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corsair battleship mount quest help

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bellhyper741 Level 197 Bera Marksman
the first question for the mount is im in charge of pirate job advancements. what is my name?
i wrote kyrin and he said it was wrong help please?

ok i finished the questions and he still hasnt given me the mount? do i have to do the level70 quest to get it?
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Duckynater Level 140 Windia Angelic Buster 4
its not in the beginner tab
lets go step by step
step 1: click your self twice
step 2: look at "mount"
step 3: you should see the ship in there
step 4: ride the ship
Jul 13 2012
bellhyper741 Level 197 Bera Marksman
ok thanks^ now when i do battleship cannon/torpedo while on the mount i get disconnected from the game lol
Jul 13 2012
Duckynater Level 140 Windia Angelic Buster 4
If you get the mount then you won't be able to attack until the revamp and you will lose the bonuses the ship gives.[/quote]
well the losing bonus part is right
BUT u can still attack with the mount ship
Jul 14 2012
Duckynater Level 140 Windia Angelic Buster 4
@Duckynater: Oops, didn't know that.[/quote]
lol u can even use skills that u counld normally use on the mount
heres what u do
get on a rope/ladder
use the mount skill on said rope/ladder
wait a sec ( it takes a while to use any skill after doing it )
dont use wings too much on ship it may D/C u
Jul 15 2012
@Duckynater: I saw a ton of people D/C today from using BSC on Ship. That's another reason not to get it yet.
Jul 15 2012
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