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Jul 29 12
Bera White Knight
What would be the most ideal set up of a character card deck for a Paladin?
I was considering it and at first I thought probably anything to enhance damage as much as possible since we already never die, then I debated enhancing any weak spots in our defences (Magic defence, HP perhaps,) and I'm just not quite sure.
Any suggestions?
I've been wanting to make a new character for awhile now and I figure why not try and make my main stronger at the same time?
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Jul 29 12
Bera Shadower
Probably a deck of 6 level 200 pallys.. since you guys get the +% damage ability.
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Jul 29 12
Arcania Hero
SS rank card for 3 adventurer/heroes/resistance
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Jul 29 12
Scania Phantom 4
Laguniroth: Probably a deck of 6 level 200 pallys.. since you guys get the +% damage ability.

I thought it had to be all different jobs? :O
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Jul 29 12
Bellocan Paladin
Laguniroth: Probably a deck of 6 level 200 pallys.. since you guys get the +% damage ability.
I thought each deck was 3 cards? It was just that they gave us two different deck slots to use. Do all 6 of the spaces factor in together? o-o
I'd also like to avoid repeating classes. I'll do multiple warrior jobs, but not multiple Paladins.
Jul 29 12
Bera Jett 4
you cant stack same jobs together. So in my case lvl 30 mech + lvl 30 mech.
Anyways on topic:
Evan, Aran, Another hero - Evan and Aran give 70% chance to recover HP n MP
I went Pirate for my second deck
Mech, Jett, Brawler. this is for the PDR and Mechs increase Buff time by some %, Brawler increases damage by 2.
Jul 29 12
Bellocan Paladin
Seems legit, though I was never a fan of the heroes.
I do currently have a Marauder in my deck because I don't have enough of anything to make a full set, so what I was debating was make a Dark Knight, some extra % HP never hurt anyone right? Plus they do seem fun.
Jul 29 12
Bera Blade Master
"ideal character deck" would presume for your whole account as the deck effects all your characters, not just the ones in the deck.

All of the cards pretty much suck. The only good thing is the overall boost.
Probably the best combo is 3 pirates (gives % ignore defense)
And 3 of any other type you have of the same branch (Adventurers / heroes / resistance)
3 Hero classes are a good choice as Aran and Evan both allow you a 70% chance to raise your HP and MP after an attack.
As for the 3rd Hero it doesn't really matter Phantom are avail for creation right now which gives a boost of Meso drop rate (Useless), or there's always Mercedes if you have one already.
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Jul 29 12
Bellocan Paladin
Also one note, the 3 Warrior card bonus says 'HP bonus damage' in percentile benefits.
Is it saying you get a % bonus to HP, and you get some bonus damage? Or is it something entirely different called HP bonus damage that I wouldn't know about?
Jul 29 12
Bera Jett 4
dunno bout the warrior card bonus. My guess its more HP
Ive always been more pirate orientated so...

Mercs would be best, with the cooldown decrease
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