wheres the Bmos button?

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im trying to find the BMOS clue button but i cant seem to find it
Posted: August


It's on the bottom left hand side on the little bar thing.
Here's the clue if you still can't find it:
Day 1: Vegetable chair.

It'll have a little notice on top of the page if you find the right thing.
StealthClawLevel 211 Windia PaladinMemories Guild
Aug 01 2012
Sort of on topic...
Did you know what a BMO is :o?
Aug 01 2012
I still don't see it
Username0000000Level 148 Scania Phantom 4
Aug 02 2012
Me either. Tried both IE and Firefox.
Aug 02 2012
Wrong Section and there's already a thread like this on the front page of some different section. Also theirs guides. Lazy.
SleepyHoboLevel 91 Scania Mercedes 3
Aug 02 2012

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