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Nlc Mayor of Disaster Glitch

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I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, mainly because I'm not sure if there's even a widespread issue with it, but I'm completely stuck on this quest... literally... I can't get out.

I started it, went to the first area, and when the cutscene starts, I walk all the way >>> and stand there, unable to do anything.

I exited the game, restarted, and I'm back where I left off.

Has this happened to anyone else? Fixes?
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Ok, when you're inside the chamber/prison thing and click on the guard, choose the option where he is seeming sorry and wants to leave. Choose that option and then he will send you right back to NLC!
You're welcome,
Have a nice day![/quote]

I'm not thanking you for giving me the answer to a problem I don't have.
Aug 06 2012
ninja2997 Level 112 Windia Jett 3
Die please.[/quote]

O_o. really?
and I dunno, but like is it the scene where the aliens fail and get hacked and you destroy things, or is it the scene where your in the robot killing things and being chased?
I don't get it
Aug 06 2012
New Screen: Has this happened to you?
ninja2997 Level 112 Windia Jett 3
Die please.[/quote]
and describe the scene please.
Aug 06 2012
Noobished Level 142 Zenith Blade Master
Hmm well this is a new one. They jus keep comin dont they
Aug 06 2012
rashoodyBM Level 172 Scania Battle Mage 4
Try saying which quest it was or what cutscene it is. You don't give enough detail, there are plenty of cutscenes.
Aug 06 2012
ninja2997 Level 112 Windia Jett 3
and describe the scene please.[/quote]
Yeah, but my internet got funny, and then it thought I posted it twice and the basil page lagged out.
Aug 06 2012
"went to the first area" ...

Let me try again:

I started the quest today on one of my newer characters. After starting, he asks you to check out the alien site with that piece of equipment, which simply requires you to enter the portal and make it through the cutscene.

Well, the cutscene is glitched, and instead of walking part way through the map and completing the quest, I walk the entire distance of the map and stand there doing nothing. I can't really do much now on other characters, because I use transferred rings, belts, etc for my range.

I'll probably be stuck here until the next maintenance.
Aug 06 2012
How long did it take for it to get fixed?
Aug 06 2012
whatsgoood Level 172 Scania Blade Master
This happened to me awhile ago, and there is a fix, but I can't remember what I did. I'm trying to remember right now, but just know that there is a fix. Keep trying things, even things that might not make perfect sense. Man I wish I could remember. If I do, I'll PM you.
Aug 06 2012
I'm having the same problem on my Evan
Aug 15 2012

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