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Glitch in the Lumiere

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MapuruSutorii Level 142 Windia Phantom 4
When you use Rapier Wit in a specific spot on the Lumiere you fall through the floor off the ship. The first time I stayed trapped inside the ships belly and had to log out to get out.

I personally think that Nexon is not really paying much attention to the bugs and glitches in the game... any other glitches you guys know of?
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Nexon is getting sloppy. I wouldn't mind if they took another hour during patches to TEST their work. It would save us 10-20 hours of maintenance time in between patches...
Jul 12 2012
MapuruSutorii Level 142 Windia Phantom 4
yeah... the numbers of bugs right now are countless...
Jul 13 2012
SoundFIX Level 203 Scania Xenon 4
There are more glitches than I care to remember, the ship itself doesnt travel correctly, the skill which allows you to aboard the ship often glitches, and the default set which is to return you to nearest town fails to do so on Vic island.
Jul 17 2012
This isn't even a big problem, they should focus on other things first like the suicide bombers.
Jul 17 2012
they should focus on carte noir ACTUALLY DOING DAMAGE[/quote]

actually it does damage its just that it wont ur enemy itll just knock em down to 1 hp
Jul 17 2012
VersalX Level 200 Broa Night Lord
@itacho91: That' not really the case. If it were, it would bring up the health bar anyways, but it doesn't.
Jul 17 2012

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