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Jun 28 12
Broa Marksman
When will be the next Royal Hair event after the v.122 patch tonight?
When will there be the "All Stars" where I can get that awesome 'Wild Tangles' Hair for guys. :C
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Jun 28 12
Broa Bishop
If only I had a time machine...
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Jun 28 12
Broa Beginner
I really wish I could get the long pigtails u.u
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Jun 28 12
Scania Night Lord
why on earth would you change the hair you have now?
Jun 28 12
Broa Blade Acolyte
I really like a lot of the All Star hairstyles; they fit the style of avatar I usually make.

I'd assume there will be a hair event soon, since it's just the beginning of summer vacation for a lot of people now. (I think like elementary schools and stuff finish today or Friday).
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Jun 28 12
Windia Hero
I hope All Star doesn't come back

Too many people have my hair
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Jun 28 12
Bera Evan 5th Growth
^^^ Too many males*

Female version doesn't seem all too common. I'm glad I have it.
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