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KayohTip Level 130 Renegades Jett 4
Other people seem to be making these. This one is different because instead of just throwing points out that look right and following normal MS customs, I'm using a damn calculator to maximize damage as quickly as possible.


Treat Jett like you would treat a Gunslinger as far as AP goes. I prefer STRless, simply because statless weapons are so easy to come by nowadays, and by the time a gun with a STR requirement comes around that would out-do your statless gun (most likely a Legendary Maple Firerunner) you've probably got good enough equips that you have enough STR to equip said gun. If not, then at THAT POINT is when you want to be adding Str. It's ALWAYS easier to ADD AP than to remove it. Removing it costs maplepoints, or a hell of a lot of luck and a hot time.


[i]1st Job SP Build[/i]
Lv 10: +1 Tornado Uppercut [1]
Lv 11: +1 Glide Blast [1], +1 Double Shot [1], +1 Comet Booster [1]
lv 12-14: +3 Comet Booster [MAX]
Lv 15-17: +3 Glide Blast [MAX]
Lv 18-20: +3 Shadow Heart [9]
Lv 21: +1 Shadow Heart [MAX], +1 Tornado Uppercut [2], +1 Double Shot [2]

Choose your route at this point. You can either max Tornado Uppercut and get 11 Double Shot or max Double Shot and get 11 Tornado Uppercut. It doesn't really matter, because honestly, they both get replaced by the time you hit level 31 and get a point into both Static Thumper and Triple Fire. Contrary to popular belief, Triple Fire's damage is static, and does not ADD to Double Shot. At Lv 1 Triple Fire does 124% x 3, or 372% to 1 monster. If it added to Double Shot, it'd be 289% x 3, and trust me when I say you never hit double your range with a single bullet from Lv 1 Triple Fire.

Lv 22-27: +3 (Tornado Uppercut OR Double Shot) [MAX]
Lv 28-30: +3 (Tornado Uppercut OR Double Shot) [11]

Explanation: Obviously you want to be able to do more than just shoot your gun at level 10, so we put a point into Tornado Uppercut for a huge damage boost and mobbing capabilities. At level 11, we put a point into Double Shot to improve attack speed in situations where mobbing isn't necessary, a point into Glide Blast so it's available for us to use, and begin maxing Comet Booster for mobility. We max Comet Booster, then Glide Blast for maximum mobility. This is the point that we want to start focusing on damage output. The skill that increases damage output the most is actually Shadow Heart rather than maxing one of your actual attacking skills, so max that immediately after you're done maxing out your mobility based skills. After those three skills are maxed, though, you can choose whether you want mobbing capability or just pure attacking speed. Tornado Uppercut is a very slow move and tends to get boring, but it hits harder, and hits more monsters than Double Shot. Another option is to take both of them to 11, decide which one you use most, and just max that one.

1st Job Training Spots
Level 1-10: I'm sure you'll have plenty of storyline quests to get you to 10, if you don't start at Lv 10 off the bat like Merc and DS do.
Level 10-15: Blue MushroomBlue Mushrooms[/monster]. They drop Maple Bentos, and if you're JUST starting off BRAND NEW, they're helpful for money at 1,000 meso a piece to sell to an NPC.
Level 15: Go to NLC and take the Mayor's quiz. This'll get you about halfway into Lv 17 and net you 5 Elixirs and 2 Fame. Best, easiest quest ever!
Level 17-30: Rotting SkeletonRotting Skeletons[/monster]. Best source of XP until you hit Lv 30 and Kerning Square opens up.
Alternative: If you get bored with Rotting Skeletons, or you can't afford to burn through pots and not pick any up, go to Mixed GolemMixed Golems[/monster]. Better drops, worse XP.
Level 18-30: Flaming Mixed GolemFire Golems[/monster] are a great option for strless due to them still dropping 7th Anniversary Gift Boxes. Beryl/Crimson equips ftw! I hunted here from level 39-45, got the overall, belt, shoes and shoulder piece, plus 10 anniversary coins, a crapload of joybird feathers and a bunch of random pink 20% dark scrolls.

[i]2nd Job SP Build[/i]
Lv 30: +1 Static Thumper [1]
Lv 31: +1 Gun Mastery [1], +1 Triple Fire [1], +1 Dark Clarity [1]
Lv 32-37: +3 Dark Clarity [19]
Lv 38: +1 Dark Clarity [20], +1 Gun Mastery [2], +1 Physical Training [1]
Lv 39-41: +3 Physical Training [MAX]
Lv 42: +3 Gun Mastery [5]
Lv 43-44: +3 Gun Booster [6]
Lv 45-49: +3 Gun Mastery [MAX]
Lv 50-54: +3 Static Thumper [16]
Lv 55-58: +3 Gun Booster [18]
Lv 59: +2 Gun Booster [MAX], +1 Triple Fire [2]
Lv 60-64: +3 Perseverance [MAX]
Lv 65-70: +3 Triple Fire [MAX]

Explanation: This probably looks more complicated than it really is. It's quite simple, though. We put 1 point into Static Thumper to get a 455% 6 mob attack instantly. Huge improvement with 1 SP. Then, we put 1 point into Mastery to go from 15% to 27% mastery, nearly doubling our minimum damage. Throw a single point into Triple Fire as well for a pretty great upgrade over Double Shot, increasing its total damage to 372%. It's at this point that we max Dark Clarity for the massive weapon attack bonus that it provides, and yes, this increases your OVERALL, AVERAGE DAMAGE even more than Mastery would, or just maxing your attacking skill or Physical Training first. After maxing Dark Clarity, we want to max Physical Training immediately for both the Str boost (if you're low str or strless) and Dex boost (massive damage boost), and from level 38-41 we go from 198 Base Dex to 243 Base Dex, assuming you're Strless. That's pretty big, considering the fact that every 5 dex is about equal to 2 weapon attack, and this skill will both increase our dex AND allow us to increase our weapon attack by equipping a better weapon. That is, unless you're rocking a Maple Gun, which isn't too difficult with oldmaple open. Regardless, after maxing Dark Clarity and Physical Training, we do the old 5 Mastery/6 Booster trick to get a minute-long Booster, increasing your attacking speed and overall damage output. We then max Mastery which increases your average damage by quite a bit more than increasing your attacking skill would at this point. After we've got our Mastery maxed, we arrive at a crossroads.

There are two very legitimate paths that you can take at this point. You're level 50, and you don't know which attacking skill you should put points in. Here's a simple question: How long do you want to stay at King Pepe? If you don't mind doing the Yeti/Pepe quest over and over and over and over again, it's perfectly viable to do that until you hit Level 70, and if you max Triple Fire starting at level 50, your xp/hr will be better at Pepe than it would be at Jesters, even up against Lv 16 Static Thumper, until level 69. Crazy, right? Those are your two main options...max Triple Shot and stay at Pepe until you reach your 3rd job advance, ignoring all of the pesty KSers at the Jesters map or the monotony of the Toy Room map, or take Static Thumper straight to 16 and kill Jesters, starting at Lv 54, until (and after) you Job Advance. Max Triple Fire on Pepe is better XP/hr than Lv 16 Static Thumper vs 3.58 Jesters (which basically translates into the regular spawn in the Toy Room, taking the time that it takes to gather all four Jesters into account) until Lv 69. At that point, you might as well just stay at Pepe and finish the job. Either way, these are your two best training options for the second half of your second job.

Regardless of which method you choose, you want to max Gun Booster afterwords, then Perseverance, before finishing off whichever attacking skill you didn't opt to increase first. Just make sure to max Triple Fire, as it is a prerequisite for Rapid Fire in 4th job, and nobody wants to waste precious 4th job SP on a 2nd job skill because of a prerequisite.

2nd Job Training Spots
Any Level: Flaming Mixed GolemFire Golems[/monster] are STILL a great option for strless due to them still dropping 7th Anniversary Gift Boxes. Beryl/Crimson equips ftw! I hunted here from level 39-45, got the overall, belt, shoes and shoulder piece, plus 10 7th anniversary coins, a crapload of joybird feathers and a bunch of random pink 20% dark scrolls. Hopefully Nexon doesn't fix this most likely glitch for a little while longer.
Level 30-38: Mushroom Kingdom works, and you get a solid glove as well as a medal that'll last you until you get your first Silent Crusade medal.
Level 34-70: King Pepe in Mushroom Kingdom is now solo-able, and using even Lv 1 Triple Fire you shouldn't have much trouble taking him down.
Level 36-46: Latest Hits CompilationC[/monster]Greatest OldiesD[/monster]s in Kerning Square. Yes, they're that good that you can go there at 30 and not slow down. You'll still have 70ish% accuracy, and the XP is excellent.
Level 35-55: Dead ScarecrowScarecrows[/monster] in the Haunted Mansion are decent XP, especially now that Robos are out of the equation, so you can just transition from Scarecrows to Jesters when you feel comfortable with it.
Level 35-55: Sleepywood Dungeon. Now that the monster levels have decreased, and the levels for Robos has increased, this place is the hotspot for these levels.
Level 45-60: Ludibrium. BloctopusBloctopus[/monster] is a great source of XP now, at level 60 and with great spawn.
Level 54-70: Twisted JesterJesters[/monster]. I don't care if you can't find a map to yourself, these things put leveling on steroids and just propel you to 78ish in no time. Just don't forget to job advance at 70.
Level 54-70: RoboRobos[/monster]/Master RoboMaster Robos[/monster] in Ludi. Apparatus Room on the far right, it's easy to find, the spawn is ridonk.

[i]3rd Job SP Build[/i]
Lv 70: +1 Solar Array [1]
Lv 71: +1 Gamma Missile [1], +1 Drone Blast [1], +1 Cutting Edge [1]
Lv 72: +1 Turret Deployment [1], +2 Cutting Edge [3]
Lv 73-77: +3 Cutting Edge [18]
Lv 78: +2 Cutting Edge [MAX], +1 Solar Array [2]
Lv 79-87: +3 Solar Array [29]
Lv 88: +1 Solar Array [MAX], +2 Roll of the Dice [2]
Lv 89-94: +3 Roll of the Dice [MAX]
Lv 95-100: +3 High Life [18]
Lv 101: +2 High Life [MAX], +1 Turret Deployment [2]
Lv 102-107: +3 Turrett Deployment [MAX]
Lv 108-113: +3 Gamma Missile [19]
Lv 114: +1 Gamma Missile [MAX], +2 Drone Blast [3]
Lv 115-120: +3 Drone Blast [21]

Explanation: You want 1 Solar Array for the sole purpose of getting another massive upgrade to your primary mobbing move. You go from 530% to 710% with 1 SP. At level 71, you get a point into Gamma Missile so you have access to a knockback move, a point into Drone Blast for a massive improvement over max Triple Fire (from 543% to 816%), and a point into Cutting Edge to get a bonus 11% Crit Rate and 1% PDR. At 72, put a point into Turret Deployment so you can use it (the damage is pretty bad at this point, but it still increases your damage output overall) and begin maxing Cutting Edge. Cutting Edge needs to be maxed first, as, much like the way Shadow Heart worked in first job, while it doesn't give you any tangible damage increases, it increases your overall damage output after taking critical rate into account. After maxing Cutting Edge, it's most beneficial to max Solar Array. Gamma Missile is used for knockback, not damage accumulation. After maxing Cutting Edge and Solar Array, max Roll of the Dice for another buff move that can potentially give you a +20% Damage buff, which is huge, or even a +30% Exp buff, which is also very nice. Once you max Roll of the Dice, max High Life for a defensive boost that'll definitely help as you go from Jesters and MP3 to the more hard hitting training spots, like Pirates and DGPs. Once High Life is maxed, max Turret Deployment for a small damage boost, then Gamma Missile for another nice damage boost, and finally put all remaining points into Drone Blast, which ends up getting replaced immediately at level 121 when you put your first point into Rapid Fire.

3rd Job Training Spots
Lv 70-78: Twisted JesterJesters[/monster] are still a great source of XP and probably the fastest way to get to level 78.
Lv 70-81: Sand RatSand Rats[/monster] and ScorpionScorpions[/monster] on the Sahel-2 Map is a great one if Jesters gets too crowded.
Lv 74-89: RoidRoids[/monster] and Neo HuroidNeo Huroids[/monster] at the C-2 Map are a XP source and have great drops as well.
Lv 78-83: One of my personal favorite training spots is the Mu Lung Practice Field: Advanced Level, which has 3 levels of ONLY Wooden Target DummyWTDs[/monster].
Lv 78-105: MP3 is the best training spot in the game when Aliens aren't around. Incredible spawn of [monster=Selkie Jr.]Selkie Jr[/monster] and SlimySlimy[/monster], levels 90 and 93 respectively.
Lv 83-98: [monster=Mr. Anchor]Mr. Anchor[/monster] on the Ghost Ship is a decent alternative if MP3 or Aliens are too crowded.
Lv 90-110: Alien CogAli[/monster]Alien Minerens[/monster] while they last. Amazing training source to get you to LHC.
Lv 90-110: CaptainCaptains[/monster] and KruKrus[/monster] between Mu Lung and Herb Town. They hit quite hard, so max High Life is a must.
Lv 99-119: Dual Ghost PirateDGPs[/monster] in Ludibrium are a great source of XP, but they hit EXTREMELY HARD, so again, max High Life is a must.
Lv 110-120: Crocky the GatekeeperCrockies[/monster] at LHC are a must at this point, ideally with a party of 6 including a Bishop and Bucc for HS and SI. A BaM for auras wouldn't hurt, either.
Lv 117-120: BearwolfBearwolves[/monster] are arguably the best LHC monster due to its higher spawn rate, and it's level 122, so go there at 117.

[i]4th Job Skill Build[/i]
Lv 120: +1 Suborbital Bombardier [1]
Lv 121: +1 Rapid Fire [1], +1 Collateral Damage [1], +1 Double Down [1]
Lv 122: +1 Brain Scrambler [1], +1 Mighty Meteor [1], +1 Starfall [1]
Lv 123: +3 Double Down [4]
Lv 124: +1 Double Down [5], +1 Collateral Damage [2], +1 Counterattack [1]
Lv 125-130: +3 Collateral Damage [MAX]
Lv 131-133: +3 Counterattack [MAX]
Lv 134: +1 Relentless [1], +2 Suborbital Bombardier [3]
Lv 135-143: +3 Suborbital Bombardier [MAX]
Lv 144+: Up to you, really. It depends a lot on what books are available. I'd recommend Relentless first, but different skills have different functions. Rapid Fire is the best 1v1 DPS move in your arsenal, but can't mob. If you're a fan of bossing, you may want to max Brain Scrambler and Mighty Meteor early. Relentless is ideal for LHC, and works GREAT as a supporting move for Counterattack, lowering your avoid and giving you a chance to get a Stance effect when hit, plus increasing your Weapon ATT by 10% at max level. Maple Warrior is always a smart option, as well.

Explanation: Suborbital Bombardier is literally the strongest spammable mobbing move in the game. It's seriously're hitting 6 monsters for 1896% at level 1 with one attack that isn't so painfully slow that it suffers in DPS. Truly ridiculous. After getting your first point into that, though, just throw a point into everything useful, and there is a lot of that here. Rapid Fire replaces Drone Blast with 1 SP. Collateral damage gives you a nice crit boost, even at level 1. Double Down gives you a chance to score a double down and get a better buff, as well as increasing your buff duration, even at level 1. Brain Scrambler is very useful for bossing, as is Mighty Meteor, and Starfall is just something that I'm sure a lot of people like due to its range. If you aren't a big fan of ultimates, put that third point into Double Down so you can max it at Lv 122. Otherwise, get Double Down to 4 at Lv 122, then max it at Lv 124 as well as putting a point into Counterattack and a second point into Collateral Damage. At his point, maxing Collateral Damage is a great idea, as it gives you a HUGE damage boost against bosses, and a more humble, but still great damage boost in other scenarios, but most importantly, it doesn't require a skill book to max, which is great. After maxing collateral Damage, max Counterattack for another non-book-requiring skill that gives you a very nice damage boost at a 40% chance every time you get hit. If you're a regular grinder, you're going to get hit often, so this will be a great help. After maxing Counterattack, though, the best thing you can do is max Suborbital Bombardier for the massive damage that this thing deals. Every time you level up and +3 SB, its total damage increases by 48%. So if your range is 6k-9k, this thing will increase your damage by around 3k-4.5k every single level. At max level, it deals a massive 2360% damage to 6 monsters. This attack is significantly more powerful than even your ultimate, although it hits less monsters...not that that even really matters if you're at LHC. After maxing SB, it's really your choice what to do. If you're an active bosser, your best bets are Rapid Fire, Brain Scrambler (3200% to bosses + 40% PDR + guaranteed crit) and Mighty Meteor for its "use this move on a monster and every other move you use on that monster hits harder" effect. Alternatively, if you're an avid LHCer and don't feel like you're ready for bossing on the reg, opt for Relentless so you get hit more (Counterattack ftw) and deal more damage with that nice +10% WAtt. Starfall is a relatively weak ultimate, but it is an ultimate and has great range, so if you like the idea of being able to just hit (most likely kill non-LHC or boss monsters) everything on the screen every 30 seconds, go for it.
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This build is pretty bad.
Jun 28 2012
yeoliphoong Level 208 Zenith Dawn Warrior 4
Drone Blast max level is 30 iirc, so your 3rd job skill is a bit messed up.
Jun 28 2012
BBxAva Level 200 Bera Battle Mage 4
Why is everyone making these.[/quote]

Normally we have guides because of KMS. Jett is GMS exclusive and so we don't really have any builds yet. So that's why everyone's making builds. No one wants to screw up their SP build (considering how expensive SP resets are).
Jun 28 2012
Hey, I did a mistake and maxed double shot, I also got the box that should be opened on 30...
I can open new Jett but then im not getting the box.
Do you know if there is anyway to transfer the box / the hat (after the box is opened on 30) within characters in the same account?
And do you know if we are going to get SP resets soon ?
Jun 28 2012
Hey, I did a mistake and maxed double shot, I also got the box that should be opened on 30...
I can open new Jett but then im not getting the box.
Do you know if there is anyway to transfer the box / the hat (after the box is opened on 30) within characters in the same account?
And do you know if we are going to get SP resets soon ?
I would just remake the jett overall.
Jun 28 2012
SeeminglyExists Level 160 Bera Dark Knight
Jun 29 2012
SMCstar Level 200 Windia Blade Master
Hey, about the training guide at skeletons, don't you have to be at least lvl30+ to go to haunted house?
Jun 29 2012
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