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Jun 24 12
Scania Phantom 4
My NL has a 108 base dex which was really stupid of me to begin with
so I was wandering about the AP reset scroll in cash shop
does it reset the ALL of my AP or just one
im thinkin all because it says so in the official website but in Cash shop it says it only moves 1 AP stat to another


what do u guys think?
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Jun 24 12
Bera Dark Knight
Just one.
Jun 24 12
Windia Marksman
No, it only resets one stat
Jun 24 12
Windia Battle Mage 3
Jett might also have a hot time.
Jun 24 12
Scania Blade Master
Don't take my word on it but I think you might be able to purchase AP reset scrolls in the Renegades store *renamed from Justice
Alot of the stuff seems to have remained from Legends patch.

But ur best bet would have to be Hot time
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Jun 24 12
Scania Phantom 4
k thank guys if Hot time doesnt give out AP reset scroll than ill just make phantom as my new main again, was planning on making one anyways xD

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