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Jul 14 12
Scania Xenon 4
What did your potential turn out to be?

Mine was 2% LUK
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Jul 14 12
Nova Shadower
2% luk, 2% all stats and all stats +3, I got really lucky I guess haha
Jul 14 12
Bera F/P Arch Mage
BIackbean Guild
wasn't there another thread with this?
oh well, mine was 6% hp, 6%mdef, +2int
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Jul 14 12
Windia Aran 4
4% luk
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Jul 14 12
KradiaGMS Demon Slayer 4
Some crap stats that i forgot about. I was aiming for % int since it was for my battle mage. D:
Jul 14 12
Scania Kaiser 4
4% magic defense. I'm a pretty lucky guy
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Jul 14 12
Bera Aran 4
4% INT
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Jul 14 12*
Scania Brawler
4% LUK and LUK +6
Jul 14 12*
Galicia Thunder Breaker 3
4% dex. Helps me with my Low dex!
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Jul 14 12
Khaini Buccaneer
4% luk, 2%luk, 2%luk LOL JK 4% Mp and +50 magic defense
MapleStory Screen: Hasty Pink Bean
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