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Training spots for level 150-170?

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MapleAddict47 Level 190 Mardia Night Lord
Are there any training apots for levels 150 to 170 other than crockys at LHC? It's always full and I can never find a party/channel.
Posted: August 2012 Permalink


NecroBlox Level 114 Bera Bishop
Yep. Temple of Time
Aug 04 2012
You can do the quest line for LHC and train at Blood Reindeer or Bearwolves. If you're Lv. 160+, you can try Strong Hold.[/quote]

Stronghold is the area where the knights are. To enter that area you will need to finish a level 170 quest. The areas that you can access at level 165 is the areas where the mushrooms, snails, and birds are.
Aug 04 2012
trix4sta Level 200 Bera Phantom 4
@Dr4gonxLord: I'm sorry, but that is a bit wrong. You can start the quest line at Lv. 165 and enter the Strong Hold, or you can teleport into the Strong Hold via family or Teleport rocks.
Aug 04 2012
ToT and if you have strong party you can make your way to Castle golems or bearwolves. During a single 2x event you can hit 150-160 or gain at least 5 levels.
Aug 04 2012

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