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Buccaneer revamp - Skill build?

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Hello there!

I just joined the friendly community of Buccaneers, and i'm very excited to be here!
I do however need a little bit of help..

Could someone tell me the skill build now for buccs? The Buccaneer "Complete guide" is yet to be updated.

Thank you very much! (:
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So how does buccaneer blast not fit into the "gameplay of bucc"? Last time I checked, buccaneers were transforming. That doesn't seem very buccaneer like to me. BUT, besides that, isn't buccaneer blast not just a kamehameha that every single super saiyan wanna-be complained that we DIDN'T have?[/quote]

But we have less punching skills D: OUR PUNCHES MAN! Lazers that we don't even fire are an insult to captain planet.
But it's a useful skill that's great to have but Meh it's not like we didn't have long range attacks in fourth in the first place *cough* energy orb and snatch *cough*
Jul 20 2012
New Screen: Rick roll in maple
@froggy1465: We finally have a fast punching attack that is our main 1v1 though. Something that actually generally fits the description of a skilled fist fighter, attacks quickly whilst dealing great damage o3o. If you're referring to the removal of like...double uppercut, we have tornado uppercut which is pretty awesome since your uppercut hits so hard there's a air shockwave following it. We don't have to be transformed for all our best moves now as well, and you actually hit the ground with your fist hard enough to make it explode, with shockwave.

I hate the fact snatch got removed, cuz it was a fun skill and stunned, but it wasn't meant for damage. It's meant for rushing monsters towards you, and orb is touchy at best. Only place it would be good at is a glitched LHC map, and even then it's not that big a difference especially because it's only one hit moves, so it'll cap anyways besides the similar damage to dstrike. That's my observations though.
Jul 20 2012
@1CrazyCleric: Shock waves name was changed ): I know but in total we have one less punching skill.(I'm going to coun't back spin blow as one) Octopunch is amazing. But I wish we had a fast two or three hitting mobbing skill in second instead of tornado uppercut just because tornado reminds of a skill TB's would, have you know? Then there is also the fact we don't have any 1v1 skills till 4th Unlike now where we have one in first, one in second, and one in 4th. Though all of them are slow which makes little sense. One thing I is miss is the old animation for flash fist, I personally all ways like the blue coral our skills had till 4th job, with the change to yellowish orange while using ST.
Jul 20 2012
@froggy1465: Yeah to something stupid like landlubber blast or something that I don't even choose to recognize lol. And you can't count backspin as one cuz it's clearly an elbow haha, but I understand what you mean. Although a multi-hit mob move in 2nd would be cool, it's pointless except for how it helps your accuracy on higher level training maps. The fact that there's no 1v1 skills till 4th is really fine. You mob to level in pretty much every instance up to 4th job where bossing could be considered as a way to level, although it's a bad one. And even then, you just mob in LHC and stronghold so I don't have a problem with it either. The mob moves from 1-3rd are also strong enough to get you through the VERY few times you would NEED a 1v1 move.
Jul 20 2012
@1CrazyCleric: The thing in LHC faster hitting skills help you get the most amount of exp from the party share. With most people getting from 110-120 through LHC. Selfish in saying it on it's own but meh Then there is also if you want to dojo or Pvp before 4th. Where Dps does matter and not our ability to mob
Jul 20 2012
@froggy1465 Energy Orb is a projectile but I wouldn't put it under "ranged attack" since it's range is less than that of Demolition which is melee.

@coalman4444 Once again, where do you get the idea that Buccaneer Blast can't be used in a series (combo as you call it) of attacks? It's chains so fluidly with the other skills that we get.[/quote]
I am just being nit picky. How far does the laser actually go though? Till the end of the map?
I am not going to say anything about Laser being bad until I use it myself. I shouldn't judge until I have used it.
Jul 21 2012
Drag0nLlght Level 138 Scania Buccaneer
Level 10 +1 Somersault Kick
Level 11 +3 Bullet Time
Level 12 +3 Bullet Time
Level 13 +3 Bullet Time
Level 14 +1 Bullet Time [Max], +2 Dash
Level 15 +3 Dash
Level 16 +3 Dash
Level 17 +2 Dash [Max], +1 Shadow Heart
Level 18 +3 Shadow Heart
Level 19 +3 Shadow Heart
Level 20 +3 Shadow Heart [Max]
Level 21 +3 Somersault Kick
Level 22 +3 Somersault Kick
Level 23 +3 Somersault Kick
Level 24 +3 Somersault Kick
Level 25 +3 Somersault Kick
Level 26 +3 Somersault Kick
Level 27 +1 Somersault Kick [Max], +2 Double Shot
Level 28 +3 Double Shot
Level 29 +3 Double Shot
Level 30 +3 Double Shot

Level 30 +1 Tornado Uppercut
Level 31 +1 Corkscrew Blow, +2 Knuckle Mastery
Level 32 +3 Knuckle Mastery
Level 33 +3 Knuckle Booster
Level 34 +3 Knuckle Booster
Level 35 +3 Knuckle Mastery
Level 36 +3 Knuckle Mastery
Level 37 +3 Knuckle Mastery
Level 38 +3 Knuckle Mastery
Level 39 +3 Knuckle Mastery [Max]
Level 40 +3 Dark Clarity
Level 41 +3 Dark Clarity
Level 42 +3 Dark Clarity
Level 43 +3 Dark Clarity
Level 44 +3 Dark Clarity
Level 45 +3 Dark Clarity
Level 46 +2 Dark Clarity [Max], +1 Physical Training
Level 47 +3 Physical Training
Level 48 +3 Physical Training
Level 49 +3 Physical Training [Max]
Level 50 +3 Corkscrew Blow
Level 51 +3 Corkscrew Blow
Level 52 +3 Corkscrew Blow
Level 53 +3 Corkscrew Blow
Level 54 +3 Corkscrew Blow
Level 55 +3 Corkscrew Blow
Level 56 +1 Corkscrew Blow [Max], +2 Perseverance
Level 57 +3 Perseverance
Level 58 +3 Perseverance
Level 59 +2 Perseverance [Max], +1 HP Boost
Level 60 +3 HP Boost
Level 61 +3 HP Boost
Level 62 +3 HP Boost [Max]
Level 63 +3 Knuckle Booster
Level 64 +3 Knuckle Booster
Level 65 +3 Knuckle Booster
Level 66 +3 Knuckle Booster
Level 67 +2 Knuckle Booster [Max], +1 Tornado Uppercut
Level 68 +3 Tornado Uppercut
Level 69 +3 Tornado Uppercut
Level 70 +3 Tornado Uppercut

Level 70 +1 Spiral Assault
Level 71 +1 Energy Charge, +1 Stun Mastery, +1 Energy Blast
Level 72 +1 Admiral's Wings, +1 Precision, +1 Energy Charge
Level 73 +3 Energy Charge
Level 74 +3 Energy Charge
Level 75 +3 Energy Charge
Level 76 +3 Energy Charge
Level 77 +3 Energy Charge
Level 78 +3 Energy Charge [Max]
Level 79 +3 Spiral Assault
Level 80 +3 Spiral Assault
Level 81 +3 Spiral Assault
Level 82 +3 Spiral Assault
Level 83 +3 Spiral Assault
Level 84 +3 Spiral Assault
Level 85 +1 Spiral Assault [Max], +2 Energy Blast
Level 86 +3 Energy Blast
Level 87 +3 Energy Blast
Level 88 +3 Energy Blast
Level 89 +3 Energy Blast
Level 90 +3 Energy Blast
Level 91 +2 Energy Blast [Max], +1 Precision Strikes
Level 92 +3 Precision Strikes
Level 93 +3 Precision Strikes
Level 94 +3 Precision Strikes
Level 95 +3 Precision Strikes
Level 96 +1 Precision Strikes [Max], +2 Stun Mastery
Level 97 +3 Stun Mastery
Level 98 +3 Stun Mastery
Level 99 +3 Stun Mastery
Level 100 +3 Stun Mastery
Level 101 +3 Stun Mastery
Level 102 +2 Stun Mastery [Max], +1 Roll of the Dice
Level 103 +3 Roll of the Dice
Level 104 +3 Roll of the Dice
Level 105 +3 Roll of the Dice
Level 106 +3 Roll of the Dice
Level 107 +3 Roll of the Dice
Level 108 +3 Roll of the Dice
Level 109 +1 Roll of the Dice [Max], +2 Admiral's Wings
Level 110 +3 Admiral's Wings
Level 111 +3 Admiral's Wings
Level 112 +3 Admiral's Wings
Level 113 +3 Admiral's Wings
Level 114 +3 Admiral's Wings
Level 115 +3 Admiral's Wings [Max]
Level 116 +3 Free points (Tornado Uppercut/Landlubber Blast)
Level 117 +3 Free points (Tornado Uppercut/Landlubber Blast)
Level 118 +3 Free points (Tornado Uppercut/Landlubber Blast)
Level 119 +3 Free points (Tornado Uppercut/Landlubber Blast)
Level 120 +3 Free points (Tornado Uppercut/Landlubber Blast)

Level 120 +1 Octopunch, +1 Dragon Strike, +1 Speed Infusion
Level 121 +1 Buccaneer Blast, +1 Double Dice, +1 Crossbones
Level 122 +1 Time Leap, +1 Nautilus, +1 Double Dice
Level 123 +3 Double Dice
Level 124 +1 Double Dice(MAX), +1 Crossbones
Level 126 +3 Crossbones
Level 127 +3 Crossbones
Level 128 +3 Crossbones
Level 129 +3 Crossbones
Level 130 +3 Crossbones
Level 131 +3 Crossbones
Level 132 +3 Crossbones
Level 133 +3 Crossbones
Level 134 +3 Crossbones
Level 135 +2 Crossbones(MAX), +1 Pirate's Revenge
Level 136 +3 Pirate's Revenge
Level 137 +3 Pirate's Revenge
Level 138 +3 Pirate's Revenge(MAX)
Level 139 +3 Buccaneer Blast OR Octopunch
Level 140 +3 Buccaneer Blast OR Octopunch
Level 141 +3 Buccaneer Blast OR Octopunch
Level 142 +3 Buccaneer Blast OR Octopunch
Level 143 +3 Buccaneer Blast OR Octopunch
Level 144 +3 Buccaneer Blast OR Octopunch
Level 145 +3 Buccaneer Blast OR Octopunch
Level 146 +3 Buccaneer Blast OR Octopunch
Level 147 +3 Buccaneer Blast OR Octopunch
Level 148 +3 Buccaneer Blast OR Octopunch(MAX)
Level 149 +3 Typhoon Crush
Level 150 +3 Typhoon Crush
Level 151 +3 Typhoon Crush
Level 152 +3 Typhoon Crush
Level 153 +3 Typhoon Crush
Level 154 +3 Typhoon Crush
Level 155 +2 Typhoon Crush(MAX), +1 Buccaneer Blast OR Octopunch
Level 156 +3 Buccaneer Blast OR Octopunch
Level 157 +3 Buccaneer Blast OR Octopunch
Level 158 +3 Buccaneer Blast OR Octopunch
Level 159 +3 Buccaneer Blast OR Octopunch
Level 160 +3 Buccaneer Blast OR Octopunch
Level 161 +3 Buccaneer Blast OR Octopunch
Level 162 +3 Buccaneer Blast OR Octopunch
Level 163 +3 Buccaneer Blast OR Octopunch
Level 164 +3 Buccaneer Blast OR Octopunch
Level 165 +2 Buccaneer Blast OR Octopunch(MAX), +1 Time Leap
Level 166 +3 Time Leap(MAX)
Level 167 +3 Maple Warrior
Level 168 +3 Maple Warrior
Level 169 +3 Maple Warrior

Note that in the same context of the old guide, 4th job has an explanation to go with it. You won't get everything just by looking at the skill build, such as how early FoR is only for HARDCORE bossers. Past 9MW it's pretty much free game other than saving SP for max MW if you can't afford the books. And I'm going to be updating the names once they actually get released in GMS. They got changed apparently, so I'm just waiting to make sure I get the names right. These are currently the pre-change names.[/quote]


The Names of the moves are changed. I edited for you
Hope this helps your build in advance

1st Job
Critical Power --> Shadow Heart

2nd Job
Tornado Upper --> Tornado Uppercut
Endurance --> Perseverance
Mental Clarity --> Dark Clarity

3rd Job
Shockwave --> Landlubber Blast
Willow Defense --> Admiral's Wings
Critical Rage --> Precision Strikes
Double Spiral --> Spiral Assault

4th Job
Energy Blast --> Buccaneer Blast
Fist of Enrage --> Octopunch
Guard Crash -- > Typhoon Crush
Vipersition --> Crossbones
Jul 21 2012
New Screen: Nexon fail
@froggy1465: You're not selfish in wanting to get more exp, but I think you missed what I meant. You still mob in LHC. You use your mob skill far more often than your 1v1 skill. So to get more exp, and level quicker, you mob. And again, our 3rd job mob attack is also one of our better 1v1's, especially for 3rd job in the skill blast.
Jul 21 2012
Tersera Level 121 Scania Cannoneer 3
I am just being nit picky. How far does the laser actually go though? Till the end of the map?
I am not going to say anything about Laser being bad until I use it myself. I shouldn't judge until I have used it.[/quote]
Below is the area of effect of the skills and you'll be able to compare nicely.

[url=]Buccaneer Blast[/url].
[url=]Dragon Strike[/url].
[url=]Nautilus Strike[/url].

You'll notice Buccaneer Blast actually goes off screen but it has a 695% range.
Whereas Dragon Strike is 400% so it's actually a bit further than 1.7 times of Dragon Strike's horizontal reach.
Jul 21 2012
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