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What is your character deck?

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Mines is

Deck 1

(S) Rank BaM (Damage Reduction 4%)
(S) Rank Evan (70% to recover 6% MP yadayada)
(S) Rank Bishop (MP Pot +15%)

Deck 2

(A) Rank I/L (Magic Damage +1 per character level)
(A) Rank Outlaw (Summon Duration +6%)
(A) Cannoneer (Exp loss -3%)

Magician Storm +8% Max MP bonus damage.
Warrior Feat (S) HP/MP +700 +3 att, 3% damage to boss
Free Spirit (A) All stats +5
Warrior Growth (A) HP/MP +500 +1 att

Since I play mages that benefits me a lot because recovering MP is always helpful. Exp loss when I die, summon duration for summons, damage reduction to take softer hits and I/L to give me extra magic attack when I level.

So anyways what is your guy's set and why did you make those sets
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LightCuber Level 201 Galicia Battle Mage 4
S Rank Mercedes -4% cooldowns (might be 3%)
S Rank Mechanic +15% buff duration
S Rank I/L +1.5 magic damage per charcter level
That has the "S Rank" Set effect

S Rank BaM -3% dmg taken
A Rank Thunder Breaker +3 dmg per character level
A Rank Hermit +3 Jump
And this one has the "A Rank" set.

Those are all of my characters, so there's not really another choice for me to consider.
Jun 29 2012
chainedwind Level 127 Scania I/L Arch Mage
Wait you can have 2 decks?[/quote]
Yes. You can access the second deck by clicking the second tab just above your deck.
Jun 29 2012
How does the Character Deck system work?
Can someone explain it?
Jun 29 2012
S Evan s bish s bam and my seconded one is s merc s DS and a aran
Jun 29 2012
Seref Level 122 Broa Phantom 4
Do you get stats from both decks? Or just the deck selected?

And the ones that say +X All Stats, W.Atk isn't included in those right? Just making sure... xD
It seems that the best is just having 3x A+ classes, regardless of class.

I'm using DS and Cannon, even though the stats they give suck. Since I get the W.Atk from the set bonus >_<
Jun 29 2012
How does the Character Deck system work?
Can someone explain it?[/quote]

Cards are based off your characters in game and are based on ranks. (B) is like 30+ (A) is 70+ (S) is 120 and (SS) is 200, excluding Cygnus. If you check on Shakar's site or even Maplestory's they show you the effect the cards give you. You can also see it when you open the card deck. These give you specific things like +MP% to Cooldown -4%. Basically you have 2 decks and can put 3 in each for a total of six. If you make a set like all Mages, you get a mage set buff or whatever you call it which is MP. Then if you have 3 Explorers, or Resistance they give you all stats. It basically depends on what you have and trying to chain them.
Jun 29 2012
@noi1991: not exactly, the bonuses my buccaneer gives out weights the 3 extra points i lose from all stats.[/quote]

switch the bucc with the paladin this way you will have both bucc card and 1 set of ss
Jun 29 2012
chainedwind Level 127 Scania I/L Arch Mage
Mage buff is +damage based off MP, not +MP.

Allstats refers to AP, I'm pretty sure.
Jun 29 2012
damage reduction percentage damn thats a horrible one
Jun 29 2012
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