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7th BasilVersary Everyday Clues

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Little Introduction to the 7th Basilversary

Hiya everyone! Nice to see you all, both to the old users of Basilmarket and those who just recently joined us. Now to somewhat sum up what the heck this [i]BasilVersary[/i] is all about. Each year Mr.Basil (moderator of this fabulous website) holds an event to commemorate the birth of Basilmarket. For the majority of us we know it's a few games that we play and from it we can earn various prizes!

This year Mr.Basil has begun his event earlier than ever and this is your chance to participate in it! Now most of you are wondering wth am I posting this thread despite there is a main thread (link is below)? Am I just trolling? Am I just looking for attention? Well the answer is none of the above xD! I think for some of the newer members of basilmarket or those who can't seem to find the clues it would be fair for everyone to know of them xD! Therefore I will be posting the clues that Mr.Basil has supplied us with each day.

Summary of what this year's game is about

This year's game is quite similar to the previous one! Pretty much Mr.Basil will give you hints on the little left corner of the BMOS bar whenever you log onto Basilmarket. From these hints and clues that Mr.Basil has provided you, you now must search the website and find what items/page/or even maybe a thread, to successfully obtain the letter for the day. Now this game will go on for 31 days, which means pretty much a month and there will be 31 letters/or symbol and at the end of the game you are to submit what you have learned from the hints that you will see on this page: at the end of the month! For those who successfully get it right will receive wonderful reward(s) that is mentioned on the main thread, which the link is provided at the end of this thread! Now guys go and solve this mystery and try to win xD

How to Play

So I've had some basilers ask me on how do you submit or answer the riddle? Well please read the following closely: To play, you must have an account made one week prior to the event (To protect old basilers like myself from those who are just joining recently just for the Nx). Now secondly all you have to do is to know what the hint is asking you to search for. For example let's say this is the hint: delicious green apple. With this clue then you have to search the website for whatever the ITEM, THREAD, POST, PICTURE, SUB FORUM and ETC and go to that page and then you will successfully know the letter of that day!

Rules before posting anything on this thread and rules I ask you to follow on behalf of Mr.Basi's rules

*NOTE*: Before I start posting the clue supplied to us by Mr.Basil I want you to do the following: Do not ask me for hints for I will not hint the answer, do not pm me for the answer, do not make multiple accounts for it would be rule-break and finally do not share the answer or give hints to everyone else aside from the hints provided by Mr.Basil; that so that it would be fair and everyone would have a fighting chance to win xD

The 7th BasilVersary Everyday Clues

Day 1: Vegetable Chair. Hint: Item
Day 2: A golem that nests. Hint: Monster
Day 3: The name of this skill means 'Black Card'. Hint: Skill
Day 4: A cane with the most pain. Hint: Item
Day 5: Where the best jet-setting pirates hang. Hint: Forum
Day 6: Even the shade has form. Hint: Monster
Day 7: This skill caused all the stars to fall. Hint: Skill
Day 8: A peacemaker it is not. Hint: Item
Day 9: Who is was pink bean? Hint: Monster
Day 10: Talk about the class, not the _ Benz. Hint: Forum
Day 11: The sun rises like a ring. Hint: Item
Day 12: The potential for power in this skill is great. Hint: Skill
Day 13: Because 8 tails was too few. Hint: Monster
Day 14: No one's memory is more impeccable than this. Hint: Skill
Day 15: All of your inner abilities explained. Hint: N/A
Day 16: A ring most almighty. Hint: Item
Day 17: ___dorant. Hint: Monster
Day 18: These strikes are stunning. Hint: Skill
Day 19: It obliterates even the eradicator. Hint: Item
Day 20: This dummy is still a master. Hint: Monster
Day 21: Talk about this pilfering new GMS class. Hint: Forum
Day 22: This skill just adds insult to injury. Hint: Skill
Day 23: Burnt, yet the taste is mellow. Hint: Item
Day 24: Wizard of... Hint: Monster
Day 25: Even demons cry. Hint: Skill
Day 26: Site Talk. Hint: Forum
Day 27: A rose in my pocket. Hint: Item
Day 28: This spore's a bore. Hint: Monster
Day 29: An aim most archaic. Hint: Skill
Day 30: Where all the money-makers talk about money-making. Forum
Day 31: FAQ's, Guides and all. Hint: N/A

View this thread to see what the reward(s) are and for more details:
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@Kiwiigreen: Yea I did, it says click On BMOS clues.. But I see the clue but dnt see where to enter answer -.-[/quote]
Aug 01 2012
@Kyo1135: In this part of the paragraph of the game's description I hope this help:

"From these hints and clues that Mr.Basil has provided you must search the website and find what items/page/or even maybe a thread? To successfully obtain the letter for the day."

@KamikazeDes TBA = To be announced

@LazyLotad: Not really, but some players had no clue until the last day and never managed to win =(
Aug 01 2012
@LazyLotad: Not really, but some players had no clue until the last day and never managed to win =([/quote]

Honestly that sounds like their problem, the point of participating in stuff like this means being a regular user of this website. How do you think it makes us other players feel when we go through the effort to come on here and participate every day when some random basiler can just wait till the last day to see all the info at once.

Also ignoring that, why would you create a thread that people would probably spend more time searching though or attempting to find, when all the exact same information is right the bottom of the web page on the basil tool bar.

All in all what I'm trying to say is your thread really does contribute nothing to this contest except an appeal to stroke your own ego by pretending to help people who you believe are too dumb to look at the bottom of their own web page.
Aug 01 2012
@LazyLotad I won't argue with you about what you think, I just know that last year there were a lot of people who missed out because they weren't familiar with the bar, perhaps this year everyone is more aware of it since it's been highly upgraded! Though some basiler's are using phones and can't see it, so I don't think it's wrong if they just want to know at the time to have a thread that can give them the clue. Not everyone has a computer handy at the moment. If you truly think I'm pretending then let that be your perspective, I will help others as I want to and you can continue to argue for as long as you want. For I don't really care at all what you say for I think I'm helping some that might need help.
Aug 01 2012
@KnightTale: I actually did think of basilers that use their phone, and for that I apologize for disagreeing with you (especially since I use Basil Mobile a lot as well), however now I wonder, even with the help of your thread does the basil app even register confirmation of looking up the clue on separate pages?
For example if I was looking up an item that may or may not hold a clue would the phone register it? Especially since you can not click on specific items on the mobile item finder? (Last time I checked, the Basil Mobile was not capable of clicking on specific items.)

Edit: If you can not find clues through Basil Mobile, then this thread doesn't really help any of it's android users except for informing them that they can look up the info once they reach a computer... which by then they can (just as I said before) find the information in the toolbar down below.
Aug 01 2012
@Seleniiumm: True while I know to some extent that I'd be helping others, but I understand that would put it at a disadvantage for many of us who are always checking and on top of it. I think it's just more fair for first-time users and that it would help increase the traffic to basilmarket, because in the past year at least for me, I've noticed a sharp decline of traffic to the webpage. To me it's a sign that maplestory is slowly declining (which I think it's arguable to say it is). So to me seeing Maplestory go down is a bit disheartening =(. Obviously it still leaves us at a disadvantage, but where's the fun if there's no challenge in getting a chance in winning xD!

@LazyLotad Actually at the end of the mobile version main webpage you can press on the option to revert back to original website, from there you can use pretty much the same functions as using your computer just still without the bim bar unfortunately. Now that I think of it I do agree with you that it would be difficult for players to hunt a specific thread, but if they did comment on it (which I sometimes, do if I feel like the thread maybe useful, which I understand that not all basiler's do I'm just saying "If", they might be able to trace back and simply check it for the clues.
Aug 01 2012
AznRealization Level 151 Khaini Zero Transcendent
I'm actually pretty new to the Basil IM thingy but I don't see the BMOS button thing..
Aug 01 2012
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