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Cash Shop inventory question

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I have a question, I'm not very good at explaining things and my English isn't that good so bare with me, thank you.
Anyways, I'll try my best to explain.

Let's just say I make a Dual Blade call it 'A'. Say I want to buy something from the Cash Shop like a permanent cash item. I have the cash item on my character A. I put the cash item into the Dual Blade's Cash Inventory and then I delete my character A. Next, I make a character 'B' (another Dual Blade).

So my question is, if I go into the cash shop, will my character B get the items that character A put in the inventory? Or the cash shop isn't shared between the same class on the same account? Thank you
Posted: July

Cash Shop inventory question

0%0 / 1Yes, it will work.
100%1 / 1No, it won't.


Nope. It won't work.
lovesupportLevel 209 Broa Bishop
Jul 24 2012
No, the cash items get deleted, it will warn you when you delete your char.
Alvarie87439Level 186 Scania Phantom 4
Jul 24 2012
Bye bye cash item.
MybulIetsLevel 209 Zenith Kanna 4
Jul 24 2012
Nooo thank you guys
Jul 24 2012

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