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Jul 31 12
Windia Night Walker 3
This has been occurring alot lately. I play Maplestory alot and I have been playing for a while (about a few years).
So here's the problem... I would get on Maplestory, switching off characters and such, and I would train on monsters for about 30minutes and get bored.
What can I do in MS that is actually amusing? I would play on my main (Lvl.90 NW) then switch off to other characters, doing noting except for roaming around.
It just gets so boring for me.. I try to stay focused and set a goal level for my character, but that doesn't really work out to well.
I actually make new characters alot, then end up never playing on them again. -_-

So, what I am asking is what can I do in MS that is fun and what job is fun and worth trying?

My Characters:
Job - Level (Playing time)
Aran - 43 (Rarley)
NightWalker - 90 (Main)
Priest - 78 (Main)
Mercedes - 51 (Sometimes)
Phantom I - 26 (Frequently (Just Made it))
Jett I - 11 (Made it and never got on it since)

TLDR; I'm bored training in Maplestory, what can I do to make things more fun/addicting?

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Jul 31 12
Scania Luminous 4
Quit. Stop playing this game?

Smh. Young grasshopper, why are you forcing yourself to play this game?
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Jul 31 12
Broa Angelic Buster 4
Maple is actually quite dull without friends.

Case in point, I only have one real life friend that plays with me, and I'm getting very bored (I play on and off too).
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Jul 31 12
Bera Blade Master
same position im just waiting to get addicted to another game.
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Jul 31 12
Windia Kaiser 3
Arans are awesome

Try the new Azwan PQ
Jul 31 12
Windia Night Walker 3
wkyd: Then quit
It's way to addicting to quit. If I did, I would just end up going back on and getting addicted again.
Jul 31 12
Windia Shadower
Get an adventurer and lvl him up till 4th job, If you have "a few years playing" and your main is a cygnus knight lvl 90 you are doing something wrong, man
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Jul 31 12
Chaos Shadower
Training? Amusing? What?
Find friends to do stuff with, talk to during training, or even just talk for no reason with. It is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game
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Jul 31 12
Windia Night Walker 3
Soulloud: Get an adventurer and lvl him up till 4th job, If you have "a few years playing" and your main is a cygnus knight lvl 90 you are doing something wrong, man

I actually had have multiple account getting hacked in the past few years. And this account was made only last Christmas.
Jul 31 12*
Yellonde I/L Arch Mage
You get to a point sometimes that you don't find things as fun as you used to. Hell I know it because I've completely lost my sense of enjoyment from maple. It's really boring without a good group of friends and it's pretty repetitive most of the time. Nowadays in this maple generation it's mainly damage over everything else to the point people penalize or degrade you for lacking in power or it's difficult to progress any further due to the need for damage to kill fast enough. If you still want to find some interesting things to do maybe you should quit training for a while and do the other aspects maple has to offer. Questing, chatting, item collecting, etc. can keep you occupied.
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