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Carte Mill and Rapier combo

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xerun45 Level 206 Windia Night Lord
Is anyone else having problems trying to link perform this combo?
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Sockweaver Level 189 Windia Zero Transcendent
For me i can connect 9/10 times. I think you just have to be really quick about it. You can't allow a delay between the two skills or else it won't connect
Jul 11 2012
The delay is better than Mercedes combos i think; I land it the majority of the time.
Jul 11 2012
alexie828 Level 183 Broa Marksman
The delay is better than Mercedes combos i think; I land it the majority of the time.[/quote]

I have an easier time with my Mercedes. To be honest though, I button mash for combos, so I get a screen full of the little red messages telling me that I can't use the skill because I'm spamming it too much.
I still button mash for the Phantom combo, but I land it much less than Mercedes...I'm not sure. You can't hit Rapier TOO fast or it won't activate after Carte also can't be a millisecond too slow or it won't activate then either. It's really just down to button mashing. I usually tap Rapier twice. It's become a habit...and sometimes I still miss. Guess you just have to train to get faster at it.
Jul 11 2012
use rapier right before you're about to smash the card in carte mille
Jul 11 2012
IceBirdie Level 210 Scania Bishop
i macro'd mine...
Jul 11 2012
Seref Level 122 Broa Phantom 4
Mercedes combo is A LOT is easier, since you can chain the skills after their animations. But the Phantom combo you have to press the skills in quick successive, before even the first ones animation has started, let alone finished...

@IceBirdie: You can macro non-buffs? You are a genius!
Jul 11 2012
chudi Level 192 Galicia Battle Mage 4
Its easy your all just failing. I dont use it at all because i miss alot due to the face that the knock back doesnt stun them long enough
Jul 11 2012
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