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About Revolutionary Cubes, And Enlightening Miracle

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Revolutionary Miracle Cube
This otherworldly cube has a chance to change the number of potentials a piece of equipment possesses. Only usable on items from Rare to Legendary Max potentials: 3. Gives 1 Super Miracle Cube Fragment when used. Be careful to make sure your USE tab is not full before use!

Enlightening Miracle Cube
An amazing cube that resets equipment potential and has a chance to upgrade all potentials to the highest available grade. Only usable on items grades Rare to Legendary Max Result: Legendary (im not sure if it makes it legendary or it makes it like All luk%,str etc)

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guerratrades Level 221 Scania Evan 10th Growth
**3 LINES** people, not 6!
Jun 28 2012

Thanks Nexon! It will so easy to hit max.
Jun 28 2012

Thanks Nexon! It will so easy to hit max.[/quote]

It will be* so easy to hit max.

**WRONG** It's 3 lines max.
Jun 28 2012
1 in Nexon chance of doing the above.
Jun 28 2012
It says it can add 1-**3** lines. Does this mean these cubes work on items WITHOUT POTENTIAL? If not, it's definitely 6 lines...[/quote]

Mate, how are you level 200 and unable to comprehend such a simple thing. 1-3 lines are added to items with NO potential.

Don't get me wrong here, I'm less annoyed at you than at Nexon for posting confusing news about this item.
Jun 28 2012
EatNow Level 210 Broa Kaiser 4
Please, tell me im an idiot cause i really do not want 6 lines...
like really really really do not want...

Good thing it doesn't say "can only be used on rare items or items with pot"
Jun 28 2012
This is a freaking gamble with real money, it's so sad that Nexon is bringing this feature to a kid's game! Most of them are ages 6-17 you know! It's not right.
Jun 28 2012
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