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Best Job in Maplestory?

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Thought I'd just open this up to hear others opinions about specific classes/jobs. So, let's get to the point.
What do you guys think is the best job out of every class? EX: Warrior - Demonslayer.

Think about it Damage wise or base it off of this:

A. Bossing
B. Mobbing
C. Damage
D. Party Support
E. Survivability
F. Mobility
G. Fun
H. Reputation
I. Class Playing Style

My Choices:
Bowman - Bow Master
Warrior - Paladin
Thief - Night Walker
Mage - Bishop
Pirate - Mechanic

Now for your guys' opinion.
Posted: August


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You just ripped this from that Warrior thread, didn't you?
Aug 02 2012
Perma beginner.
phamd124PoopHead - Level 20 Scania
Aug 02 2012
My macro doesn't lie, Hero>All
DrDonkersDrDonkers - Level 37
Aug 02 2012
Thief - Phantom
Bowman - Mercedes
Warrior - Kaiser
Mega - Luminous
Pirate - Angelic Burster.

I'm guessing most of these classes fail reputation wise though :C
abilas26fieryice26 - Level 142
Aug 02 2012
Level 200 Heroes in the Tutorials.

Anthoy84Finiture - Level 210
Aug 02 2012
Bowman- Mercedes
Pirate- Jett
Mage- (luminous? does that count) Evan
Warrior- DS
Theif- Phantom
potspans123Dualconnor - Level 77
Aug 02 2012
Have you played Night Walkers? They're pretty bad damage wise.
Aug 02 2012
Level 200 Heroes in the Tutorials.

O Rly? -Plays mercedes tutorial and hits 5k-10ks- Yeah right.
OT: Meh Evan, Luminous
TheWarrior495Drkxd001 - Level 101 Scania
Aug 02 2012
Basing off of my experience with my characters in JMS :

A. Bossing - Hero or Phantom
B. Mobbing - Hayato
C. Damage - Hero or Phantom
D. Party Support - Um... Good question. I don't do support. I guess Bishops, since I have access to a level 200 Bishop.
E. Survivability - Paladin, by far.
F. Mobility - Phantom
G. Fun - Hayato
H. Reputation - No idea.
I. Class Playing Style - Hayato

Again, this is just based off of my own characters. Results my vary.

I don't do Mages or Bowmen, so I didn't do the each class thing. Screw that crap.
ShiKage08Keyakian - Level 138
Aug 02 2012
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