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Jul 11 12
What if the corrupted blood incident happened in Maplestory will people react differentley compared to wow or the same
Wow Incident
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Jul 11 12
DemethosGMS Wild Hunter 4
Pandas Guild
I can see parties of Bishops and DKs running around maple. The combination of Heal, Res, and HB would be lifesaving (but because of the rising population of jerks in Maplestory, I don't see anyone willing to share unless money is involved)
Jul 11 12
Scania Evan 10th Growth
Sounds fun.
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Jul 11 12
Windia F/P Arch Mage
I'm more interested in why that got turned into a full sized Wikipedia article.
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Jul 11 12*
Broa Evan 10th Growth
imagine an infenction that deleted anything people wore
MapleStory Screen: Flying
Jul 11 12
Remember in runescape (if any of you played) when construction came out years ago? And there were dungeons where you could PvP without losing items? And people glitched out and the Falador Massacre occured? People were PKing others, but they couldn't fight back?
MapleStory Screen: 121 wh solod zak
Jul 11 12
Scania Paladin
WorkOfArt: I'm more interested in why that got turned into a full sized Wikipedia article.

Why not? Its a interesting piece of online video history an I thought it was a good read.
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Jul 11 12
A party of Paladins.
Jul 11 12
At above:
Don't forget phantoms
Jul 11 12
Yellonde Shadower
bring it on
Jul 11 12
I take my last post back.

Knowing Nexon, if this happens you have to buy NX to fix the problem.
MapleStory Screen: Maplers, we need your help, something is
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