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Jun 29 12
Broa F/P Arch Mage
Did the Revamp make Monster Park Better or worse
PC Games Video: Maplestory bgm - remembrance (original mix)
POLL - Monster Park Revamp
50% - Yes - 1 / 2
50% - No - 1 / 2
0% - Maybe - 0 / 2
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Jun 29 12
No more Golems for my level 20 Characters ):
Jun 29 12
Worse, imho.
Jun 29 12
would have been nice if they kept monster park for lower levels too.
Jun 29 12
worse i guess
Jun 29 12*
Yellonde Page
better or worst?

Yes, it is better or worst.
No, it is better ot worst...

OT: high level pq, always good to me!
MapleStory Screen: Common mustache
Jun 29 12
Windia Aran 4
less coins/drops, The maximum level of times you can enter is 5, all the level 120-159 people I want to take with me are all out of my level range.
The only positive is that the monsters are easier to kill, but that doesn't matter because I'm level 200.

So much worse.
MapleStory Screen: Strange potential
Jun 29 12
Galicia Mercedes 4
I don't care since I have stayed in LHC from 110-186 and I will stay at Hall of Honor from 186-199.

Then it's Pink Bean time.
MapleStory Screen: 3rd visitor str dagger - ATK 101 MapleStory Video: Jeffie2013's thank-you music video

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