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ThunderBreaker Guide Post-Revamp

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Thunder Breaker Guide

Contents Section Will be Added Later


Hello all the new Thunder Breakers who aspire to be UA Buccaneers.This is a guide I created along with the help of @Tricks122.

Skill Build

With a variety of new skills added the skill builds have changed drastically.

Thunder Breaker 1

1st Job Skills

[skill=Thunder Breaker 1= Dash]
[skill=Thunder Breaker 1= Lightning]
[skill=Thunder Breaker 1= Somersault Kick]
[skill=Thunder Breaker 1= Shadow Heart]
[skill=Thunder Breaker 1= HP Boost]

1st Job

Level 10 +1 Somersault Kick
Level 11 +2 Dash + 1 Lightning
Level 12 +3 Dash
Level 13 +3 Dash
Level 14 +2 Dash (Max) +1 Quick Motion
Level 15 +3 Quick Motion
Level 16 +3 Quick Motion
Level 17 +3 Quick Motion (Max)
Level 18 +3 Shadow Heart
Level 19 +3 Shadow Heart
Level 20 +3 Shadow Heart
Level 21 +1 Shadow Heart (Max) +2 Somersault Kick
Level 22 +3 Somersault Kick
Level 23 +3 Somersault Kick
Level 24 +2 Somersault Kick +1 Lightning
Level 25 +3 Lightning
Level 26 +3 Lightning
Level 27 +2 Lightning (Max) +1 HP Boost
Level 28 +3 HP Boost
Level 29 +3 HP Boost
Level 30 +3 HP Boost (Max)

Optional: You can max Bullet Time before Somersault Kick for increased mobility

End Results:
Max Lightning
Max Dash
Max Critical Power
Max HP Boost
11Somersault Kick


SSK is first taken as your mob move and then we follow by maxing Dash for mobility purposes and 1 point Lightning for the extra damage boost in the early levels. We then put 11 into SSK in order to mob faster and train faster. Then we max Quick Motion as it increases our mobility even more. Then we get Shadow Heart for more damage and then we finish maxing Lightning. Lastly we put points into HP Boost for more HP.

Thunder Breaker 2

2nd Job skills

[skill=Thunder Breaker 2= Energy Charge]
[skill=Thunder Breaker 2= Energy Blast]
[skill=Thunder Breaker 2= Corkscrew Blow]
[skill=Thunder Breaker 2= Tornado Uppercut]
[skill=Brawler= Physical Training]
[skill=Thunder Breaker 2= Dark Clarity]
[skill=Thunder Breaker 2= Knuckle Mastery]
[skill=Thunder Breaker 2= Knuckle Booster]

2nd Job SP Distribution

Level 30 +1 Corkscrew Blow
Level 31 +1 Tornado Upper, +2 Knuckle Mastery
Level 32 +3 Knuckle Mastery
Level 33 +3 Knuckle Booster
Level 34 +3 Knuckle Booster
Level 35 +3 Knuckle Mastery
Level 36 +3 Knuckle Mastery
Level 37 +3 Knuckle Mastery
Level 38 +3 Knuckle Mastery
Level 39 +3 Knuckle Mastery(Max)
Level 40 +2 Energy Charge +1 Energy Blast
Level 41 +3 Energy Charge
Level 42 +3 Energy Charge
Level 43 +3 Energy Charge
Level 44 +3 Energy Charge
Level 45 +3 Energy Charge
Level 46 +3 Energy Charge (Max)
Level 47 +3 Mental Clarity
Level 48 +3 Mental Clarity
Level 49 +3 Mental Clarity
Level 50 +3 Mental Clarity
Level 51 +3 Mental Clarity
Level 52 +3 Mental Clarity
Level 53 +2 Mental Clarity (Max) +1 Energy Blast
Level 54 +3 Energy Blast
Level 55 +3 Energy Blast
Level 56 +3 Energy Blast
Level 57 +3 Energy Blast
Level 58 +3 Energy Blast
Level 59 +3 Energy Blast (Max)
Level 60 +3 Corkscrew Blow
Level 61 +3 Corkscrew Blow
Level 62 +3 Corkscrew Blow (Max)
Level 63 +3 Physical Training
Level 64 +3 Physical Training
Level 65 +3 Physical Training
Level 66 +1 Physical Training (Max) +2 Knuckle Booster
Level 67 +3 Knuckle Booster
Level 68 +3 Knuckle Booster
Level 69 +3 Knuckle Booster
Level 70 +3 Knuckle Booster (Max)

Max Mastery
Max Booster
Max Pirate Training
Max Mental Clarity
Max Energy Charge
Max Energy Blast
1 Tornado Upper

We take 1 point intoCSB and TU in order to be better at mobbing. We get 5 points in mastery for the prequest for the 1 minute booster. Then we take 1 point in Energy Blast and max Energy Charge. We then max Dark Clarity followed by Energy Blast in order to maximize our damage. Finally we put the remaining points into CSB and Physical Training to get more damage and more Dex. We max out booster so we can cast it less.
Optional Choice #1: You can max either CSB or Physical Training earlier for more damage and the ability to wear more equips
Optional Choice #2: You can max Booster earlier in order to cast it less.
Note: You will delay your damage by taking either of these route.

Thunder Breaker 2

3rd Job

[skill=Thunder Breaker 3= Spark]
[skill=Thunder Breaker 3= Shark Wave]
[skill=Thunder Breaker 3= Buccaneer Blast]
[skill=Thunder Breaker 3= Precision Strikes]
[skill=Thunder Breaker 3= Landlubber Blast]
[skill=Thunder Breaker 3= Opportunistic Fighter]
[skill=Thunder Breaker 3= Octopunch] Note: Skill Quest at Level 90
[skill=Thunder Breaker 3= Speed Infusion] Note: Skill Quest at Level 100
[skill=Thunder Breaker 3= Roll of the Dice] Note: Skill Quest at Level 110

Level 70 +1 Sharkwave
Level 71 +1 Precision Strikes +1 Buccaneer Blast +1 Opportunistic Fighter
Level 72 +1 Landlubber Blast +2 Buccaneer Blast
Level 73 +3 Buccaneer Blast
Level 74 +3 Buccaneer Blast
Level 75 +3 Buccaneer Blast
Level 76 +3 Buccaneer Blast
Level 77 +3 Buccaneer Blast
Level 78 +2 Buccaneer Blast (Max) +1 Precision Strikes
Level 79 +3 Precision Strikes
Level 80 +3 Precision Strikes
Level 81 +3 Precision Strikes
Level 82 +3 Precision Strikes
Level 83 +3 Precision Strikes
Level 84 +2 Precision Strikes
Level 85 +1 Precision Strikes (Max) +2 Opportunistic Fighter
Level 86 +3 Opportunistic Fighter
Level 87 +3 Opportunistic Fighter
Level 88 +3 Opportunistic Fighter
Level 89 +3 Opportunistic Fighter
Level 90 +2 Opportunistic Fighter +1 Octopunch (Complete Skill Quest)
Level 91 +3 Opportunistic Fighter (Max)
Level 92 +3 Sparks
Level 93 +3 Sparks
Level 94 +3 Sparks
Level 95 +1 Sparks (Max) +2 Sharkwave or Landlubber Blast (Choose 1 to Max First)
Level 96 +3 Sharkwave or Landlubber Blast (Choose 1 to Max First)
Level 97 +3 Sharkwave or Landlubber Blast (Choose 1 to Max First)
Level 98 +3 Sharkwave or Landlubber Blast (Choose 1 to Max First)
Level 99 +3 Sharkwave or Landlubber Blast (Choose 1 to Max First)
Level 100 +1 Speed Infusion +2 Sharkwave or Landlubber Blast (Choose 1 to Max First)
Level 101 +3 Sharkwave or Landlubber Blast (Choose 1 to Max First)
Level 102 +3 Sharkwave or Landlubber Blast (Choose 1 to Max First)
Level 103 +3 Sharkwave or Landlubber Blast (Choose 1 to Max First)
Level 104 +3 Sharkwave or Landlubber Blast (Choose 1 to Max First)
Level 105 +3 Sharkwave or Landlubber Blast (Choose 1 to Max First)
Level 106 +3 Sharkwave or Landlubber Blast (Choose 1 to Max First)
Level 107 +3 Sharkwave or Landlubber Blast (Choose 1 to Max First)
Level 108 +3 Sharkwave or Landlubber Blast (Choose 1 to Max First)
Level 109 +3 Sharkwave or Landlubber Blast (Choose 1 to Max First)
Level 110 +1 Roll of the Dice (Max) +2 Sharkwave or Landlubber Blast (Choose 1 to Max First)
Level 111 +1 Sharkwave or Landlubber Blast (Choose 1 to Max First) +2 Octopunch
Level 112 +3 Octopunch
Level 113 +3 Octopunch
Level 114 +3 Octopunch
Level 115 +3 Octopunch
Level 116 +3 Octopunch
Level 117 +2 Octopunch (Max)
Level 118 +3 Speed Infusion
Level 119 +3 Speed Infusion
Level 120 +3 Speed Infusion

Max Opportunistic Fighter
Max Sparks
Max Sharkwave
Max Buccaneer Blast
Max Precision Strikes
10 Speed Infusion
Max Landlubber Blast


We first get first pointers in our main skills to increase our critical ability drastically and have a new mobility to be able to shoot Lasers. We max Laser and Critical Rage next in order to maximize our damage. We then max Stun mastery to increase our stun rate and our critical rate to 100% on stunned monsters. We max sparks to charge up slightly faster. We then max Sharkwave in order to do more damage without charge. We then max Octopunch and then put our first point into SI at 110 for faster attack speed. We max SI followed either maxing TU or Blast depending on which you choose to max in 2nd job. The rest of the points go into shockwave and lightning.

AP Build

The Goal for all ThunderBreakers is to be able to equip the King Cent. It is the best weapon to get because it easily acquired and has the highest base attack.

Low Dex: Dex Cap is 30. Add in 30 Dex for Pirate Training and you will need 40 dex to equip King Cent. Easy Equips to obtain which will result in faster leveling.

Equips for Low Dex:
Pirate Training +30 Dex (Total: 60 Dex)
Crocell hat/Zhelm/Scar, +13 (Total: 73 Dex)
Dex Ring III +3 Dex & Dex Ring IV +4 Dex (Total: 80 Dex)
Zombie Ring(Replacing Dex Rings/Zombie Rings with better rings if you have them, such as Evolving rings, is adviced) +2 Dex (Total: 82 Dex)
100% the highest level Pirate overall for Dex(Costs 30k/scroll from the scroll seller in Kerning Swamp) +10 Dex (Total: 92 Dex)
Afraid of The Dark +7 Dex (Total: 99 Dex)
Crusader Codex, +1~+5 fairly easily(We'll assume +3 Dex) (Total: 102 Dex)

Dexless: If you want to benefit from the being Dexless and have an extra 30 SP into Str. Might take slightly longer to get Dex Equips which will result in slower leveling.

Equips for Dexless:
Pirate Training +30 Dex (Total: 30 Dex
Crocell hat/Zhelm/Scar, +13 (Total: 43 Dex)
Dex Ring III +3 Dex & Dex Ring IV +4 Dex (Total: 50 Dex)
100% the highest level Pirate overall for Dex(Costs 30k/scroll from the scroll seller in Kerning Swamp) +10 Dex (Total: 60 Dex)
Afraid of The Dark +7 Dex (Total: 67 Dex)
Crusader Codex, +1~+5 fairly easily(We'll assume +3 Dex) (Total: 70 Dex)
Level 100 Dex Belt, +7(Total: 77 Dex)
Romeo and Juliet Pendant/Deputy Star/Mark of Naricain, +5(Total: 82 Dex)
Evo Ring III lvl 10 & Evo Ring II lvl 15 or higher, +15 Dex(Total: 97 Dex)
Crusader Shoulder Pad +1 Dex (Total: 98 Dex)
Shiny Pirate Face Accessory, +2 Dex(Total: 100 Dex)

Credits go to @Tricks122 for this list of Equips

iFrames and Important Notes

Somersault Kick is your fastest attack skill and does more DPM in comparison to Tornado Upper
Tornado Upper at max level is weaker than level 1 Energy Blast
Sharks is only slightly better than SSK or TU at Max Level (SSK has less iFrames than TU)
SSK and TU have the best iFrames so use them wisely
Sharkwave's range is the sole reason it will become your secondary mobbing skill.

Training Guide

Levels 1-10

Cygnus Quests

Explanation: Only way to get to level 10

Levels 10-20

[url=]Cool Jellyfish[/url]
[url=]Stone Golems[/url]

Explanation: These 2 places will get you to 20 within 20 minutes

Levels 20-30

[url=]Flaming Mixed Golem[/url]

Explanation: This spot is amazing exp.

Level 30-40

[url=]Mushroom Kingdom Quests[/url]

Explanation: Fast and will take at 30-60 minutes

Levels 40-50

[url=]Muddy Banks 1[/url]

[b[Explanation**: This level range is the slowest and I got to Level 50 at Muddy Banks within 90 minutes. The others are good spots but very crowded.

Levels 50-70

[url=]Ludibrium PQ[/url]
[url=]Nett's Pyramid PQ[/url]
[url=]Sand Rats[/url]
[url=]Triple Rumos[/url]

Explanation: Both PQ's give great exp and Jesters is staple training ground but is crowded many times. Good Places to go also are Sand Rats for 50-60 and Triple Rumos 60-70.

Levels 70-120

[url=]Ludibrium PQ[/url] : Levels 70-80
[url=]Romeo and Juliet PQ[/url] : Levels 70-120
[url=]Nett's Pyramid PQ[/url] : Levels 70-120
MP3 : Levels 70-90
Aliens : Levels 90-120
[url=] Captains and Krus[/url] : Levels 100-105
[url=]Ghost Pirates[/url] : Levels 105-110
[url=]Dual Ghost Pirates[/url] : Levels 110-114
[url=]Spirit Vikings[/url] : Levels 115-117
[url=]Giga Spirit Vikings[/url] : Levels 117-120
[url=]LHC: Crockies[/url] : Levels 110-120


Explanation: Added Later
For your journey beyond your ThunderBreaker go to these Forums:
If you Thunderbreakers are aspiring to become UA Buccaneers, then follow this guide by @Tricks122[url=]POST-Revamp Buccaneer Guide [/url]

Happy Mapling!
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Nice guide dude!, The equips section is amazing, Thanks for tips!

any other spots from 50-60? Or 50-55, jesters at 50 is, ehhh, and btw,

What about weapons?
Aug 07 2012
More Updates are coming.
As for weapons basically King Cent or White Fangs is ideally the best weapon to get. 90-100atk for a TB is perfectly fine. But for lower levels you can get your hands on a King Pepe weapon and use King pepe scrolls or just craft a knuckle and 100% it simply because you level fast enough and Energy Blast in 2nd job is highest damaging spell at level 1. So your damage is fine with cheaply scrolled weapon.
Training at 50-60 is a pain but if you max out Ludi PQ you get to 55 and if you train a bit at Jesters you can get a few levels without being bored. You can also try the silent crusade quests as they give great EXP
Aug 08 2012
voyance Level 100 Windia Mercedes 3
This may not apply for TBs but I find Nett's pyramid give LOTs of EXP in the 100s. In addition, I get at least 600k per run at Romeo/Juliet PQ and that doesn't seem to include the stuff I kill. The 600k xp equates to ~20% @ lv107
Aug 08 2012
wallnuts Level 176 Windia Cannoneer 4
Apparently king pepe gives 0 exp now. No grinding there anymore
Aug 08 2012
Is it me or you forgot to add lucky dice on the 3rd job skills?
Aug 08 2012
wallnuts Level 176 Windia Cannoneer 4
Would it be a bad move to leave ssk at 11 and max sprite? Seems better in the long run (and i just like sprite, and it doesnt hit monsters you didnt hit)
Aug 08 2012
Im confused about the skill build for the 3rd job. I only have spark, shark wave, buccaneer blast, precision strikes, opportunistic fighter, and landlubber blast as the skills. Which should i be maxing first?
Aug 08 2012
The renames I have to put them in tmrw. I am typing on my phone so i can't edit.
The 3rd job skill build u get skills such as Roll of Dice , Octopunch and SI at certain levels. U get SI at 110, I think octopunch at 90.Not sure about roll of the dice.
Skill renames : energy Laser > Bucc Blast
Stun mastery > Opportunistic fighter
critical rage > precision strikes
shockwave > landlubber blast

The renames are posted above and just follow the guide
Max Bucc Blast first but make sure to put the 1 pointers in first.

@wallnutts SSK outdamages TU for most of 2nd job. So SSK is needed. TU is better for the long range attack it offers and it's platform jumping ability. So you use both skills to charge up for energy blast. Lightning does seem useful but it 's procs are after you attack and there is like 2 or 3 cd on it. It may also pull unwanted aggro. I maxed on myTB before revamp it was a useless skill to max

I left it out because I don't know what level the quest for it is. Nor do i know when the octopunch quest is. if you guys figure the quests please respond and I will update the guide.
Aug 09 2012
Retinom Level 104 Broa Page
Just pointing out minor details like how you missed Bullet time and Octopunch in 1st/3rd job end results.

Awesome guide btw!
Aug 09 2012
wallnuts Level 176 Windia Cannoneer 4
The patch notes say that octopunch is at lvl 90. On my old tb, dice was at lvl 110.
Aug 09 2012
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