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Gender change? Make it possible?
MapleStory Forums : Fashion Corner : Talk about NX, MS Fashion and names
Aug 05 12
Scania Aran 4
So, well what if u were the opposite of a char u made just for mule reasons, or cause the oposite gender looked cooler, but then u actually started playing, it becomes ur main and well ur always being bashed at by "why the f are u a (insert gender) and u cant answer em. Well what if, what if nexon could add a semi expensive nx item that would enable u to change gender? cause well im a guy who made a aran and i wanted to nx it up, but now it looks like my mom excpet my aran has white hair,
POLL - Gender change? Make it possible?
42% - yes to gender change ability - - 3 / 7
14% - No to gender change ability - - 1 / 7
28% - F3 - - 2 / 7
14% - idk what should go here but i like filling all 4 polls - - 1 / 7
Aug 07 12
Bera Corsair
With most of our avatars looking androgynous as it is, I don't even think there's a need to change genders when you can crossdress just as easily.
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