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[url=]Part one[/url]
( Brief description ) Im making a mmv dedicated to someone who I will be asking out, if you want to be in it click the "Part One" link, any questions go here.
Notice: This will not be the greatest mmv or the worst, and I will be using Photoshop to make most of the video and Sony vegas to add little things.
The date I expect it to be done around is 8/10, no that does not mean it will be posted on Youtube that day, Any questions?
Btw thanks for everyone whos letting me use their character!
( Alot of questions have been asked in the last post/PMs, so please ask them here )
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bored741258963 Level 43 Scania Wind Archer 2
Idk if this was asked before, and I apologize if it was; but just out of curiosity, which song will you be using?
Aug 02 2012
@bored741258963 Not sure yet, he hasn't answered my question, "what's your favorite song?" I think it's because he said he was about to come back from vacation so he might be on an airplane at the moment.
@fraddBS maple music video.
Aug 02 2012
Not exactly a question but... GL hope he/she likes it and ill ask a question latr when i think of one
Aug 03 2012
Nashi Level 205 Broa Bishop Zettai Guild
Who exactly are you asking out? Does he know Maplestory? Does he play it? Did you meet him there?

How long have you known each other~?
Aug 03 2012
Im asking out one of my maple buddys, I've known him since I started maple (Prob 1-2 years ago, Im a newer player) Yeah he plays/knows it and yes I met him there lol
His friend introduced me to him, since we are both a bit young (We shared facebooks) we haven't met in real life though
Aug 03 2012
Nashi Level 205 Broa Bishop Zettai Guild
@OmgiKillPie: Well ya gonna ask him out for fun or for a serious relationship? Cause I hope you ARE aware that LDR (long distance relationships) and relationships in general aren't fun and games and I know out of first experience (in an LDR myself) that it can be REALLY hard and the more time goes by the worse it is (getting impatient).
It might be really hard on both of you if you have no chance to meet each other anytime soon (let's say 1 or 1.5-2 years from the start of it) and as enjoyable as love is - it's also really painful not having the slightest chance to meet iRL.

I'm hoping you two are both in US (or in general the same country) so it's easier for you

Not trying to demotivate or stop you. I just recently (on 26th july) had my 3 year anniversary with my (now) Fiance who I'll marry next year. We started the relationship when we were 20 and the closer we grew the more we suffered cause of the distance. Not something one should do for fun or half-assed so if you two are so young (or financially limited) that meeting up anytime soon is impossible be prepared > x<""

Besides, ya gonna use a specific song? or will you do it with your voice? Would be cute if you would aska him out with your own voice at the end of the vid, but it's your choice after all.

Good luck to you and both of you if it works out ^.^
Aug 03 2012
WontPostMuch Level 71 Bera Wild Hunter 3
....I'd run the other way if anyone made me an MMV.
Aug 03 2012
angeIkitty31 Level 197 Khaini Aran 4
Good Luck BBG<3
I wanna make a char in zenith to stalk you...
jkjk seems creepy
Aug 03 2012
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