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wheres the Bmos button?

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im trying to find the BMOS clue button but i cant seem to find it
Posted: August 2012 Permalink


StealthClaw Level 211 Windia Paladin Memories Guild
It's on the bottom left hand side on the little bar thing.
Here's the clue if you still can't find it:
Day 1: Vegetable chair.

It'll have a little notice on top of the page if you find the right thing.
Aug 01 2012
Username0000000 Level 148 Scania Phantom 4
I still don't see it
Aug 02 2012
Me either. Tried both IE and Firefox.
Aug 02 2012
SleepyHobo Level 91 Scania Mercedes 3
Wrong Section and there's already a thread like this on the front page of some different section. Also theirs guides. Lazy.
Aug 02 2012

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