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Character Transfer Questions

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FinnNJake Level 193 Scania Phantom 4
Hello, I am considering transferring my character to a different server, but I have a few questions first.

1) When will my character get transferred?


2) What comes with my character when I transfer?

Thanks in advance


I have a question about cubing. If I have 3 lines of potential and i use a normal miracle cube is there a chance i can lose any lines?
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Character transfers aren't in the cash shop anymore so you will be unable to do so until whenever nexon decides to allow people to be able to do this again.
Jul 05 2012
Killdren Level 150 Bera Demon Slayer 4
Character Transfer was removed from Cash Shop until Nexon decides to Bring it back. So, yea.. your character is stuck in the world it is currently is.
Jul 05 2012
Thorontur Level 32 Bera Angelic Buster 2
Im still gonna answer regardless:
1. Nexon usually announced transfers in maintenances.
2. Whatever items you have on it and i think only 1mil mesos.
Jul 05 2012
Russyy Level 179 Bera Blade Master
The transfers usually happen on patches or when new events come out
and you get any items you had and up to 1m meso
Jul 05 2012
worthytrash Level 175 Windia Dark Knight
Lock this thread.
Jul 05 2012
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