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Link Skills and How to Use Them Efficiently

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TehResisting Level 200 Broa Mechanic 4


[url=]Guide, will be updated, this will not.[/url]

I've seen some basilers come back from a vacation or a long hiatus and wondering whats new. Link Skills can be considered "new" I guess c;

Here's a little guide to what jobs give what skills and some details on how they're useful.


Link skills are skills that special classes have and they get to give a character in the same world and on the same account the skill while keeping it. In order to link it however, you must be level 70 as the job. Cygnus Knights and their Blessing or even Explorers and their blessing are not considered "link skills" as they link to the whole world, not just one char.
Link Skills will have a Level 2 soon (currently in KMS) which adds 1/2 of the skill's stat at Level 120. [10% HP -> 15% HP]

Jobs, Skills and Boosts

*Cannoneer - Link Skill Pirate Blessing: Extra 15 STR/DEX/INT/LUK and 5% HP/MP (25 all stats +10% HP/MP for level 2).

*Mercedes - Link Skill Elven Blessing: Additional 10% EXP, Active Skill: Sends you to Elluel, cooldown 1800 seconds. (15% EXP for level 2).

*Demon Slayer - Link Skill Fury Unleashed: 10% Extra Damage to Bosses. (15% Boss for level 2).

*Jett - Link Skill Core Aura: Adds random stats to STR/DEX/INT/LUK and WATT/MATT (? for level 2).

*Phantom - Link Skill Deadly Instinct: 10% more Critical Rate (15% Crit for level 2).

*Mikhail - Link Skill Guardian of Light: 100% Knockback Resist for 90 seconds. Cooldown 180 seconds. (110 sec duration for level 2).

*Luminous - Link Skill Permeate: 10% PDR (PDR = Physical Defense Reduction or in easier terms: Ignore %Defense of mobs) (15% PDR for level 2).

*Kaiser - Link Skill Iron Will: 10% Extra HP (15% HP for level 2).

*Angelic Burster - Link Skill Soul Contract: Next 10 seconds attacks deal an extra 50% damage. Cooldown 90 seconds. (level 2 for nerfed at bottom)
KMS atm Decreased from 100% to 60% for Angelic Burster, 50% to 30% for linked characters. (90% damage increase 45% dmg link for level 2).

*Demon Avenger - Link Skill Wild Rage: Damage is increased by 5% (DMG 10% for level 2).

*Xenon - Link Skill Hybrid Logic: All of your stats are increased by 5% (All Stat 10% for level 2).

*Striker/TB - Link Skill Cygnus Blessing: Increases your resistance to statuses and elements by 5% (10% for level 2) You can stack this Link Skill up to 5 times. If linked, this skill's effects will be reduced to 2% (5% for level 2).


JapanMS has their Hayato and Kanna.

*Hayato - Link Skill Shippuu Denju -japaneseletters-: +10 STR/DEX/INT/LUK and +5 WATT
*Kanna - Link Skill ?
Decided not to do other Maplestorys because much of basil is GMS and many link skills are similar.

Minor Details for Skills and Jett Core Aura Information

Jett Core Aura
--[i]NX Items[/i]--
Supernova Dust - Change the Core Aura's stats
Condensed Supernova Dust - Change the Core Aura's stats with a bigger chance of better stats
Stellar Cosmic Solidifier - Freeze the Core Aura's stats for 30 days. Can stack up to 365 days and will stop if Core Aura is stat changed via items.
Cosmic Dust Shifter - Rotate the number stats of the Aura clockwise. Changing STR to DEX etc.
--[i]Mob Drop[/i]--
Star Dust - Change Core Aura stats, drops from mobs.

  • Mikhail's skill Guardian of Light will show your Mikhail character above you when the skill is active.
  • Kaiser's skill "Iron Will" can be mistaken with warrior's buff skill.

How to use Links for the Unfunded or just how to use them wisely

(Level 1 skills atm, but level 2 is basically the same, just better dmg or survival)
  • Cannoneer's skill is great if you don't have enough of your secondary stat for equips.
  • Use Mercede's active skill to get to Victoria Island whenever every 1800 Seconds. (Job Advances)?
  • Demon Slayer's Bossing can stack with your weapon and set effect. Good way to get 100% Bossing is 30% from Empress Set and 60% on your weapon.
  • Jett and her Core Aura don't need to be changed every day. 2 of your main stat and weapon att/magic att is an okay boost for unfunded. (Even if its not high)
  • Critical Rate thanks to Phantom will go with your 5% as a beginner. You'll have a high chance of hitting a critical every 10 hits. Good for higher damage.
  • Mikhail's Protection will allow you to stand on a platform to kill mobs without worrying about climbing the rope to get back to your mob.
  • Luminous will help you ignore monster's defense to make you hit more damage. 10% of the monster's defense is subtracted from the defense.
  • Kaiser's health will go together with Cannoneer's for a total of 15% which will let you survive more often on bosses or just in general.
  • Angelic Burster's extra 50% damage on a few attacks may not be much, but you can "glitch" it right now.
  • Demon Avenger's DMG will give you more dmg...
  • Xenon's %stat will give you more of a range and stats just like that
  • Striker will help you survive against seduce etc.

Please Note: Kaiser and Angelic Burster are Novan classes and cannot be linked with skills that aren't Novan.
This means Kaister and Angelic Burster can give you their link skills for your Adventurer/Resistance/Cygnus whatever but Cannoneer/Mercede/DS/Jett/Phantom/Mikhail and Luminous can't link skills to them.
It seems you CAN link skills to them, Nexon didn't copy everything exactly

Go to the guide instead of this thread, won't be checking anymore. Sorry! The guide is more updated.

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lvlOne Level 202 Bera Dark Knight
It might be helpful to add which classes are currently available for the obtaining of link skills and which are not.
Aug 02 2012
Even though I already knew this, great work. It'll definitely help people who are new to these. Also apparently non Novan Link skills can't be used on the Nova classes.
Aug 02 2012
TehResisting Level 200 Broa Mechanic 4
It might be helpful to add which classes are currently available for the obtaining of link skills and which are not.[/quote]

Thanks! Adding now.
Aug 02 2012
Ahah, this is definitely useful.
Nice work.
Aug 02 2012
Ichii Level 200 Windia Phantom 4
So basically you just put them all on whatever character you're using, and read the skills to see what they each do.

Does this really need a guide?
Aug 02 2012
TehResisting Level 200 Broa Mechanic 4
@PiplupStar Meant to add that.. kinda forgot lol hehe. Thanks though will add ^^

@DjFunky Yeah, I'm gonna start doing that later. It's 11:13 PM here.

@Ichii For the new players/players who've come back after a long while. Yes.
Aug 02 2012
FamilyOuting Level 127 Galicia Kaiser 4
Link skills. Just get them all. No questions.
Aug 02 2012
Sengzyy Level 166 Windia Shadower
Stupid question but in order to attain the link skills do the classes have to reach a certain level?
Aug 02 2012
TehResisting Level 200 Broa Mechanic 4
Stupid question but in order to attain the link skills do the classes have to reach a certain level?[/quote]

The classes have the skill when they start, but in order to link it, you must be level 70.
Aug 02 2012
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