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Secret Alchemy Request- Secret Rendezvous Glitched

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Jul 14 12
Bera Jett 4
Is anyone else having problems with this Jett required quest for Job Advancement?
I started it but didn't completed when I was lv 80 but when i hit 120 i didn't get 4th job advancement quest.

So I went to do the required quest it glitched.
It makes me go to The Desert of Dreams in Magatia but nothing happens.

Anyone have any tips?
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Jul 14 12
Galicia Shade 4
Justaway Guild
There is a very discrete portal in that map; you have to enter it. It should be to the far left, if I'm remembering properly...
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Jul 19 12
Bellocan Wild Hunter 3
Ya, there are some sparkles coming from the ground all the way to the right like in the box part of Ludi pq.

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