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Jul 27 12
Windia Buccaneer
Ever since I came back from my vacation 2 weeks ago, I would get this insane FPS lag. It goes to the point where it slows down my whole PC continuously (it isn't a lag spike). At first I thought there was a problem with my computer, so I tested out Diablo & Guild Wars. They both ran smoothly on the highest setting with no problems at all. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Is the fps lag being caused from my side (somehow?) or nexon's side?

Thanks in advance, much love.
New MapleStory Screen: The yeti gang at patronize's guild hq
Jul 27 12
Windia Night Walker 2
Get better ventilation, It worked like magic.
Jul 27 12
Bera Bishop
your comp sucks
Jul 27 12
Scania Blade Recruit
Check if you have 2 MS processes open. happened to me =/
Jul 27 12
Windia Buccaneer
Honestly you guys? lol xD I'm asking a serious question here.

and Ragingfox32 I checked, only 1 MS Process is running.
New MapleStory Screen: The yeti gang at patronize's guild hq
Jul 27 12
Bera Buccaneer
I have the exact same problem, it's unbearable to play now because of the insane frame lag.

I sent a ticket, and they said that they are "aware" of this problem. But i bet theyre not gonna fix it..
New MapleStory Screen: Noob hunting in ereve
Jul 27 12
Bera Night Lord
I cant go to cc1 at all due to the insane lag. Maple ran smoothly a couple months back, but its been slow since I came back. However, it could my my problem as well. My comp sucks.
Jul 27 12
Scania Evan 9th Growth
I can't play at all cus of the lag. =.="

Was gonna royal my hair and eyes on my new main too...
New MapleStory Screen: Happy halloween
Jul 28 12
Windia Buccaneer
Alright then, thanks for the help & replies! I just hope Nexon finds a way to fix this issue as soon as possible. Really want to get back into it again
New MapleStory Screen: The yeti gang at patronize's guild hq
Jul 28 12*
Khaini Marksman
You can thank the ever so recurring and problematic loller Black Cipher (Nexon's epic fail anti-hacking program).
New MapleStory Screen: Wab
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