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zakum prequest as a phantom
MapleStory Forums : Phantom : Talk about the Phantom Thief Legend
Jul 19 12
Khaini Bishop
who do i talk to so i can try the zakum prequest which i need to do for my friend who wants to do also
i know phantoms can do it but i dont know how
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Jul 19 12
Scania Wind Archer 4
No, Phantom it's... an actual phantom, :O... so, he's not a thief...
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Jul 19 12
Broa Cannoneer 4
I don't know why everyone's saying it's glitched, I've done like 4 Zruns on my phantom
Jul 19 12
Scania Phantom 4
Well before the latest patch you talk to the 3rd Job Chief in Elnath, but it got screwed again =*(

Good that I finished them after the patch that got it fixed.
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Jul 19 12
Windia Blade Recruit
after yesterdays patch, its glitched again.
Jul 19 12
Scania Phantom 4
The glitch is fixed! Talk to thief 3rd job instructor in that house in el nath then go to zakum and do prequests
Jul 19 12
Bellocan Bow Master
Yeah after u got permission from adventurers's 3th job advancement, go to dead mine, go to the deepest map. That map have timer and only 1 npc so u cant miss. Make a party(u can solo quests if u know how). The pre-quest have 3 parts: explore the dead mine, jump quest and collect 30 gold teeth from miner zombies. Try google a guide for more details. Explore the dead mine is quite annoying because the mine itself is a maze, bring your guild/buddy. Jump quest is hard for some people, but u can find how to do it with some tutorial vid on youtube. It's really fun to do, took me 2 hours 1st time. Hope you can zak soon
Jul 19 12
Broa Xenon 4
Lmao they unfixed the glitch? Yeah, that sounds like nexon . Go fight HT instead guys, bosses aren't so tough when you can steal cancel wep XD
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Jul 19 12
Khaini Bishop
i really wanna do prequests but says not thief
Jul 24 12
Mardia Phantom 3
yeah its really gay i was gonna do it with my friends but then its glitched -_-
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