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Dual Blade Guide

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puretppc Level 201 Windia Blade Master
This guide has been stickied as of November 12, 2012 To view the latest updates of the guide go here


Hello Basilers and Maplers! This is puretppc making a Dual Blade guide for people. I created this as of July 3, 2012. My ultimate goal on BasilMarket is to get this thread stickied since the other Dual Blade Guide author appears to be quitting and I will be updating this guide from time to time!

This guide is half done so please keep checking in daily or weekly for updates. Please leave honest feedback to this guide.

Table of Contents

  • Guide Updates
  • What is a Dual Blade?
  • Pros and Cons
  • Common FAQ
  • List of Dual Blade Skills
  • SP Build
  • AP Build
  • Dual Blade Combos and Buff Sets
  • How to Calculate Your Damage Range
  • Training Locations
  • End Game Equips for Low Class
  • End Game Equips for Middle Class
  • End Game Equips for High Class
  • Extra Tips for Dual Blade
  • Bossing Guide
  • Potion Guide

Guide Updates

September 19, 2012
  • Major Update
  • Lots of sections have been updated
  • SP Build has changed for pre 4th job
  • added more bosses info for bossing guide
  • added an efficient Potion Guide
  • added some combos for Dual Blades
  • fixed a lot of typos

August 20, 2012
  • fixed an SP build typo
  • added more detail towards the boss section for Zakum and Pianus
  • added the 4th job skills in the skill list
  • announced future updates for more bosses in boss section
  • potion guide
  • fixed some training spots for level 160-170

August 15, 2012
  • updated the List of Dual blade Skills

August 14, 2012
  • made some minor updates

August 7 and 8, 2012
  • updated the FAQ section
  • updated the SP build section for Mutiny
  • added more Tips and tricks for Dual Blades
  • added a Bossing guide
  • added a list of Dual Blade Skills section
  • added some new training locations

July 27, 2012
  • I revised a lot of the SP build (present) for 3rd job and under
  • lots of typos fixed

July 20, 2012
  • added Maple Warrior for Damage calculation
  • Extra tips on Dual blade section [NEW]
  • revised slightly on SP build (post-revamp) in case of Dark Sight Glitch

July 17, 2012
  • added a post-Revamp SP build

July 12, 2012
  • Updated the Combo and Buff Sets section
  • Released the damage range formula for Dual Blades
  • Updated the Low/Mid class Equips section

July 9, 2012
  • updated the Equips section

July 6, 2012
  • added URLs for the training locations
  • updated the equips section

July 5, 2012
  • added an Equips section for low, mid and high class funds
  • Dual Blade Combos added

July 4, 2012
  • added the reasons for SP Build
  • may add the Dual Blade Combos section

July 3, 2012
  • created and fixed the SP Build
  • created an AP Build
  • FAQ Section
  • Pros and cons section
  • added tons of stuff to start this guide off

What is a Dual Blade?

A Dual Blade is a Maplestory job that is in the Thief Explorer/Adventurer class. Its main stat is LUK and secondary stat is DEX and STR. This is a limited class meaning that it will only be available for creation once in a while or during events.

Pros and Cons about Dual Blades

  • Good Damage
  • Good Mobbing all the way across
  • Good at Bossing at high levels
  • Few nice buffs to increase your range
  • fairly easy to level in general
  • Extremely high chance to avoid mob attacks!
  • Can be played with low funds

  • Have low hp (this issue is becoming less of a problem)
  • Low Weapon/Magic defense
  • Generally sort of hated because they are kind of selfish and don't have any party skills
  • Hated for "bandwagoning"

Common FAQ

Q: Do Dual Blades require tons of funding?
A: Not really however funding does help you indeed pretty well for end game Equips. I will talk more on that later on if I update this.

Q: When do Dual Blades become available again?
A: It will be available during the Mutiny Patch (Pirate/Dual Blade revamp)

Q: When will the Dual Blade revamp come to GMS?
A: It will come to GMS on August the 8th 2012, known as the Mutiny Patch.

Q: Does having a high ATT Dagger matter over having a high ATT Katara?
A: Whether you have a 100 ATT Dagger + 50 ATT Katara or 50 ATT Dagger + 100 ATT Katara they're both give equal damage as long as you sum them up together. More on that after I release the damage calculator for it.

Q: Are Dual Blades the weakest or strongest class?
A: I cannot answer about their power. Just play this if you find it fun okay?

Q: I have low HP and I keep dying or getting close to dying. How do I solve that?
A: Many ways such as Enveloping Darkness, Cannoneer link skill etc. Chaos Horntail Necklace and Dominator Pendants can solve this as well since both give 10% HP/MP each. Character Card effect system helps too. Check the Tips/Tricks section for more info.

  • *Q: What's the difference between Evasion, Dodge and Avoidability?
A: I'm not sure but answer is coming soon.

List of Dual Blade Skill (Mutiny)

Dual Blade 1 (level 10-20) - First Job - Rogue

Side Step - Passive
  • Adds Dodge chance passively

[url=]Dark Sight - Supportive[/url]
  • Turns you into a shadow that prevents you from getting touch damage from monsters
  • You cannot attack
  • To deactivate you simply press the Normal Attack button

Bandit Slash - Active
  • swings the dagger and hits multiple enemies
  • this attack range is short so only works on close range mobs

[url=]Flash Jump - Active[/url]
  • When jumped in the air press jump again to jump a certain distance

Dual Blade 1.5 (level 20-30) - First Job - Blade Recruit

[url=]Katara Mastery - Passive[/url]
  • increases Mastery for Dual Blades
  • Mastery means the lowest damage in your damage range
  • calculated as Base Mastery + Bonus Mastery

[url=]Self Haste- Supportive/Passive[/url]
  • Adds Movement (not attack) Speed & Jump Passively
  • Also adds Movement (not attack) Speed & Jump as a buff

[url=]Tornado Spin- Active[/url]
  • the attack usually knocks back mobs towards the end of the range
  • this attack can be performed 1 second after Flying Assaulter was used [see the combo section]

Dual Blade 2 (level 30-55) - Second Job - Blade Acolyte

[url=]Slash Storm - Active[/url]
  • it attacks doing 3 hits each enemy by charging at enemies towards the distance
  • after the attack is completed it will go on the other side of enemies
  • if on the end platform you will no fall

[url=]Physical Training- Passive[/url]
  • adds DEX and LUK passively
  • the DEX/LUK added counts as a bonus [see damage calculation section]

[url=]Channel Karma - Supportive[/url]
  • a buff that gives an X amount of Weapon attack depending on the skill level for x amount of seconds

[url=]Katara Booster - Supportive[/url]
  • a buff that increases the Attacking speed of the Dagger + Katara by 2x
  • there's a slight glitch with this buff when you change channels, you lose that buff and have to recast it

[url=]Fatal Blow - Active[/url]
  • attacks 1 enemy 8 times.
  • this attack is slow and it only covers a short range

Dual Blade 2.5 (level 55-70) - Second Job - Blade Specialist

[url=]Flying Assaulter - Active[/url]
  • while you're in the air, you attack mobs diagonally down towards a certain distance
  • you must be in the air at a certain elevation in order to use this skill or it will say "You're not high enough to use this skill"
  • can also be linked with Tornado Spin or Bloody Storm afterwards [see combo section]
  • the stun effect does NOT work on boss monsters (ie Zakum arms/body, Von Leon, etc.) or any mini bosses (LHC/LKC monsters, SH monsters, etc)

[url=]Upper Stab - Active[/url]
  • attacks enemies then knocks them in the air
  • while enemies are in the air you do extra damage if you attack them (80% at max level)
  • the effect that knocks enemies in the air does NOT work on boss monsters (ie Zakum arms/body, Von Leon, etc.) or any mini bosses (LHC/LKC monsters, SH monsters, etc)

[url=]Venom - Passive[/url]
  • poisons enemies (including boss/mini-bosses)
  • you will see a green dagger icon on top the enemies head
  • inflicts a certain amount of damage x% (based on your damage range) for second for x seconds
  • cannot stack multiple times meaning that a poisoned enemy cannot be poisoned again to reset the timer
  • HP cannot go below 1

[url=]Flashbang - Active[/url]
  • throws a bomb and hits multiple enemies in the area as it explodes
  • after it explodes, there is an x% chance of them getting Darkness, which lowers their accuracy for x seconds
  • there is also a cooldown time to use this skill

Dual Blade 3 (Level 70-120) - Third Job - Blade Lord

[url=]Bloody Storm - Active/Passive[/url]
  • an advanced version of Slash Storm
  • also passively adds damage towards Flying Assaulter and Tornado Spin

[url=]Mirror Image - Supportive[/url]
  • pretty much the same thing as [url=]Shadow Partner[/url]
  • Copies your previous hits and hitting exactly an x% (70% at max level)
  • If one of your normal attacks are critical, Mirror Image will copy that critical attack as well and do x% of that damage or 70% of that damage at max level
  • Hits done by this skill cannot exceed 699,999 or 700,629 due to damage cap which is 999,999

[url=]Shadow Meld - Passive/Supportive[/url]
  • Passively increases your dodge rate
  • each time you successfully dodge an attack you get a 1 second buff
  • the 1 second buff gives attack and makes ALL attacks become critical
  • probably a good idea to stand on the boss since even a low funded Dual Blade can dodge lots of attacks

[url=]Enveloping Darkness - Passive[/url]
  • Passively gives HP%, Abnormal Status Resistance % and Elemental Resistance %
  • Abnormal resistance % is the rate when bosses or monsters try to inflict you an abnormal status (ie. Seal, Curse, etc)
  • Elemental resistance is the amount of % damage reduced from monster's magic Elemental attack

[url=]Life Drain - Passive[/url]
  • an x% chance to recover HP when attacking
  • the amount of HP% recovered from attacking is based on the damage that you hit
  • You cannot recover more than 20% of your Max HP
  • the way it triggers is that for every monster it hits a trigger chance will occur
  • Example: You hit 8 enemies with Blade Fury and have Life Drain at max level; you get 10%*8 chance to heal upon attacking.
  • Example: 10k Max HP, You dealt 100k damage, therefore you heal 2k of HP.

[url=]Chains of Hell - Active[/url]
  • Drags and 1 enemy towards you then attacks it 10 times with all attacks being critical
  • Also has some iFrames (invincibility frames to prevent you from being hit)
  • spammable for bossing

[url=]Advanced Dark Sight - Passive[/url]
  • Dark Sight triggers at an x% chance after you get hit by a monster
  • Also adds extra damage % while you are in Dark Sight mode
  • Another feature is that you can deactivate Dark Sight by using any Attacking Skill or buff skill rather than just normal attacks
  • Also has the chance to remain in Dark Sight after using an attacking skill or buff skill, which is pretty helpful for increasing Damage

Dual Blade 4 (Level 120-200) - Fourth Job - Blade Master

[url=]Blade Fury - Active[/url]
  • Stands still and attacks enemies within the range (both left and right)
  • covers a decent range
  • Also ignores their Weapon Defense (PDR) which means their PD rate gets reduced by x%

[url=]Phantom Blow - Active[/url]
  • stands still and attacks 1 enemy 6 times very quickly with an X shape
  • good for fighting bosses or 1 on 1 combat
  • Also ignores their Weapon Defense (PDR) which means their PD rate gets reduced by x%

[url=]Sharpness - Passive[/url]
  • Passively adds Critical rate and Minimum Critical damage
  • Minimum Critical damage is the lowest critical multiplier increase with critical
  • A base critical is 120% ~ 150% [random integer from 120%-150% is generated]
  • therefore with minimum critical increase, you get [120%+x%] as your new critical minimum

[url=]Thorns - Supportive[/url]
  • buff that increases your weapon attack and gives some Knockback resistance %

[url=]Mirrored Target - Supportive/Passive[/url]
  • Passively increases your Avoid and Weapon/Magic Defense
  • Summons a dummy for x seconds and x HP that can take the damage for you instead of you taking damage
  • Mirror Image needs to be active and it will get rid of Mirror Image upon activation but you can recast it to get both of them
  • The dummy looks exactly like yourself
  • Also another Passive effect reduces damage by and x%

[url=]Toxic Venom - Passive[/url]
  • pretty much the same as Venom but an increased damage %, rate of trigger and longer damage rate
  • the stack effect lets you poison a monster/boss multiple times with more lines of poison damage

Dual Wield Expert - Passive
  • Increases your Mastery just like Katara Mastery does but it goes further
  • Also gives extra Weapon attack, Accuracy and Avoid %

[url=]Final Cut - Active/Supportive[/url]
  • passive skill that lets you instant kill monsters at an x% chance. Note: It does NOT work on bosses or any party-play monsters like LHC, SH, etc.
  • hold down the key to charge up (see the meter on the top of your head) and when reaches max, let go of the key
  • after you have let go of the key, you will rush about half-way across the map and knockback 8 enemies to squish them together with a very high amount of damage
  • then you will get the buff (which is the aura on the top of your head of a Purple Owl)
  • it gives an x% amount of bonus damage for an x amount of seconds
  • Note: this does not really count as a buff meaning that bosses/monsters that debuff/Dispel you will not make this effect disappeared if active
  • the [url=]Character Card effect[/url] that gives extra buff duration does NOT work with this
  • However, since there is a cooldown, you can try using Mercedes card effect to reduce this

[url=]Maple Warrior - Supportive[/url]
  • increases [i]Base Main Stat[/i] by an x% for the party [see damage calculation for details]
  • this applies to ALL party skills that they don't stack and therefore replace the most recent cast with the previous one.
  • Tip: If you have a party, don't try to cast it unless your MW level is the highest in your party
  • Note: MW 20 and 30 are the very most expensive Mastery Books out there

[url=]Hero's Will - Supportive[/url]
  • Cures ALL abnormal status (including Seal, excluding Stuns)
  • Also has a long cooldown time
  • [url=]Skill Book[/url] is required which can be obtained in a Questline
  • NOTE: You will need a few [url=]Mini Pianus[/url] which are dropped by Pianus. Lots of people will hunt this boss therefore making it hard to find which spawns once every 24 hours (not sure about spawn rate).

[url=]Sudden Raid - Active[/url]
  • Attacks the area (called AoE attack) hitting 15 enemies with VERY high damage
  • this attack is slow and requires cooldown
  • Also inflicts DoT (Damage over time) which could stack with Poison damage?
  • DoT just like Poison is based on your damage range multiplied by the %
  • also has a cooldown time

SP Build

This is SP build is for after the Mutiny Patch. If you need the Renegades build please post here or PM me for it.

Please try not to buy the Cash Shop books since you don't need +1 SP each time you use them and they're not worth the cost. You also get free Mastery books that are required for 3rd job and under + Blade Fury and Thorns for 4th job.

Monster Bomb Mastery Books can be traded in via Maple Admin for a Dual Wield Expert.

  • = a skill from previous job(s)

Dual Blade 1 (level 10-20) - First Job - Rogue

Mastery Books required:

Level 10: Bandit Slash (1)
Level 11: Flash Jump (3)
Level 12: Flash Jump (6)
Level 13: Flash Jump (9)
Level 14: Flash Jump (10) MAX, Save SP (2)
Level 15: Save SP (5)
Level 16: Save SP (8)
Level 17: Save SP (11)
Level 18: Save SP (14)
Level 19: Save SP (17)
Level 20: Save SP (20)

End Result:
Bandit Slash 1/10
Flash Jump 10/10 (MAX)
Side Step 0/10
Dark Sight 0/10

Reason for this build:
Start off with 1 Bandit Slash for early main attacking skill. Then max Flash Jump for movement skill. Other skills don't really help so I would suggest in saving up 20 SP for the next job advancement since Side Step's extra avoid doesn't really help that much and Bandit Slash will get replaced by Tornado Spin as well as Dark Sight not being necessary either.

Dual Blade 1.5 (level 20-30) - Post Advancement to early Dual Blade - Blade Recruit

Mastery Books required:

Level 20: Tornado Spin (1), Katara Mastery (19) [saved SP from previous job, no extra SP via Job advance]
Level 21: Katara Mastery (20) MAX, Self Haste (2)
Level 22: Self Haste (5)
Level 23: Self Haste (8)
Level 24: Self Haste (10) MAX, Tornado Spin (2)
Level 25: Tornado Spin (5)
Level 26: Tornado Spin (8)
Level 27: Tornado Spin (11)
Level 28: Tornado Spin (14)
Level 29: Tornado Spin (15) MAX, Side Step (2)
Level 30: Side Step (5)

End Result:
Katara Mastery 20 (MAX)
Self Haste 10 (MAX)
Tornado Spin 15/15 (MAX)
  • Side Step 5/10

Reason for this build:
Using your saved SP you should add in 1 point for Tornado Spin since it's a really nice attacking skill and it no longer requires you to activate it. Then use the rest of those saved points on Katara Mastery alongside maxing it the next level. Having maxed Mastery can help you do more stable damage since the low range is closer towards the higher range. Then max Self Haste for movement speed. Tornado Spin should be maxed afterwards since you need the attacking skill, which you will be using before Slash Storm. Finally, use the rest of those 5 points on Side Step.

Dual Blade 2 (Level 30-55) - Second Job - Blade Acolyte

Mastery Books required:
Slash Storm 20

Level 30: Slash Storm (1)
Level 31: Physical Training (3)
Level 32: Physical Training (6)
Level 33: Physical Training (9)
Level 34: Physical Training (10) MAX, Channel Karma (2)
Level 35: Channel Karma (5)
Level 36: Channel Karma (8)
Level 37: Channel Karma (11)
Level 38: Channel Karma (14)
Level 39: Channel Karma (17)
Level 40: Channel Karma (20) MAX
Level 41: Slash Storm (4)
Level 42: Slash Storm (7)
Level 43: Slash Storm (10)
Level 44: Slash Storm (13)
Level 45: Slash Storm (16)
Level 46: Slash Storm (19)
Level 47: Slash Storm (20) MAX, Katara Booster (2)
Level 48: Katara Booster (5)
Level 49: Katara Booster (8)
Level 50: Katara Booster (10) MAX, MAX, Side Step (6)
Level 51: Side Step (9)
Level 52: Side Step (10) MAX, Dark Sight (2)
Level 53: Dark Sight (5)
Level 54: Dark Sight (8)
Level 55: Dark Sight (10) MAX, Fatal Blow (1)

End Result:
Slash Storm 20/20 (MAX)
Physical Training 10/10 (MAX)
Channel Karma 20/20 (MAX)
Katara Booster 10/10 (MAX)
  • Side Step 10/10 (MAX)
  • Dark Sight 10/10 (MAX)
Fatal Blow 1/20

Reason for this build:
Start off with 1 Slash Storm since that will be your new attacking skill. Then max Physical Training and Channel Karma for good damage. Slash Storm can be maxed next for mobbing ability. Katara Booster for attack speed, is maxed next. Then put the rest of your points on Side Step to max it for extra avoidability. Finally, put Dark Sight should be maxed since there are no other skills particular that are more useful than that in this job tier. Put 1 more point on Fatal Blow to finish this job advancement.

Dual Blade 2.5 (Level 55-70) - Mid-Second Job - Blade Specialist

Mastery Books required:
Flying Assaulter 20

Level 55: No SP via job advancement
Level 56: Flying Assaulter (1), Upper Stab (1), Venom (1)
Level 57: Flying Assaulter (4)
Level 58: Flying Assaulter (7)
Level 59: Flying Assaulter (10)
Level 60: Flying Assaulter (13)
Level 61: Flying Assaulter (16)
Level 62: Flying Assaulter (19)
Level 63: Flying Assaulter (20) MAX, Upper Stab (3)
Level 64: Upper Stab (6)
Level 65: Upper Stab (9)
Level 66: Upper Stab (12)
Level 67: Upper Stab (15)
Level 68: Upper Stab (18)
Level 69: Upper Stab (20), MAX, Venom (2)
Level 70: Venom (5)

End Result:
Flying Assaulter 20 (MAX)
Upper Stab 20 (MAX)
Venom 5/20
Flashbang 0/5

Reason for this build:
Unfortunately we don't get any free SP via job advancement for at level 55. To start things off at level 56 you put 1 point in each, Flying Assaulter, Upper Stab and Venom since they're the key skills in this job. Max Flying Assaulter next since it's really high damage. Then max Upper Stab for a non-rushing skill attack. Next finish off this build with Venom for extra poison damage.

Dual Blade 3 (Level 70-120) - Third Job - Blade Lord

Mastery books required:
Mirror Image 20
Shadow Meld 20

Level 70: Bloody Storm (1)
Level 71: Shadow Meld (1), Mirror Image (2)
Level 72: Mirror Image (5)
Level 73: Mirror Image (8)
Level 74: Mirror Image (11)
Level 75: Mirror Image (14)
Level 76: Mirror Image (17)
Level 77: Mirror Image (20) MAX
Level 78: Bloody Storm (4)
Level 79: Bloody Storm (7)
Level 80: Bloody Storm (10)
Level 81: Bloody Storm (13)
Level 82: Bloody Storm (16)
Level 83: Bloody Storm (19)
Level 84: Bloody Storm (20) MAX, Shadow Meld (3)
Level 85: Shadow Meld (6)
Level 86: Shadow Meld (9)
Level 87: Shadow Meld (12)
Level 88: Shadow Meld (15)
Level 89: Shadow Meld (18)
Level 90: Shadow Meld (20) MAX, Enveloping Darkness (1)
Level 91: Enveloping Darkness (4)
Level 92: Enveloping Darkness (7)
Level 93: Enveloping Darkness (10)
Level 94: Enveloping Darkness (13)
Level 95: Enveloping Darkness (16)
Level 96: Enveloping Darkness (19)
Level 97: Enveloping Darkness (20) MAX, Life Drain (2)
Level 98: Life Drain (5)
Level 99: Life Drain (8)
Level 100: Life Drain (10) MAX, Venom (6)
Level 101: Venom (9)
Level 102: Venom (12)
Level 103: Venom (15)
Level 104: Venom (18)
Level 105: Venom (20) MAX, Advanced Dark Sight (1)
Level 106: Advanced Dark Sight (4)
Level 107: Advanced Dark Sight (7)
Level 108: Advanced Dark Sight (10) MAX
Level 109: Flashbang (3)
Level 110: Flashbang (5) MAX, Chains of Hell (1)
Level 111: Chains of Hell (4)
Level 112: Chains of Hell (7)
Level 113: Chains of Hell (10)
Level 114: Chains of Hell (13)
Level 115: Chains of Hell (16)
Level 116: Chains of Hell (19)
Level 117: Chains of Hell (20) MAX, [i]any skill (2)[/i]
Level 118: [i]any skill (5)[/i]
Level 119: [i]any skill (8)[/i]
Level 120: [i]any skill (11)[/i]

End Result:
Mirror Image 20/20 (MAX)
Bloody Storm 20/20 (MAX)
Shadow Meld 20/20 (MAX)
Enveloping Darkness 20/20 (MAX)
Life Drain 10/10 (MAX)
Venom 20/20 (MAX)
  • Flashbang 5/20 (MAX)
Advanced Dark Sight 10/10 (MAX)
Chains of Hell 20/20 (MAX)
  • [i]any skill +11 SP[/i]

Reason for this build:
Start by adding only 1 Bloody Storm so you can not only get extra damage for Flying Assaulter + Tornado Spin but also get an upgraded skill from Slash Storm. It also helps you unlock FABSUS & FATSUS combo. Then add in 1 point for Shadow Meld since you get more Dodge rate + 100% Critical, some Weapon ATT if successful dodge. Max Mirror Image next for very good DPS buff of 70% of doubled attacks (which is just like Shadow Partner). Then max Shadow Meld for the dodge rate and Weapon ATT. Enveloping Darkness and Life Drain should be maxed next for better survival skills since it increases your HP and can do the healing. Advanced Dark Sight should go next since you can trigger the chance of increasing damage after you get hit. Flashbang maxes next for making enemies (especially bosses) lose their accuracy giving you a better chance to dodge attacks. Finally, Chains of Hell and 11 Points on other skill previous job should be done to finish off this build and get ready for 4th job.

Dual Blade 4 (level 120-200) - Fourth Job - Blade Master

Mastery Books required:
Dual Wield Expert 30 [semi-expensive]
Thorns 30 [quite cheap]
Blade Fury 30 [quite cheap]
Mirrored Target 30 [cheap but hard to find a seller]
Maple Warrior 20 [very expensive!]
Maple Warrior 30 [very expensive!]
Sudden Raid 30 [may not need]

NOTE: Dual Blade Skills only require a Mastery Book for level 30 rather than most job whom require for level 20 as well. However, this doesn't apply to Maple Warrior.

Skill Books required:
Phantom Blow
Final Cut
- both drop from Zakum, however low drop rate

Level 120: Blade Fury (1), Phantom Blow (1), Dual Wield Expert (1)
Level 121: Mirrored Target (1), Toxic Venom (1), Sharpness (1)

Reason for this build:
You have to get your key attacking skills first which are Blade Fury and Phantom Blow. Dual Wield Expert should go next for a slight 6% extra Mastery and 1 ATK. Next level you put 1 point on Mirrored Target, for 10% extra avoid and slight damage filtration. Another point goes to Toxic Venom for increased DPS. Then put another point on Sharpness for extra critical rate.

Level 122: Sharpness (4)
Level 123: Sharpness (7)
Level 124: Sharpness (10) MAX
Level 125: Dual Wield Expert (2)
Level 126: Dual Wield Expert (5)
Level 127: Dual Wield Expert (8)
Level 128: Dual Wield Expert (11)
Level 129: Dual Wield Expert (14)
Level 130: Dual Wield Expert (17)
Level 131: Dual Wield Expert (20)
Level 132: Dual Wield Expert (23)
Level 133: Dual Wield Expert (26)
Level 134: Dual Wield Expert (29)
Level 135: Dual Wield Expert (30) MAX, Thorns (1)
Level 136: Thorns (4)
Level 137: Thorns (7)
Level 138: Thorns (10)
Level 139: Thorns (13)
Level 140: Thorns (16)
Level 141: Thorns (19)
Level 142: Thorns (22)
Level 143: Thorns (25)
Level 144: Thorns (28)
Level 145: Thorns (30) MAX, Final Cut (1)
Level 146: Final Cut (4)
Level 147: Final Cut (7)
Level 148: Final Cut (10)
Level 149: Final Cut (13)
Level 150: Final Cut (16)
Level 151: Final Cut (19)
Level 152: Final Cut (22)
Level 153: Final Cut (25)
Level 154: Final Cut (28)
Level 155: Final Cut (30) MAX, Blade Fury (2)

Reason for this build:
Maxing Sharpness at first can guarantee a very high critical rate alongside with minimum extra critical damage. Maxing Dual Wield Expert next helps you with a 70% Mastery which makes your damage very closer together and it gives an extra 30 attack. It also gives 15% more Avoid. Then max Thorns for another 30 attack and 90% anti-knockback rate. Final Cut for an extra 60% damage buff.

It's better to do it this way since you can get a lot of extra damage on your range.

Level 156: Blade Fury (5)
Level 157: Blade Fury (8)
Level 158: Blade Fury (11)
Level 159: Blade Fury (14)
Level 160: Blade Fury (17)
Level 161: Blade Fury (20)
Level 162: Blade Fury (23)
Level 163: Blade Fury (26)
Level 164: Blade Fury (29)
Level 165: Blade Fury (30) MAX, Toxic Venom (3)
Level 166: Toxic Venom (6)
Level 167: Toxic Venom (9)
Level 168: Toxic Venom (10) MAX, Phantom Blow (3)
Level 169: Phantom Blow (6)
Level 170: Phantom Blow (9)
Level 171: Phantom Blow (12)
Level 172: Phantom Blow (15)
Level 173: Phantom Blow (18)
Level 174: Phantom Blow (21)

Reason for this build:
You max Blade Fury first for mobbing or training at LKC maps.
Otherwise, put Phantom Blow before it if you want to keep on bossing at these levels.

Level 175: Phantom Blow (24)
Level 176: Phantom Blow (27)
Level 177: Phantom Blow (30) MAX
Level 178: Mirrored Target (4)
Level 179: Mirrored Target (7)
Level 180: Mirrored Target (10)
Level 181: Mirrored Target (13)
Level 182: Mirrored Target (16)
Level 183: Mirrored Target (19)
Level 184: Mirrored Target (22)
Level 185: Mirrored Target (25)
Level 186: Mirrored Target (28)
Level 187: Mirrored Target (30) MAX, Maple Warrior (1)
Level 188: Maple Warrior (4)
Level 189: Maple Warrior (7)
Level 190: Maple Warrior (10)
Level 191: Maple Warrior (13)
Level 192: Maple Warrior (16)
Level 193: Maple Warrior (19)
Level 194: Maple Warrior (22)
Level 195: Maple Warrior (25)
Level 196: Maple Warrior (28)
Level 197: Maple Warrior (30) MAX, Hero's Will (1)
Level 198: Hero's Will (4)
Level 199: Hero's Will (5) MAX, Sudden Raid (2)
Level 200: Sudden Raid (5)

AP Build

The main stat of a Dual Blade is LUK and secondary stat is DEX and STR.
Please do not add STR or INT!

Purely Dexless: Have a Base DEX of 4
  • most recommended REGARDLESS of funds
  • Lots of ways to get enough DEX (trust me)
  • HOWEVER, due to a single stat cap which is 999, you should have 23 Base DEX by the time you're level 200.
  • Try not to buy a ton of AP resets to get your DEX to this if your DEX is 23 or less.

Dexless/Low DEX: Have a Base DEX of 25-50
  • 25 is considered dexless for Dual Blades that start off with 25 Base DEX
  • second most recommended
  • if you're having a huge difficulty getting DEX use this

Regular DEX: Have a Base DEX of 50-100
  • highly not recommended!
  • ONLY if you badly need DEX you this

High DEX: Have a Base DEX of 100+
  • you never need to have a Base DEX this high since there are many ways to get DEX

Dual Blade Combos and Buff Sets


These Dual Blade combos are helpful through training. They start at 3rd job. In order to activate and combine those moves in a combo, you cannot use the macro screen which is on the skills tab. You have to activate them by pressing the key 1 by 1. There is a slight delay of 1 second in between the combos activation.

Flying Assaulter + Bloody Storm + Upper Stab
  • You must jump first then use this combo
  • recommended for training at 3rd job of average HP monsters

Flying Assaulter + Tornado Spin + Upper Stab
  • You must jump first then use this combo
  • recommended for training at 3rd job with high hp monsters such as Jesters

Flying Assaulter + Tornado Spin + Blade Fury
  • Good at LHC maps since it's a good way of cornering them

Upper Stab + Bloody Storm
  • Upper Stab knocks enemies in the air
  • Use Bloody Storm while they're in the air to hit them for an extra 70% Damage!
  • Does not work at LHC monsters sorry

Upper Stab + JUMP + Upper Stab
  • Upper Stab to knock enemies in the air
  • Then Jump and Upper Stab them for extra damage
  • Good for training at regular monsters for damage
  • Does not work at LHC or bosses or party play zones

  • Upper Stab to knock enemies in the air then use FABSUS or FATSUS
  • FA will do more damage than usual due to the Upper Stab bonus
  • Good for training at regular monsters for damage and map rushing
  • Does not work at LHC or bosses or party play zones

  • Flash Jump then use one of those combos
  • good for ToT maps since they are wide and have split platforms
  • may be a little hard to control since FJ can stay lower your elevation causing you to miss the timing with the FA key

Upper Stab + Fatal Blow
  • Upper Stab to knock enemies in the air then use FB to hit one of those enemies for high damage
  • Not very useful unless it's for 1v1 combat towards regular monsters

Buff Sets

The grouping a buff into a set is beneficial because you only need to press 1 hotkey to activate 3 buffs. This is also faster and more efficient than pressing more hotkeys.

How to create a Buff Set:
  1. Select the buff skills you want in it.
  2. Drag them to the Macro window (skills window button on the bottom right).
  3. Press the save button.
  4. Drag that hotkey of that set to any key you like.
  5. When you tap the key all you need to do is wait until the whole set if finished

Tip: Try buffing at a Rope or Ladder since it buffs faster.

First Job
1) Self-Haste + Katara Booster

Second Job
1) Self-Hate + Channel Karma + Katara Booster

Third Job
1) Self-Haste + Katara Booster + Mirror Image
2) Channel Karma

Fourth Job
1) Thorns + Self-Haste + Katara Booster
2) Maple Warrior + Channel Kama + Mirror Image

How to calculate your Damage Range

General Formula

Max Range: 1.3*ATK*(4*LUK + DEX + STR)/100 [End result rounded off]
Min Range: (0.2+Mastery)*Max [End result rounded off]

Mastery should be as a decimal such as 0.5 if it's 50% Mastery.

Note: All values must be the very total amount (calculated after the %)

Calculating the total of a stat with %

For Stats: (Base + Bonus)*(1+ Stat%/100) [result rounded down]
For ATK: ATK*(1+ ATK%/100) [result rounded down]

Note: The Bonus is from what Equips/Set Effects/Skills give as a + NOT a %. The stat% is the sum of all stat% from everything (except Maple Warrior) not multiplies.

Maple Warrior calculation

NOTE: Maple Warrior only affects your Base LUK, which is the amount gained from AP.

Base LUK w/ MW: (1+MW%)*(BaseLUK) [result is rounded down]

Total LUK applied with MW: (1+Stat%)*(BaseLuk*(1+MW%)+LUK) [end result and total BaseLUK result are both rounded down]
The LUK means the amount of LUK gained from Equips/Skills/Effects, etc as a non-%

Damage Calculator Excel Template (coming soon)

- A form for filling in all the stats from your Equips or bonuses
- A form for the stat or ATK %
- It auto calculates the damage
- Damage range chart for next 10 levels
- Maple Warrior Calculation

Training Locations

Level: 1 - 10
Maple Island Quests

Level: 10-20
[url=]Blue Ribbon Pigs[/url]

Level: 20-30
[url=]Mixed Golems[/url]
[url=]Rotten Skeletons[/url]

Level: 30-40
Mushking Castle Quests

Level: 40-50

Level: 50-60

Level: 60-70
Robos <<They're level 67 and 69 respectively (correct me if I'm wrong)

Level: 70-80
[url=]Sand Rats and Scorpions[/url]

Level: 80-90

Level: 90-100
[url=]Aliens (requires quest line)[/url]

Level: 100-110
[url=]Aliens (requires quest line)[/url]

Level: 110-120
[url=]LHC/LKC Crocky[/url]
[url=]Aliens (requires quest line)[/url]
[url=]Dual Ghost Pirate[/url]
[url=]Master Death Teddy[/url]

Level: 120-130
[url=]LHC/LKC Crocky[/url]
[url=]Aliens (requires quest line)[/url]
[url=]Gigantic Spirit Vikings[/url]
[url=]Spirit Vikings[/url]
[url=]Dragon Turtle[/url]
Papalatus (see Boss Section for a guide)

Level: 130-140
LHC/LKC Crocky or [url=]Bearwolf (requires a questline)[/url]
[url=]Aliens (requires quest line)[/url]
Neo City quest bossing
Papalatus (see Boss Section for a guide)

Level: 140-150
LHC/LKC Crocky or [url=]Bearwolf (requires a questline)[/url]
[url=]Aliens (requires quest line)[/url]
Papalatus (see Boss Section for a guide)
Zakum (see Boss Section for a guide)

Level: 150-160
LHC/LKC Crocky or [url=]Bearwolf (requires a questline)[/url]
Temple of Time
Papalatus (see Boss Section for a guide)
Zakum (see Boss Section for a guide)

Level: 160-170
[url=]SH First Drill Hall[/url]
[url=]SH Second Drill Hall[/url] [url=]requires this quest for level 165+[/url] [Can family teleport/Hyper tele or Mystic Door there if level 160+]
LHC/LKC Crocky or [url=]Bearwolf (requires a questline)[/url]
Temple of Time
Zakum (see Boss Section for a guide)

Level: 170+
[url=]Hall of Honour[/url]
[url=]requires this quest for level 165+[/url] [Can family teleport/Hyper tele or Mystic Door there if level 160+]
LHC/LKC Crocky or [url=]Bearwolf (requires a questline)[/url]
Temple of Time
Zakum (see Boss Section for a guide)

End Game Equips for Low Class (in progress)

These are the prefereed End Game Equips for low funded players. Working in progress.

any Dagger with 120 ATK+
any Katara with 60 ATK+
any Earring with 6%+ LUK
any Top + Bottom with 4%+ LUK each [craft/fuse the level 40 ones preferably]
any Shoe with 4%+ LUK [fuse the level 31 Blue/Red Sneakers bought via General Mau at Henesys for 31k mesos]
any Belt with 4%+ LUK [craft/fuse Sharp Green Leather Belts]
any Cape with 2%+ LUK [try farming Blue Magic Capes at NLC Aliens then fusing]
Legends Ring, 3 ATK, +4 Stats [obtained by leveling a Legends character (Cannoneer, Mercedes, Demonslayer) to 50]
Platinum Silent Crusade Ring, 1 ATK, +3 Stats (you may scroll it but potential is not allowed)
Neo City Time Traveler, +6 Stats, 1 ATK [obtained via Neo City quests]
Mark of Naricain (MoN Pendant), +5 Stats, 10 ATK
Kenta Goggles, Stats +5, 3-6%+ LUK [obtained via Kenta PQ for 100 Pianus Scales]
Bounty Hunter Badge +5 Stats [Bounty Hunter event]

End Game Equips for Middle Class (in progress)

any Dagger with 150+ ATK
any Katara with 80+ ATK
any Earring with 9%-12%+ LUK
any Top + Bottom with 6%+ LUK each [craft/fuse the level 80/90 ones preferably]
any Shoe with 6%+ LUK
any Belt with 6%+ LUK
any Cape with 4%+ LUK [try farming Blue Magic Capes at NLC Aliens then fusing]
Work Gloves with 10 ATK
Evolving Ring 1 Level 17, Stats +7, 5 ATK
Evolving Ring 2 Level 17, Stats +7, 5 ATK
Evolving Ring 3 Level 10, Stats +10, 10 ATK
Dark Angelic Blessing Ring, Stats +6, 10 ATK
Neo City Time Traveler, +6 Stats, 1 ATK [obtained via Neo City quests]
Mark of Naricain (MoN Pendant), +5 Stats, 10 ATK
Horntail Necklace, +22 Stats, 6%+ LUK
Kenta Goggles, Stats +5, 6-12%+ LUK [obtained via Kenta PQ for 100 Pianus Scales]
Bounty Hunter Badge +5 Stats [Bounty Hunter event]

End Game Equips for High Class (nearly complete)

These are the preferred End Game Equips for high funded players. All are working in progress.
The stats shown on the equips are just the recommendation stats. You do not have to follow exactly (or better) of those stats on the Equip. Anything listed under that category are alternate suggestions.


Raven Horn Baselard, 200+ ATK, 60%+ Boss, 21%+ PDR Nebulite [combine the Raven Horn set aka Empress set, you get 45 ATK, +20 Stats and +30% Boss!]
VIP Dagger, with similar stats as of above


VIP Katara, 150+ ATK, 60%+ Boss, 21% PDR Nebulite
Raven Horn Katara, with similar stats as of above [Note: Does not count towards Empress/Raven Horn set]


Raven Horn Chaser Gloves, 32+ ATK, 21%+ LUK, Sharp Eyes Nebulite preferred


Raven Horn Chaser Hat, 8-10+ ATK, 21%+ LUK, 2%+ LUK Nebulite


Raven Horn Chaser Shoes, 8-10+ ATK, 21%+ LUK, Combat Orders Nebulite preferred


Raven Horn Chaser Cape, 8-10+ ATK, 21%+ LUK, 2% LUK Nebulite


Raven Horn Chaser Armor, 8-10+ ATK, 21%+ LUK, Hyper Body Nebulite preferred


Dominator Pendant, 10+ ATK, 50+ Stats, 21%+ LUK, 2%+ LUK Nebulite
Chaos Horntail Necklace, 5+ ATK, 25 or 40 Stats, 21%+ LUK, 2%+ LUK Nebulite
Horntail Necklace, any # of ATK, 22 Stats, 21%+ LUK, 2%+ LUK Nebulite


Almighty Ring, some LUK%
Guardian's Eternal Ring, some LUK% [both Eternal Rings are over 5b, could be wrong however]
Berserker's Eternal Ring, some LUK% [Equip both the above ring and you get All Stat +15, 10 ATK]
White Angelic Blessing Ring, +10 Stats, 12 ATK


Gold Emerald Earrings, some ATK, 21%+ LUK, 2%+ LUK Nebulite
any earrings such as Half Earrings with similar amount of LUK% are good


Rising Sun Belt, 5+ ATK, 21%+ LUK, 2%+ LUK Nebulite
other belt choices can include Von Leon Belt, Witches Purple Belt or any belt with 21%+ LUK and some ATK

Face Accessory

Branch Nose, 14%+ LUK [not sure how to get or the price of it]
Reverse Dual Blade Mask, 3 ATK, 21%+ LUK [available from Kerning Gachapon at rare chance]
after Dual Blade Revamp they will give the Dual Blade Mask at level 120

Eye Accessory

Kenta Goggles, Stats +5, 18-21%+ LUK [obtained via Kenta PQ for 100 Pianus Scales]
Raccoon Mask, 30 ATK, 12-18%+ LUK, 2%+ LUK Nebulite [not sure if it still exists but used to be duped]
Spectrum Goggles, 12-18%+ LUK


Silent Crusade Shoulders [old], 8+ ATK, 21%+ LUK
no other Shoulderpad than this can have a Potential so chose one that gives 10+ ATK

Monster Book

Try to get 8-10 Stats on it
Preferred Effects
Silent Crusade
Dead Mine


Time Traveler Medal [came from event in 2010], 10 ATK
I'm a Lucky Guy [rare medal that comes from almost every hot time], 5 Stats, 10 ATK
Silent Crusade Medal, Stats +5, 1 ATK [obtained via Silent Crusade quests]
Neo City Time Traveler, +6 Stats, 1 ATK [obtained via Neo City quests]
Bounty Hunter Medal, Stats +7, 7 ATK [Bounty Hunter event is over]


[requires level 30 Charm and must complete that quest]
Gallant Battle Manual <Practice>, +5 Stats, 5 ATK [PvP reward]
Gallant Battle Manual <Theory>, +3 Stats, 3 ATK [PvP reward]
Rose, +3 LUK [obtained after completing level 30 charm quest]


Hero of Legends Badge, +10 Stats, 10 ATK [very rare and expensive]
Renegade Justice Badge, +10 Stats, 10 ATK [not sure if it exists but it might come for a hot time]
Bounty Hunter Badge +5 Stats [Bounty Hunter event]

Android Heart

[Note: Time limited]
Gold Andriod Heart

Extra Tips for Dual Blade

This section shows some tips on making a Dual Blade better and training faster. [Working in progress]

Improving Damage

NOTE: None of these skills can be copied (ie. owning 2 Cannoneers doesn't give double the bonus)

  • Cygnus Blessing, +1 ATK for every 5 levels of the highest Cygnus Knight (max is +24 ATK)
  • Cannoneer Link Skill, +5% HP, +15 Stats [obtained by leveling Cannoneer to 70]
  • Phantom Instinct, +10% Critical Rate [obtained by leveling Phantom to 70]
  • Fury Unleashed, +10% Boss Damage [obtained by leveling a Demonslayer to 70]

Getting extra EXP

  • Elven Blessing, +10% EXP, Teleport to Elluel at 30 minute cooldown [obtained by leveling Mercedes to 70]
  • use Pendant of Spirit if there are events that give one AND you're low funded w/o a Mark of Naricain
  • train with Holy Symbol (a skill owned by a Priest/Bishop and Phantom); gives 50% more EXP at max level
  • follow the training guide mainly

Getting a higher HP

  • Character Card System; Having 3 Level 30 or 70 Characters in one or two decks can give like 1k more HP, even better boost with level 120 characters
  • Popular Pendant Choices; Mark of Naricain: +300 HP, Chaos Horntail Pendant: +10% HP, Dominator Pendant +10% HP
  • Enveloping Darkness: +20% HP
  • Chaos Zakum Helmet: +10% HP [more and more people are beating it easily]
  • Raven Horn/Empress Set: +15% HP
  • try keeping some HP % potentials if you obtain one from a cube.

Bossing Guide

This is a small guide for bossing that shows the damage range recommendations for fighting them and the strategy.

Mini/Minor Bosses

  • Depending on which job tier you are you use their bossing (1v1) skills
  • 4th job: use Phantom Blow
  • 3rd job: use Chains of Hell
  • 2nd job: use Fatal Blow
  • 1st job: use Bandit Slash
  • Recommended Damage range: It doesn't matter,
  • Recommended Potions: All Cure Potions (if they inflict abnormal status), any Potion for your level

Pianus Left or Right

  • Requirements: none
  • Recommended damage range: 8k or more
  • Other Recommendations: level 110+, 5k+ HP, some PDR, small Boss damage % (optional), level 1 Phantom Blow or maxed CoH
  • Recommended Potions: All Cure Potions, % Potions (ie. Ginger Ales, Elixirs, Power Elixirs, etc)
  • Boss HP: 30mil
  • Boss attacks: Shoots a Laser, Drops boxes
  • Boss effects: 1/1, Seal, Cancel Weapon/Magic Attack, Dispel
  • Average damage taken: ~1.5k for Physical, ~1.8k for Magic
  • Strategy: Stand on Pianus and keep spamming your main boss attack skill until it's dead


  • Requirements: [url=]Prequests complete[/url], 1 Piece of Cracked Dimension will be consumed each fight and can fight this up to twice a day. Even if you complete these quests you can get daily Pieces from Mr. Bouffon.
  • Expedition: No party requirements at all. You can only solo.
  • Recommended Damage range: 8k
  • Other recommendations: Phantom Blow or maxed CoH
  • Recommended Potions: Potions that heal 4k+ HP
  • Boss HP: 23mil (clock), 1.59mil (Papalatus)
  • Boss attacks: lightning strike, Rest (prevents itself from being attacked)
  • Boss effects: 1/1, summon bomb, Dispel, Stun
  • Average damage taken: Clock: Phyisical: ~2.4k, Magic: ~1.7k, Papalatus: Physical ~2.6k
  • Strategy: Pin the clock to the left of the map then keep on using Phantom Blow (or CoH). After the clock dies, you can kill the Papalatus faster since it only has almost 1.6mil HP


  • Requirements: All 3 Prequests completed, level 50, 1 Eye of Fire per Zakum fight, can only fight this or Chaos Zakum twice a day
  • Expedition: You may enter the altar and fight Zakum alone but you need at least 5 people (including you and all have to be 50+) to be inside your expedition (doesn't have to be with you). You can only enter the altar to fight it at channels 4,5,6 and 7.
  • Recommended damage range: 15k
  • Other Recommendations: level 130+, 8k+ HP, some PDR, small Boss damage % (optional), level 1 Phantom Blow + level 1 Blade Fury or maxed CoH [if you don't have the Phantom Blow skill unlocked]
  • Recommended Potions: All Cure Potions, % Potions (ie. Ginger Ales, Elixirs, Power Elixirs, etc)
  • Boss HP: Arms (x8): 22-33mil each, Zakum Bodies: 66mil, 88mil, 110mil
  • Boss attacks: Arms: Absorbs HP/MP, Ice/Lightning attacks, Fire/Poison Attacks, Heals HP every 30 seconds, Def/M.Def power up, Bodies: Lightning, Fire pillars drop, Summons multiply minions that fly
  • Boss effects: Arms: Seal, Darkness, Bodies: 1/1, Seal, Stun, Cancel Weapon/Magic Attack
  • Average damage taken: Arms: Physical/Magic: under 1.8k, Bodies: Physical: 4k-6k, Magic: under 2k
  • Strategy: Stand in the middle of Zakum and use Blade Fury until all Arms are dead, then use Phantom Blow (or CoH if you don't have the PB unlocked) on the all 3 bodies part (stand within a distance of it in order to prevent Physical damage).

Chaos Zakum

  • Requirements: Same as Zakum but you have to be at least level 100 to fight this.
  • Expedition: Same as Zakum but level 100 and you can only enter this altar at channel 11.
  • Recommended Range: (not sure but people say 70k will do)
  • Other Recommendations: level 160+, 10k+ HP, some PDR, small Boss damage % (optional), level 10- max Phantom Blow, Max Final Cut, Max Blade Fury
  • Recommended Potions: All Cure Potions, % Potions (ie. Ginger Ales, Elixirs, Power Elixirs, etc)
  • Boss HP/effects/damage: Coming soon!
  • Strategy: Coming soon!

Von Leon

  • coming soon


  • Requirements: [url=]Badge of Squad[/url] (requires HTPQ) Also, you MUST do the [url=]Prequest[/url] every time you want to enter the Cave of Life. You also must be at channel 8 or 9 in order to fight.
  • Expedition: You may enter the expedition alone however, you need 6 people. Luckily, just like Zakum those people can be offline and don't need to be in the map with you in any way.
  • Recommended Range: not sure but maybe 50k+
  • Other Recommendations: level 160+, 9k+ HP, some PDR, small Boss damage % (optional), level 10- max Phantom Blow, Max Final Cut, Max Blade Fury
  • Boss HP/effects/damage: Coming soon!
  • Strategy: Coming soon!

Chaos Horntail

  • n/a

Pink Bean

  • n/a

Cygnus Empress?

  • n/a

Potion Guide

This is a Potion guide for Dual Blades. It shows the efficient potions to use based on your MAX HP or MP.

< 800

  • Use basic potions such as Blue, Red, Orange, White, etc.
  • They drop from almost all low level mobs in multiples per kill at a VERY high rate


  • Unagi, Pure Water, Mana Elixir are recommended since they heal at a fair rate based on your HP/MP
  • Drop rate for those are smaller than the basic potions but they're pretty cheap in mesos anyways.


  • NLC 1.5k Potions
  • These pots can be bought from a "Merchant" NPC at New Leaf City for only 1500 mesos
  • You can go to NLC anytime from the Multi-dimension portal located in EVERY town
  • Good 1:1 ratio in terms of heal:cost


  • NLC 60% Potions
  • These pots can be bought from a "Merchant" NPC at New Leaf City for only 2800 mesos
  • You can go to NLC anytime from the Multi-dimension portal located in EVERY town
  • 4.6k+ is recommended to start these potions because the ratio for healing:cost is greater than 1
  • The more Max HP/MP you have, the more healing you do
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TelastKollie Level 172 Scania Blade Master
Hey, just wondering if I should get the Maple Katara (58atk, 300hp) or the Moonshadow Katara (57atk, 400hp).
Does the 1 attack make a huge difference?
Jul 17 2012
ImaHooka Level 202 Scania Mercedes 4
does any1 know if existing dual blades can get the mask at lv 100? im still stuck with the blue mask from when they first came out
Jul 17 2012
4znFTW Level 139 Bera Shadower
Hey, just wondering if I should get the Maple Katara (58atk, 300hp) or the Moonshadow Katara (57atk, 400hp).
Does the 1 attack make a huge difference?[/quote]

The difference is like having a 120 atk dagger or a 119 atk dagger. Your range is based on the total attack of your dagger and katara and not separately. It's purely up to you though.
Jul 17 2012
puretppc Level 201 Windia Blade Master
1. I know you said that Fatal Blow isn't Important but I think you still should fill it up half way for mini-bosses (like Mushroom PQ or Korea PQ)
2. Triple stab is not longer there and has been replaced with Sharp Slash (Typically the Same thing But With different Animation, Damage+, and moved to dual blade 1)
3. There is going to be a Passive Skill Called Sidestep that increases Avoidablility.
4. Well There is more but to lazy to type, and this isnt an updated Revamp Skill Build more of the Current GMS Dual Blader

(I'll Make one for Revamp as soon a Basil lets me create a Thread >.<[/quote]

1. You can add Fatal Blow if you didn't add Double/Triple Stab. Also what's Korea PQ?
2. I believe as of Revamp they're going to remove the Triple Stab so Sharp Slash is good.
3. Yes I'm going to update for the Dual Blade revamp. I've heard about that skill before.
4. I'm going to add in the post-revamp build right now maybe.

Try not to make a new thread since I can update it ok?

Hey, just wondering if I should get the Maple Katara (58atk, 300hp) or the Moonshadow Katara (57atk, 400hp).
Does the 1 attack make a huge difference?[/quote]

You should get the Maple Katara since you don't really need slightly more HP. 1 Attack doesn't make much difference in general. Based on what the other person quoted you and said, it doens't matter which source you get the attack from. The end result for damage is always gonna be the same.

does any1 know if existing dual blades can get the mask at lv 100? im still stuck with the blue mask from when they first came out[/quote]
If you're talking about [url=]Reverse Dual Blade Mask[/url], then it's obtainable from the Kerning City gachapon at a fairly low chance to get.

My DB has a base dex of 100 and is incredibly weak.

Nice guide though.[/quote]
You can try waiting for an AP reset hot time maybe then try to make the base DEX 4.
Jul 17 2012
setget Level 149 Yellonde Zero Transcendent
This guide is sooo very wrong....
Jul 18 2012
puretppc Level 201 Windia Blade Master
This guide is sooo very wrong....[/quote]

How is it wrongly written? Mind explaining in more details?

@GoldenHeracross: thank-you.
Jul 19 2012
puretppc Level 201 Windia Blade Master
In your high end game equips you said that A raccoon mask is a face accessory, but it's actually an eye accessory.[/quote]
Fixed it.
Jul 19 2012
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