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How to transfer money between characters

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Having various players in the same world I wanted to distribute the wealth between them. But the drop method is useless and dangerous since i can only drop 50k at a time and I can't deposit any money in the storage. Does somebody has an answer for this?
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ItsRichyXD Level 184 Zenith Buccaneer
use the storage person?[/quote]

He said he can't use the storage to put money in.
OT: You can possibly ask a very trusted friend of yours to give your characters each some money.
Jul 18 2012
Use two computers, or run more than one instance of Maple on a single computer, which may or may not be against the TOS.[/quote]

its against the TOS since your going to have to use a third party software
Jul 18 2012
larryd23 Level 200 Windia Night Lord
I'll assume that you can't use the storage NPC because your characters are in multiple accounts.

I only know of three ways to transfer mesos between accounts.

1. Player to player trade: Most expensive tax
2. Make a purchase in a store (Mushie): Least expensive tax
3. Buy equipment you can easily sell and trade player to player: Time consuming and somewhat risky, but no tax

This is the problem with having too many accounts.
Jul 18 2012
Nope it's same world, same account... the storage doesn't let me deposit mesos I don't know why!
Jul 20 2012
HeresZachy Level 172 Windia Aran 4
Nope it's same world, same account... the storage doesn't let me deposit mesos I don't know why![/quote]

Are you clicking the little meso icon next to YOUR money? Or the one that is in the storage area?
Jul 20 2012
pulsecannon Level 205 Scania Kanna 4
Just going to make sure, but are you using the meso button on your side and not the meso button on the storage guy side?
Jul 20 2012
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