pirates or something?
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Jun 24 12
Windia Shade 4
I want dab for my phantom
Jun 24 12
Scania Shade 4
Guilty , i got it on my bucc
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Jun 24 12
Chaos Shade 4
Got everythign but AB
Jun 24 12
Broa Dark Knight
You got decent skill problems? I feel bad for you, son.
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Jun 24 12
Bera Rogue
I've been searching for a while and i can't find a seller in bera. :c
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