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Ellinia Level 200 Bera Bishop

Ellinia's Jett Guide

Thank you to @Amped for assisting with the making of this guide. Please note that the skill builds listed in this guide is based solely off what I believe is most efficient for leveling and training. If you spot any errors or have any critiques, please PM me.

What is Jett?

[url=]Jett will be in game as of: Thursday, June 28, 2012 | 6:00 AM PST (9:00 AM EST)[/url]

Once a famed bounty hunter from the planet Cerberus, Jett is framed for killing the king of her planet. While escaping, her ship crash lands on Maple World. When she regains consciousness, she learns that her source of power, a gem named the Core, has been stolen by Burke, her former partner. Now she is chasing after Burke to find the Core and to regain her honor.

Class: Special Explorer
Equipment: Pirate
Weapon: Gun
Attack Distance: Medium-Ranged
Mobility: Extremely High
HP and MP: Medium
Primary Stat: Dexterity (DEX)
Secondary Stat: Strength (STR)

Important Information

  • Basically, Jetts will have to endure and go through a short quest line just like an Evan, which starts at level 80. Jett has some required quests that need to be completed before she can go through her 4th job advancement. You'll receive the first of these quests through the quest notifier (light bulb on the left side of the game window) at Lv.80.

  • At each job advancement, Jett will receive a unique gun that gives her bonus damage.

  • Just like the Demon Slayer's Force Shield, Jett has a special equip called the Core. This item grants stat bonuses and is equipped in what would normally be the equip slot for a shield. It cannot be unequipped until it is upgraded at the 4th job advancement, at which point it also gains hidden potential stats.

  • Jetts have a special buff skill (Link Skill) called Core Aura that can be shared with another character on the same account and in the same game world. The Core Aura uses a variable buff system. The numeric value of each stat (STR, DEX, INT, LUK, Weapon ATT, Magic ATT) can be different for each Jett character, and the stats will randomly change after a certain interval of time. The rank of the Core Aura grows every ten levels from Level 30-120. Core Aura stats are not given until Jett reaches Level 30.

Training Guide

Level 10-20: Blue Ribbon PigBlue Ribboned Pig[/monster]
Level 20-30: Mixed GolemMixed Stone Golem[/monster]
Level 30-35: Cherry Bubble TeaCherry Bubble Tea[/monster]
Level 35-50: Greatest OldiesCDs[/monster]
Level 45-55: Dead ScarecrowDead Scarecrow[/monster]
Level 55-78: Twisted JesterTwisted Jester[/monster]
Level 78-120: SlimyMP3[/monster]
Level 90-120: Alien MinerAliens[/monster]

Beginner Skills

Retro Rockets: Passive Buff. Movement Speed +50, Max Movement Speed +30, Jump +20. Automatically at Master Level.

Core Aura: A variable buff system which can be linked to another character on the same world. The numeric value of each stat (STR, DEX, INT, LUK, Weapon ATT, Magic ATT) can be different for each Jett character, and the stats will randomly change after a certain interval of time.

1st Job Skills

[skill=Jett-1=Comet Booster]: Passive buff. At Master Level: ACC +220, Movement Speed +20, Jump +10. Master Level: 10

[skill=Jett-1=Tornado Uppercut]: At Master Level: Damage: 350%, Max Enemies Hit: 6. Master Level: 20

[skill=Jett-1=Double Shot]: At Master Level: Damage: 165% per hit, Number of Attacks: 2, Range: 380. Master Level: 20

[skill=Jett-1=Glide Blast] Press the jump key again in the air to perfom an additional jump; up to two mid-air jumps are possible. Master Level: 10

[skill=Jett-1=Shadow Heart] Passive buff. At Master Level: Critical Rate +20%, Minimum Critical Damage +10%. Master Level: 10

1st Job Skill Build

Explanation: Basically, you will start off with Tornado Uppercut as your main mobbing move until Level 30. Double Shot is added at Level 11 for 1 vs. 1. I recommend Glide Blast because mobility is very important at a low level. You will then move on to Comet Booster, which will continue to boost your mobility. Max out Tornado Uppercut after. Max Shadow Heart for Critical Boost. The reason why Critical Boost is put off until after the mobile moves is because critical will not affect you much as at a low level. Finish off with 11 Double Shot.

Level 10: +1 Tornado Uppercut (1)
Level 11: +1 Double Shot, +2 Comet Booster (2)
Level 12: +3 Comet Booster (5)
Level 13: +3 Comet Booster (8)
Level 14: +2 Comet Booster b**, +1 Glide Bast (1)
Level 15: +3 Glide Bast (4)
Level 16: +3 Glide Bast (7)
Level 17: +3 Glide Bast b**
Level 18: +3 Tornado Uppercut (4)
Level 19: +3 Tornado Uppercut (7)
Level 20: +3 Tornado Uppercut (10)
Level 21: +3 Tornado Uppercut (13)
Level 22: +3 Tornado Uppercut (16)
Level 23: +3 Tornado Uppercut (19)
Level 24: +1 Tornado Uppercut b**, +2 Shadow Heart (2)
Level 25: +3 Shadow Heart (5)
Level 26: +3 Shadow Heart (8)
Level 27: +2 Shadow Heart b**, +1 Double Shot (2)
Level 28: +3 Double Shot (5)
Level 29: +3 Dobule Shot (8)
Level 30: +3 Double Shot (11)

End Results:

[skill=Jett-1=Comet Booster]: Maxed | Level 10

[skill=Jett-1=Tornado Uppercut]: Maxed | Level 20

[skill=Jett-1=Double Shot]: Level 11

[skill=Jett-1=Glide Blast]: Maxed | Level 10

[skill=Jett-1=Shadow Heart]: Maxed | Level 20

2nd Job Skills

[skill=Jett-2=Gun Mastery]: Passive buff. At Master Level: Gun Mastery: 50%, ACC +120. Master Level: 20

[skill=Jett-2=Gun Booster]: At Master Level: Increases the attack speed of your gun by 2 levels. Duration: 200 sec. Master Level: 20. Prerequisite: Level 5 Gun Mastery

[skill=Jett-2=Triple Fire]: Passive buff for Double Shot. At Master Level: Damage: 181% per hit, Number of Attacks: 3. Master Level: 20. Prerequisite: Level 10 Double Shot

[skill=Jett-2=Static Thumper]: At Master Level: Damage: 550%, Max Enemies Hit: 6. Master Level: 20

[skill=Jett-2=Physical Training]: Passive buff. At Master Level: STR/DEX +30. Master Level: 10

[skill=Jett-2=Perseverance]: Passive buff. At Master Level: Recover 8% HP/MP every 5 sec. Master Level: 15

[skill=Jett-2=Dark Clarity]: At Master Level: Weapon ATT +30, ACC +160, Duration: 180 sec. Master Level: 20

2nd Job Skill Build

Explanation: Add 1 Static Thumper for you to have a new mob move. Add 2 Gun Mastery, and then 1 Triple Fire to upgrade your 1 vs. 1 move compared to Double Shot. Increase Gun Mastery to level 5 to unlock Gun Booster. The reason you should get Gun Booster quickly is to increase your speed. Jetts revolve solely around mobility and speed. If you have excellent mobility and attacking speed, you will be unstoppable. Max out Physical Training because I assume that most of you will be STR-less, which is why Physical Training will allow you to wield your guns along with giving that extra 30 STR boost onto your overall attack. Max out Gun Mastery to increase minimum damage. Max out Dark Clarity for the 30 ATK boost. Continue adding Static Thumper until Level 16. Max out Triple Fire for you to 1 vs. 1. Around this time, you will be training at monsters that will not require you to lose much HP/MP. Therefore, I decided to delay Perserverance until around this level. Finish off with Gun Booster. The reason why Gun Booster is delayed until the end is because the maps that you will primarily be training at will give the time and areas to rebuff. Unless you are extremely lazy, 60 seconds duration for Gun Booster is enough for you to rebuff every now and then.

Level 30: +1 Static Thumper (1)
Level 31: +2 Gun Mastery (2), +1 Triple Fire (1)
Level 32: +3 Gun Mastery (5)
Level 33: +3 Gun Booster (3)
Level 34: +3 Gun Booster (6)
Level 35: +3 Physical Training (3)
Level 36: +3 Physical Training (6)
Level 37: +3 Physical Training (9)
Level 38: +1 Physical Training b**, +2 Gun Mastery (7)
Level 39: +3 Gun Mastery (10)
Level 40: +3 Gun Mastery (13)
Level 41: +3 Gun Mastery (16)
Level 42: +3 Gun Mastery (19)
Level 43: +1 Gun Mastery b**, +2 Dark Clarity (2)
Level 44: +3 Dark Clarity (5)
Level 45: +3 Dark Clarity (8)
Level 46: +3 Dark Clarity (11)
Level 47: +3 Dark Clarity (14)
Level 48: +3 Dark Clarity (17)
Level 49: +3 Dark Clarity b**
Level 50: +3 Static Thumper (4)
Level 51: +3 Static Thumper (7)
Level 52: +3 Static Thumper (10)
Level 53: +3 Static Thumper (13)
Level 54: +3 Static Thumper (16)
Level 55: +3 Triple Fire (4)
Level 56: +3 Triple Fire (7)
Level 57: +3 Triple Fire (10)
Level 58: +3 Triple Fire (13)
Level 59: +3 Triple Fire (16)
Level 60: +3 Triple Fire (19)
Level 61: +1 Triple Fire b**, +2 Perseverance (2)
Level 62: +3 Perseverance (5)
Level 63: +3 Perseverance (8)
Level 64: +3 Perseverance (11)
Level 65: +3 Perserverance (14)
Level 66: +1 Perserverance b**, +2 Gun Booster (8)
Level 67: +3 Gun Booster (11)
Level 68: +3 Gun Booster (14)
Level 69: +3 Gun Booster (17)
Level 70: +3 Gun Booster b**

End Results:

[skill=Jett-2=Gun Mastery]: Maxed | Level 20

[skill=Jett-2=Gun Booster]: Maxed | Level 20

[skill=Jett-2=Triple Fire]: Maxed | Level 20

[skill=Jett-2=Static Thumper]: Level 16

[skill=Jett-2=Physical Training]: Maxed | Level 10

[skill=Jett-2=Perseverance]: Maxed | Level 15

[skill=Jett-2=Dark Clarity]: Maxed | Level 20

3rd Job Skills

[skill=Jett-3=Solar Array]: At Master Level: Damage 500% per hit, Number of Attacks: 2, Max Enemies Hit: 6. Master Level: 30

[skill=Jett-3=Turret Deployment]: Sets up a turret that fires at nearby enemies. At Master Level: Turret Damage: 140%, Summon Duration: 30 sec, Cooldown: 10 sec. Master Level: 20

[skill=Jett-3=Gamma Missile]: At Master Level: Damage: 280%, Max Enemies Hit: 6, Knockback Range: 400, Explosion Damage: 734%. Master Level: 20

[skill=Jett-3=High Life]: Passive buff. At Master Level: Weapon/Magic DEF +30%, Max HP/MP +600. Master Level: 20

[skill=Jett-3=Cutting Edge]: Passive buff. At Master Level: Critical Rate +30%, Enemy DEF Ignored: 20%. Master Level: 20

[skill=Jett-3=Roll of the Dice]: Get a random buff; if you roll a 1, you get nothing. At Master Level: Buff Duration: 180 sec, Cooldown: 200 sec. Master Level: 20

[skill=Jett-3=Drone Blast]: At Master Level: Damage: 160% per hit, Number of Attacks: 8. Master Level: 30

3rd Job Skill Build

Explanation: Start off with 1 Solar Array as your new main mobbing move. For Level 71 and 72, you will be adding as I call them, Level 1 Skill Wonders. 1 Cutting Edge will give you a 11% Critical Rate, 1 Roll of the Dice for a buff, 1 Turret Deployment for protection and fun, and 1 Drone Blast for the knockback when needed. Continue with maxing Solar Array for maximum damage for your mobbing move. Obviously, add Cutting Edge for the amazing Critical Rate: +30%, Enemy DEF Ignored: 20%. Around this time, in the 80s and 90s, High Life will supply you with much needed defense and HP to minimize HP/MP usage. Add Turret Deployment for protection from KSers. Max out Gamma Missile for the knockback. Finish off with Drone Blast. The reason why Drone Blast is delayed until the end is because Level 1 Drone Blast will suffice your 1 vs. 1 needs, since you will not be bossing usually around 3rd job. When you hit 4th Job and start bossing, Rapid Fire will quickly replace Drone Blast.

Level 70: +1 Solar Array (1)
Level 71: +1 Cutting Edge (1), +1 Roll of the Dice (1), +1 Turret Deployment (1)
Level 72: +1 Drone Blast (1), +2 Solar Array (3)
Level 73: +3 Solar Array (6)
Level 74: +3 Solar Array (9)
Level 75: +3 Solar Array (12)
Level 76: +3 Solar Array (15)
Level 77: +3 Solar Array (18)
Level 78: +3 Solar Array (21)
Level 79: +3 Solar Array (24)
Level 80: +3 Solar Array (27)
Level 81: +3 Solar Array b**
Level 82: +3 Cutting Edge (4)
Level 83: +3 Cutting Edge (7)
Level 84: +3 Cutting Edge (10)
Level 85: +3 Cutting Edge (13)
Level 86: +3 Cutting Edge (16)
Level 87: +3 Cutting Edge (19)
Level 88: +1 Cutting Edge b**, +2 High Life (2)
Level 89: +3 High Life (5)
Level 90: +3 High Life (8)
Level 91: +3 High Life (11)
Level 92: +3 High Life (14)
Level 93: +3 High Life (17)
Level 94: +3 High Life b**
Level 95: +3 Turret Deployment (4)
Level 96: +3 Turret Deployment (7)
Level 97: +3 Turret Deployment (10)
Level 98: +3 Turret Deployment (13)
Level 99: +3 Turret Deployment (16)
Level 100: +3 Turret Deployment (19)
Level 101: +1 Turret Deployment b**, +2 Roll of the Dice (3)
Level 102: +3 Roll of the Dice (6)
Level 103: +3 Roll of the Dice (9)
Level 104: +3 Roll of the Dice (12)
Level 105: +3 Roll of the Dice (15)
Level 106: +3 Roll of the Dice (18)
Level 107: +2 Roll of the Dice b**, +1 Gamma Missile (2)
Level 108: +3 Gamma Missile (5)
Level 109: +3 Gamma Missile (8)
Level 110: +3 Gamma Missile (11)
Level 111: +3 Gamma Missile (14)
Level 112: +3 Gamma Missile (17)
Level 113: +3 Gamma Missile b**
Level 114: +3 Drone Blast (4)
Level 115: +3 Drone Blast (7)
Level 116: +3 Drone Blast (10)
Level 117: +3 Drone Blast (13)
Level 118: +3 Drone Blast (16)
Level 119: +3 Drone Blast (19)
Level 120: +3 Drone Blast (22)

End Results:

[skill=Jett-3=Solar Array]: Maxed | Level 30

[skill=Jett-3=Turret Deployment]: Maxed | Level 20

[skill=Jett-3=Gamma Missile]: Maxed | Level 20

[skill=Jett-3=High Life]: Maxed | Level 20

[skill=Jett-3=Cutting Edge]: Maxed | Level 20

[skill=Jett-3=Roll of the Dice]: Maxed | Level 20

[skill=Jett-3=Drone Blast]: Level 22

4th Job Skills

[skill=Jett-4=Rapid Fire]: Constantly fires your gon while the skill key is held down. At Master Level: Damage: 330% per shot. Master Level: 30. Skill books required. Prerequisite: Level 20 Triple Fire

[skill=Jett-4=Mighty Meteor]: Throw a sensor at an enemy; thereafter, all attacks will be focused on that enemy. At Master Level: Initial damage: 610%, bonus damage from follow-up attacks: 20% each hit. Master Level: 20. Skill book required.

[skill=Jett-4=Starfall]: At Master Level: Damage: 520% per hit, Number of Attacks: 3, Max Enemies Hit: 15. Cooldown: 30 sec. Master Level: 30. Skill books required.

[skill=Jett-4=Double Down]: Roll two dice, and if they land on the same number, you'll receive a powerful buff. At Master Level: 50% chance of rolling a Double Down, Buff Duration: 200 sec, Cooldown: 200 sec. Master Level: 5. Prerequisite: Lv.20 Luck of the Dice

[skill=Jett-4=Brain Scrambler]: At Master Level: Damage: 800%, Chance to instantly kill normal enemies, max attacks vs. boss monsters: 4, DEF Ignored: 40%, Bonus Critical Chance: 100%, Cooldown: 5 sec. Master Level: 30. Skill books required.

[skill=Jett-4=Suborbital Bombardier]: At Master Level: Damage: 590% per hit, Number of Attacks: 4, Max Enemies Hit: 6. Master Level: 30. Skill books required.

[skill=Jett-4=Collateral Damage]: Passive buff. At Master Level: Critical Rate +15%, Critical Damage +10%, Additional critical rate on bosses: 20%, Damage on bosses +20%. Master Level: 20

[skill=Jett-4=Relentless]: At Master Level: Weapon ATT +10%, Elemental and Abnormal Status Resistance: 40%, Stance chance: 40%, Avoidability: -300. Master Level: 20. Skill book required.

[skill=Jett-4=Counterattack]: Passive buff. At Master Level: Upon being hit, damage +15% at a 40% chance, Duration: 45 sec. Master Level: 10

[skill=Jett-4=Maple Warrior]: At Master Level: All Stats +15%, Duration: 900 sec. Master Level: 30. Skill books required.

[skill=Jett-4=Hero's Will]: Removes some abnormal status effects. At Master Level: Cooldown: 360 sec. Master Level: 5. Quest required.

4th Job Skill Build

Level 120: +1 Suborbital Bombardier (1)
Level 121: +1 Rapid Fire (1), +1 Double Down (1), +1 Relentless (1)
Max Double Down
Max Collateral Damage
Suborbital Bombardier
Max Counterattack
Max Relentless

You can continue with any skills that you feel is necessary afterwards.


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Amped Level 108 Bera Hero
@t3hhyro Since you won't see many 1v1 fights in 1st/2nd job, especially since us Jetts can't get the Crocell hat (an easy fight, but still one to mention nonetheless), so the Tornado will help you through 1st job. You'll 1 shot kill anything with Double, anyhow.
@hardballer E-L Easton is Suborbital Bomber, it's the best skill book to get in my opinion. It's your main mob skill, so level 30 will help you level quickly.
Jul 01 2012
There's something I don't understand. ._.; Forgive me if I ask but can someone explain the stats. I mean you know for mages you go 3 above your level for LUK but is it the same for Jett?
Jul 01 2012
Amped Level 108 Bera Hero
@Lydell You want STR as low as possible. It's very simple to get at least ~100 STR unfunded with 4 base dex, you just need a bit of effort to craft some gear, get some cards in your Codex, and gather coins for renegade equips.
Jul 01 2012
For 4th job, you get 3 sp instead of 1, btw. Just found out when I did job advance
Jul 01 2012
Saphiria Level 147 Scania Kaiser 4
check the site guys about the link skill
we got f-ed imo
(the message below is 100% copies from nexon's site)

Starting June 28 in the Event Section of the Event Tab
Four new items have been added to the Cash Shop to help you customize your Jett's Core Aura to best benefit your characters. The new Jett class has a unique ability called Core Aura, which buffs not only Jett but one other character in the same account on the same world. The Core Aura has a random distribution of stat bonuses (STR, DEX, INT, LUK, ATT and M. ATT), which randomly changes after a certain interval of time.
Supernova Dust randomly reconfigures the stats for 1 day, while also having a chance to boost them to be slightly more powerful, or even increase stat ranks. Condensed Supernova Dust also randomly reconfigures stats, but to the highest possible without affecting ranks. You can also rotate the distribution of stats once clockwise with Cosmic Dust Shifter, and when you're satisfied with the stats, you can lock them in for 30 days with a Stellar Cosmic Solidifier. Stellar Cosmic Solidifiers can also stack for a maximum of 365 days! But any use of any other Core aura item will remove the lock.

we have to buy the link skill with nx... good job nexon[/quote]

Obviously you don't know how to read The link skill is always on the Jett, however, the dusts (either from monster drop or from NX) can change the stat. Meaning that you don't have to use NX.
Jul 01 2012
Galavan Level 166 Broa Paladin
Hmm, there's something wrong with Retro Rockets and Comet Booster; they are not adding up.[/quote]

They add max speed, not current speed.
Jul 01 2012
4th job, u get 3 SP.

I think uhm drone is 21 not 22[/quote]

Yeah it's 21. I think the mistake was made with Gamma Missile. Gamma missile got a free skill point from somewhere.
Jul 01 2012
Drone > Gamma

In the long run.
Jul 01 2012
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