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Luminous release date in gms?

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WndyArcherzx Level 189 Scania I/L Arch Mage
Hey guys I'm just wondering when does luminous come to gms so that I can start preparing for it
Posted: July 2012 Permalink


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Probably... January...? We still get Mikhail first which will be in maybe... November or October, then Luminous in January - February.
Aug 06 2012
Dec 21, 2012.

If you know what I mean.[/quote]

Actually it's way after that

It's KMS date release date +7 months
Aug 07 2012
i always thought gms got everything 6 months after kms so....
Aug 07 2012
Just get a KMS account [/quote]

Good luck finding a KSSN. Korea's gaming security allows only Korean citizens (andpeoplewhoknowkoreancitizens) to play.


Aug 07 2012
narubaka13 Level 208 Scania Dark Knight
@Patrick2Nyte wouldn't it be BAD if it's coming soon, since you want to prepare for it? The more time you have, the more you can prepare.. Fail much..
Aug 08 2012
At this rate that GMS is going at with updates, I'd actually predict it's going to be earlier than we all think.
We are getting (this update) things that were MONTHS apart in KMS. I wouldn't be surprised to see Tempest this December. Heck, even late November.
Aug 08 2012
The general consensus is that we get updates about 4-6 months after KMS does.
Personally, I hope it's sooner. XD
Aug 08 2012
@EllieSeyYo: Just apply for an account at Leafre... I got mine there.[/quote]

Do you know who's KSSN you stolen to make an account? Do you know this is identify fraud and can land yourself in years of jail?
Do you know the person for which the KSSN belongs to?
Aug 10 2012
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