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Part-Time Job reward information

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chainedwind Level 127 Scania I/L Arch Mage
I decided to compile some information about the part-time job rewards; your questions, corrections, and fresh input are definitely welcome, especially for the buffs (as long you're not trying to give info based off a vague memory ). If you want to see the actual record that provided the data for this compilation, [url=]here's the Pastebin link[/url]. No guarantees as to the readability of that thing, though!

General Information

(1) The quantity of item rewards and duration of buff rewards depends on how long you work. If you worked x and a half hours, it rounds down; if you worked x hours and 45 minutes, it rounds up.
(2) Working the full six hours does not guarantee any bonuses, and it's possible to receive a bonus even if you [i]haven't[/i] worked a full six hours.
(3) It's possible for more than one character to receive a bonus (if you've put multiple characters to work). I have had two characters both get the bonus; @Steliome confirms that you can even have all three characters get bonuses.
(4) You cannot accumulate rewards -- after your character has finished doing a part-time job, it must claim the reward before doing any more part-time jobs.

Mining and Herbalism

Mining and Herbalism reward your character with ores and herbs, respectively, at a rate of 5 per every hour of work. The level range of the ores/herbs you receive increases with your mining/herbalism level. However, having a high mining level does not [i]guarantee[/i] that you get "good" ores like wisdom or lidium, for example; it's just that you're not likely to get any high-level ores if you have lv2 mining.

Mining bonuses are smithing/accessory recipes, and Herbalism bonuses are alchemy recipes. You can get the bonus even if you don't have the relevant profession at all, but note that these items won't necessarily be tailored to your class or level -- it appears that most smithing recipes are for lv100 equips, for example. I won't list the obtainable ores/herbs, because it's just "any harvestable ore or herb"

Mining Bonuses

Android Female recipe (obtained with lv10 mining and lv1 smithing)
Android Male recipe (lv10/lv10) -- reported by @DjFunky
Angelic Blessing Ring recipe -- reported by @pkerzach (lv10/lv10), @DjFunky (lv1/lv1), and myself (lv6/lv0)
Battle Hammer recipe (lv10/lv10) -- reported by @Lidd0xLucy
The Beheader recipe (lv0/lv0)
Black Polax Hat recipe (lv7/lv0)
Blood Dagger recipe (lv10/lv10) -- reported by @Lidd0xLucy
Blue Marine recipe (lv4/lv5) -- reported by @MSmaste on a lv138 character
Concerto recipe (lv5/lv6-7) -- reported by @videogamer50
Red Craven recipe (lv10/lv1)
Red Warrior Symbol recipe (lv0/lv0)
Sword Earring recipe (lv5/lv6-7) -- reported by @videogamer50
Tomahawk recipe (lv6/lv0)
Zedbug recipe (any level) -- reported by @Lidd0xLucy

Herbalism Bonuses

[url=]Advanced Dexterity Pill IV[/url] recipe (obtained with lv0 herbalism and lv0 alchemy)
[url=]Advanced Intelligence Potion V[/url] recipe (lv4/lv3)
[url=]Intelligence Potion IX[/url] recipe (lv4/lv3)

General Store

General Store rewards your character with potions, 5 per hour of work. All potions received from General Store are [i]untradeable[/i]. It seems that the potion type is not tailored to your class/level, since I have received multiple lots of mana pots on my DS and dex/warrior pots on my mages. However, I believe that Pure Water and Unagi are the "lowest-level" pots it's possible to receive.

General Store bonuses are (normal) scrolls. [i]These[/i] are tradeable, but still not tailored to your class.

General Store Normal Rewards

Dexterity Potion
Magic Potion
Mana Elixir
Mana Elixir Pill
Power Elixir
Pure Water
Speed Potion
Sunrise Dew
Wizard Potion

General Store Bonuses

[item=Scroll for 1H Axe for ATK 100%] (reported by @Carnivore )
[url=]Scroll for 1H Sword for Accuracy 10%[/url]
[item=Scroll for 2H Sword for ATK 60%] (reported by @epicslayerXD )
[item=Scroll for Cape for DEX 60%] (reported by @AllergicRyu and @imad152 )
[item=Scroll for Cape for INT 60%] (reported by @aarongo )
[item=Scroll for Cape for MP 10%]
[item=Scroll for Earring for LUK 60%] (reported by @Zana5 )
[item=Scroll for Gloves for ATK 10%] (reported by @vodkaftw )
[item=Scroll for Helm for DEX 100%] (reported by @BackFired )
[item=Scroll for Helm for HP 60%] (reported by @epicslayerXD )
[item=Scroll for Katara for ATK 60%]
[item=Scroll for Overall for DEX 10%]
[item=Scroll for Overall for DEX 60%] (reported by @imad152 )
[item=Scroll for Overall for INT 100%] (reported by @epicslayerXD )
[item=Scroll for Ring for INT 60%] (reported by @SquishedTofu )
[item=Scroll for Shield for STR 10%]
[item=Scroll for Shoes for Jump 10%] (reported by @aarongo )
[item=Scroll for Shoes for Speed 10%]
[item=Scroll for Top for LUK 60%] (reported by @epicslayerXD )
[item=Scroll for Wand for M.ATK 60%] (reported by @SmilingCurse )

Weapon/Armor Store and Rest

Weapon/Armor Store and Rest each rewards your character with an untradeable buff. The duration of these buffs is 10 minutes per every hour of work; if you worked the full six hours, you will get an hour-long buff. They won't activate until you click the buff item in your Use tab, but they [i]will[/i] expire within three hours from the time you claim the reward, so be sure to only claim it when you're about to use it.

The Weapon/Armor buff is Loot Fountain, which gives 1.3x droprate and does not stack with other droprate buffs; the Rest buff is Ultra Vigor, which gives +5 to (M.)ATK., Speed, and Jump. Rest bonuses are 1.3x EXP buffs called Effective Rest, and seem to be much commoner than other jobs' bonuses -- I've gotten it three out of four times when Resting for the full six hours.

Weapon/Armor bonuses are, of course, weapons and armor. They are tradeable, and [i]not[/i] geared toward your character's level or class. I have especially little information about the obtainable equips, and input here (including the equip's stats and any other info you think matters) would be extra-welcome. From the experiences people have reported so far, it may be that all equips obtained as a W/A bonus will be average.

Weapon/Armor Store Bonuses

Axe Pole Arm (average) -- reported by @MagiBombchu
Blue Pageant (average) -- reported by @MontVert
Blue Plain Robe (average)
Brown Rocky Bandana (average) -- reported by @MontVert and myself
Eloon (average) -- reported by @MontVert
Green Lappy Boots (average)
Green Pria (average) -- reported by @MontVert
Orihalcon War Greave (average) -- reported by @MontVert
White Marquini (average) -- reported by @MontVert


Questions whose answers I'm especially interested in finding out/confirming:
(1) --confirmed--
(2) Is there a minimum amount of time you have to put in to get a bonus?
(3) Does the number of simultaneously part-timing characters influence the bonus rate? -- probably not
(4) Mining/Herbalism level influences the reward's quality, but do smithing/alchemy subprofessions have any influence as well? @Lidd0xLucy's experience says that it doesn't necessarily rule anything out, but maybe it affects the probabilities...
(5) Does the class of the herbalism worker influence the potion recipes it gets? It seems not, since I got a DEX pill recipe on my DS.
(6) Does the Effective Rest buff stack with other EXP buffs? Not 2x coupons or events, but rather, things like HS or family buffs.
(7) Is it possible to get equips below/above average from W/A Store?
(8) --confirmed--
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1) Yes.
2) 1 Hour.
3) No.
4) I don't know.
5) I don't know.
Jul 07 2012
brandonta98 Level 168 Windia Cannoneer 4
4. No. You can get smithing recipes if you're an Accessory Crafter and vice versa.
5. No.
Jul 07 2012
rythendevil Level 176 Scania Marksman
4. No. You can get smithing recipes if you're an Accessory Crafter and vice versa.
5. No.[/quote]

on my lvl 1 miners I got opal twice. on my lvl 7 miners I got diamond ores
Jul 07 2012
I got a 2h sword for 60% on my mule. general store. might want to put that in there
Jul 07 2012
chainedwind Level 127 Scania I/L Arch Mage
@Steliome & @rythendevil: Answers Could you elaborate a little bit on how you figured it out?

@epicslayerXD: For what stat?

4. No. You can get smithing recipes if you're an Accessory Crafter and vice versa.[/quote]
Hm, I see. But would you get higher-level recipes on a character with lv10 Smithing than a character who has lv1 Smithing?

on my lvl 1 miners I got opal twice. on my lvl 7 miners I got diamond ores[/quote]
If you're replying to @brandonta98's answer to (5), you're definitely right that harvesting-skill level influences ore/herb quality, but I also want to know about whether the character's class (warrior/mage/etc.) influences the kinds of Alchemy recipes it gets. I know it doesn't influence anything for Smithing recipes -- so probably not -- but since I've only gotten two Alchemy recipes, and both were INT potions on a mage herbalist, I wanted to double-check for Herbalism
Jul 07 2012
AoiHorizon Level 10 Windia Blade Recruit
I got this drop bonus thingy.
Jul 07 2012
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