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Inner Ability Questions

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1. Does the inner ability level on it's own?
Or when you level your inner ability and you change the rank with the circulators does it change to something level 8? ( for example if your level 8)
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it doesn't lv on its own, you have to use circulators.

the higher ranking the circulator, the higher chance you have of getting a good rank for your inner ability, i believe your honor level also affects it as well
Jul 27 2012
thank you that explains it well,
and when I have 2 inner abilities do both get reset?
Jul 27 2012
yeah, circulators reset all inner ability
Jul 27 2012
How do you unlock more than 1 inner ability? i seem to have only one unlocked.[/quote]

Leveling up honor adds more inner ability slots. I think at level 30 honor you get another slot.
Jul 27 2012
level 3, 30, 70, i think. to unlock each ability
Jul 27 2012
Ronned Level 161 Scania Phantom 4
how do you get circulators rank 1-8
Jul 27 2012
how do you get circulators rank 1-8[/quote]

if it exists, most probably through NX
Jul 27 2012
if it exists, most probably through NX[/quote]

looks like you have no done your research.

Rank 2-8 circulator are availble from pierre if you are lucky
Jul 27 2012
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