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Jul 24 12
Windia Zero Transcendent
Sorry if someone already made a thread about this, but we're having more new classes coming up. Nova's pirate Angelic Buster is the newest one.

She looks nice
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Jul 24 12
Bera Shade 4
I was so excited about this class but she looks ridiculous. And I may be wrong here, but KMS doesn't have all the hackers and glitches that we do. That's Nexon America's problem.
Jul 24 12
Bera Corsair
The concept art for the angelic buster looks great, but how it looks equipped below is...bleh
Jul 24 12
Bera Evan 5th Growth
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Jul 24 12
Scania Aran 4
i dont really like this nova race
Jul 24 12
Her skills : (buff) summon the arch angel to get all the angelic rings
Jul 24 12
Scania Angelic Buster 3
Oh the Henehoes will have a frenzy with this.
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Jul 24 12
Broa I/L Arch Mage
"Oh yeah, they increased the maximum number character of slots to 18!"

Woohoo, xD
Jul 24 12
Windia F/P Arch Mage
Half of you will barf at this, but
iBustAngels IGN taken.
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Jul 24 12
Valtorec: Nexon needs to stop making classes, fix their goddamn game, balance the classes and ban hackers. THEN come back with more ORIGINAL characters... more numbers =/= Originality

MapleStory isn't a game about balance, it really has no reason for it to be. Stronger characters are beneficial to the game. Only downside is Kill Stealing, but that is an extremely poor excuse to stop something that a majority enjoy. I do agree they need to fix the game, but copy and pasting from Korea won't really have an effect on that issue, and I know banning hackers is not an issue that is stopped to add in a new class.

Also, Nexon comes out with the most original classes I've seen in MMO's. The Generic is Mages, Warriors, Archers, Thieves which we already had, and no one complained about unoriginal classes back in the day as far as I am aware. I've never seen another MMO with a Dragon-Human race of aliens that transform into super-warriors, or Megaman (dragon looking) Pirates, Robot riding pirates that transform into tanks, Elven Archers that wield Dual bow-guns that can jump 100's of feet, Archers that ride Jaguars and choose Arrows from a mini-gun looking machine, Knights of different elements and different powers and so on.

If you mean adding to the base-classes Warrior, Archer, Thief, Mage, and Pirate then.. why? I don't care and I doubt a majority of people do they build off their original explorers in new ways, it's still new and totally different game-play.
Jul 25 12
Loli hehehe. Anyways, looks cool for now, but need to wait and see.
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