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Full Dual Blade Post Revamp Guide

Dual Blade Forum Talk about Dual Blade

UAPaladin Level 210 Windia Night Walker 4
This guide is designed for funded players, but if you're not funded, the only major thing that you may have to change will be the AP section of this guide, and also maybe the training areas.

Should I choose a Dual Blade?

I find that Dual Blades are extremely fun characters. You get to fly through mobs, hit many times, and after the revamp, they'll also hit pretty good damage. Because of their attacking skills, they're extremely mobile, and they also have flash jump. Their downfall is that they have really low HP, so if you can, you should try to buy HB pants, but they do have quite high avoidability though. Another big issue with this class si that require a lot of funds to be as good as some other classes, so I mean no offense to you poor maplers out there, but if you don't have much funds, there's not much of a point to making this class [i]unless[/i] you really like their playstyle, then, even if you don't have much funds, by all means make one. It's just that I personally and lots of other people have fun playing classes that hit very high damage, but I also love Dual Blade's playstyle, so it's a win-win situation for me. But then again, if you make one without much funding, just realize that it will probably be under average. For DB's there's also NX mastery books for them, which can be either a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at it. The good thing is that give you an extra skill point to the skill that you use them for, and the bad thing is that they, obviously, require NX. There's also non-NX mastery books for DBs that don't give you the extra point. If you're not totally convinced you want to make a DB because I didn't manage to convince you well enough, now would be a great time to try them out. There's a ton of events where you get free stuff, so it's easier to level, and you need less funds at those levels. One of these free things are free mastery (the non NX ones though, so no extra skill point). Also, with a new DB, at your job advancements you get free masks, they're time limited though, except for the last one, which is w.att 3 and all stats 4, it's better than a clean reverse DB mask, but unfortunately it's unpotable, unlike the reverse DB mask.

AP Guide

You want to get your Dex to 170 by level 140 so you can wear the empress thief equips. Because of this, even if you're extremely unfunded, you cap your Dex around 60-80, there's absolutely no need to go above this. For funded players, you shouldn't put anything into it, just leave it at 25, or if you can get a hold on an AP reset, you can make it 4. Going dexless is what I'm going to attempt to do, and how I'll do it and still be able to wear my empress equips will be explained in the next section.

How to Raise Your Dex

Do you need just a little more (or even a lot more would be fine) dex to wear your empress equips? Raising your dex is quite simple actually. Just buy some cheap clean equips with some +Dex, use accessory crafting to craft a belt with +dex, and if you got lucky enough and tried often enough you could get some +dex potential. You can do this with earrings too and other equips too. Get a cannoneer to 70 and you get +15 all stats from the link skill. Jett's link skill also has +stats, though it won't be as much as the cannoneer's probably. A major thing to get, if you get a good enough one of these, you can skip the +dex equips, is a +Dex potion. The +20 dex ones are cheap, but i find them to be more rare than the +40 ones. The +40 dex ones are relatively cheap, and it gives you a lot of extra dex, and there's also a potion that gives even +70 dex, though this will be a lot harder to find and a lot more expensive. There's also some other potions, like blessing potions that can raise your dex, but those are usually more expensive, so I probably wouldn't advise getting one. There's one final thing to raise your dex if you have to; find a cannoneer and have him/her use monkey magic, and combined with all of these other things, you should be able to easily equip your empress or other high dex equips.

How to Raise your HP

As I stated before, HP is a huge issue with DB's, their HP is notoriously low. A couple of good ways to raise this would be the Cannoneer link skill (highly advised for the +15 all stats too), which is +5% HP, there's also a chaos zakum helmet, which gives +10% HP, the 3 piece empress set, which gives +15% HP, any of the Rex's earrings give +10% HP, lots of kataras give like +300-400 HP, the bounty hunter badge gives +200 HP, the Neo City Time Traveler medal gives +400 HP, the Raven Horn Chaser Hat gives +300 HP, Raven Horn Chaser Gloves give +350 HP, 3 level 70s character card set effect gives you +500 HP and 3 level 120s give you +700 HP, Decent Hyper Body, and there's plenty of other things that will give you extra HP.

Equips Guide

The medal is the same in all of these, I would recommend the Neo City Time Traveler medal. Also, feel free to put any good nebulites on these equips if you want.
Low Funded
Android: N/A
Badge: Bounty Hunter Badge if possible, if not then just Spieglemann's Badge
Belt: 2-4% luk
Bottom: Just some clean equip
Cape: 3% luk
Crusader Codex Set: Crusader Set/Hoblin PQ set: 1% all stats, 15% PDR
Dagger: 120 attack
Earrings: 6% luk
Eyes: Anything you can get your hands on, like Kenta's Goggles
Face: Spieglemann's Mustache, or if there's an event item, get that, like the DB mask
Glove: 6-8att
Hat: See if you can get your guild to take you on a zakum run to get the helmet (and some skillbooks if you need them), or there's going to be a hot time event that will get you a good DB hat, or you could get whatever the highest +luk item you can find.
Heart: N/A
Katara: 60att
Overall: N/A
Pendant: Romeo and Juliet Pendant, MoN if you do CWKPQ, or if you can find a cheap 3% luk pendant, that'd be good too.
Rings: Any rings with +luk or att
Shoes: 4% luk
Shoulder: Whatever you can get your hands on
Top: 3% luk

Medium Funded
Android: You shouldn't waste money on one of these with only mid-funds
Badge: Bounty Hunter/Spieglemann's
Belt: 4-6% luk
Bottom: 3% luk or an overall
Cape: 3% luk
Crusader Codex Set: Hoblin PQ/Crusader set or Dead Mine Set (2% att)
Dagger: 140att+
Earrings: 9-12%
Eyes: Maybe a 4% white raccoon mask if you can afford it
Face: whatever you can find, like the DB mask from the event
Glove: 10-12 att
Hat: Clean empress hat, or maybe up to 4 att
Heart: 3-6 att, but remember, they only last for 2 weeks
Katara: 60-70 att with some useful potential
Overall: Clean empress overall or top and bottom
Pendant: HTP if you can with 3-6% luk, MoN, or any 6%+ luk pendant
Rings: 3 evo rings, ABR
Shoes: 6% luk or empress shoes
Shoulder: Any one with weapon attack and +stats, so pretty much any shoulder
Top: 3-6% luk or an overall

High Funds
Android: Feel free to waste some money on one if you want, but all your equips are more important than an android.
Badge: Bounty Hunter/Spieglemann's
Belt: 6-10% luk and maybe some w.att
Bottom: Preferably an overall, but 6-9% luk
Cape: Empress cape, at the very least 6 att and 6% luk+
Crusader Codex Set: Hoblin PQ/Crusader Set, or Dead Mine set, or Leafre set (15% PDR, +1 all skill levels)
Dagger: Preferably empress dagger, or any with at the least 160att and try for some bossing pot
Earrings: 12-18% luk
Eyes: 10% luk+
Face: The DB event mask, or a Reverse DB Mask if you have enough NX to gach for it
Glove: 32att empress glove preferably, and %luk too, if you can
Hat: 8att+ empress hat
Heart: 6att, but remember that they only last for 2 weeks
Katara: at least 80 att, and some % bossing if possible
Overall: at least 6 att, with 9% luk+
Pendant: HTP 6% luk+, MoN, or a rising sun pendant with some w.att and like 3-6% luk+
Rings: all evo rings and DABR
Shoes: VSS at least 9att and 6% luk+, or if you have all of the other pieces of the set, get empress shoes with 6+ att and 9% luk+
Shoulder: The 5att 9 luk one, or the 6att 10 luk one, or you could wait until an event came out with a potable shoulder and get it to 6% luk+
Top: Preferably empress overall so you can get the set effects, but 6-9% luk+

Godly Funds
I'm not going to put anything down for this, because if you have enough money to be godly, you really should know what to do with your money

Skill Combos

Everybody by now should know what skill combos are, but I'll explain them regardless. So one of the things that make DBs so fun and unique (or at least until Mercedes came out, but they still don't do it as well as DBs) is their skill combos. They allow you to basically fly across whole maps, have great mobbing, and hit great damage. If you get certain skills to certain levels, you can combo them. For Flying Assaulter, you need to get it to level 10 to combo it, and level 15 (max level) for Tornado Spin, and level 10 for Bloody Storm. Also, you don't need to get it to a certain level, but people stick Upper Stab in with the combos for some extra damage.
FATSUS=Flying Assaulter+Tornado Spin+Upper Stab
FABSUS=Flying Assaulter+Bloody Stab+Upper Stab
FATSBS=Flying Assaulter+Tornado Spin+Bloody Stab (some people add Upper Stab onto the end of this)
These three are the main ones, but you can combine these skills basically however you like to help with your training. Just make sure that Flying Assaulter comes first.

Which Potions to Use

x3Ren: Most of the Potions here can be bought at NLC (New Leaf City), I suggest having a mule at NLC to buy your pots there. Trust me, if you plan to boss or train somewhere very far, this will be very helpful.


HP: Certain Amount of HP - Amount of HP (Which HP potion to use: How much it heals)
MP: Certain Amount of MP - Amount of MP (Which MP potion to use: How much it heals)

Real Deal:

HP: 300 ~ 1200 (Use White Potions: heals 300 HP)
MP: 300 ~ 1200 (Use Mana Elixirs: heals 300 MP)

HP: 1500 ~ 2500 (Use Unagi: heals 1000 HP)
MP: 1500 ~ 2500 (Use Sorcerers Elixirs: heals Heals 1500 MP)

HP: 2500 ~ 3900 (Use Barbarian Elixirs: heals 1500 of your HP)
MP: 2500 ~ 3900 (Continue using Sorcerers Elixirs)

HP: 4000 ~ 5000 (Use Soda Pop: heals 2000 of your HP or continue using Barbarian Elixirs)
MP: 4000 and 5000 (Continue using Sorcerers Elixirs)

HP: 5000 ~ XXXX (Use Hornsters: heals 60% of your HP)
MP: 5000 ~ XXXX (Use Mana Bulls: heals 60% of your MP)

Tips: Although it classify the amount of hp you have and what pots to use. If you feel like it, use even potions that heals less to save money. The pots I put up there are basically helping players train easier without having to spam Hp/Mp pots and to use meso wisely without spending too much buying the wrong pots. The only time I believe you shoulder use Ginger Ales are for bosses with 1/1 moves and such but that's me.

Try healing only two times, don't heal till you have full HP unless the monster hits very low then just heal once especially when dealing with % pots. However, when using 60%, be sure your computer is not the laggy type cause if you do lag, just heal till you're healed or you'll die. Using 60% is for when you get hit once, so you can use your pots more effectively. If you spam heal when you don't need it, you'll use more meso and waste more training time. Why 60%? They always heal 60% of your hp. If you have 10k HP, you'll heal 6k of your HP.

##Skill Guide
I'm going to be treating this skill guide as if you didn't buy the NX mastery books that give you the extra SP, but you did get mastery books, like the free ones they're handing out with this event. You may want to consider buying them though, because they are very helpful. I personally am not buying them because of the free skill books they're handing out.

  • = A Mastery book is required to bring this skill past a certain level
# = A Skill Book is required to learn this skill

Thief (10-20) 1st

Side Step: Passively increase your base avoid. Max level (10): 15% avoid

Bandit Slash: Quickly slash up to 3 enemies in front of you. Max level (10): hits 1 time, 330% damage, 3 mobs)

Flash Jump: Use while in the middle of a jump to jump even further. The jumping distance increases as the skill level increases. Max level (10)

Dark Sight: Hides in the shadows for a certain period of time. With Dark Sight activated, you can neither attack nor be attacked. Max level (10): Invisible for 200 seconds, Movement Speed: -0

10: Flash Jump 1 (1)
11: Side Step 3 (3)
12: Side Step 3 (6)
13: Side Step 3 (9)
14: Side Step 1 (MAX), Dark Sight 2 (2)
15: Dark Sight 3 (5)
16: Save SP 3 (3)
17: Save SP 3 (6)
18: Save SP 3 (9)
19: Save SP 3 (12)
20: Save SP 3 (15)

Side Step-MAX
Flash Jump-1
Dark Sight-5
Save SP-15
Bandit Slash-0

You can get through these 10 levels just using the normal attacking move, so I chose to put that point into Flash Jump instead of Sharp Slash for mobility. If however, you are having a tough time getting through those levels without a mobbing move, you can take a point from Dark Sight and put it into Sharp Slash, though you'll have to change up a couple of other minor things in this guide. I then maxed Side Step, because it has to be maxed to put points in Karma (+20 w.att). You are able to max both Flash Jump and Dark Sight later on. Then, you need to save 15 SP points so you can max everything in the next job because they're all very important skills.

Blade Recruit (20-30) 1st+

Self Haste: Temporarily increases Movement Speed and Jump. Max level (10): 40 speed, 23 jump for 200 seconds, passive +20 speed

Tornado Spin: Quickly dashes forward with a spinning attack to deal damage to multiple enemies. Lv. 15 effect: Can be used with Lv. 10 or higher Flying Assaulter. Max level (15): 380% damage, hits 1 time, 6 mobs

Katara Mastery: Increases the weapon mastery and accuracy of daggers and kataras. Max level (20): Dagger and Katara Mastery: +50%, Accuracy: +120

20: Tornado Spin 15 (MAX)
21: Katara Mastery 3 (3)
22: Katara Mastery 3 (6)
23: Katara Mastery 3 (9)
24: Katara Mastery 3 (12)
25: Katara Mastery 3 (15)
26: Katara Mastery 3 (18)
27: Katara Mastery 2 (MAX), Self Haste 1(1)
28: Self Haste 3 (4)
29: Self Haste 3 (7)
30: Self Haste (MAX)

Tornado Spin-MAX
Katara Mastery-MAX
Self Haste-MAX

This is pretty simple, you just use the points that you saved to max Tornado Spin so you can use FA+TS later on. Then, you max Katara Mastery so you can have more stable damage. And last, you max Self Haste, so you can put points into the skill Flying Assaulter.

Blade Acolyte (30-55) 2nd

Katara Booster: Doubles the attack speed of your weapon. Must have a Katara equipped. Max level (20): Doubles attack speed for 200 seconds

Fatal Blow: Deals very quick consecutive attacks to a monster. Max level (20): 94% damage, hits 8 times, 1 mob

  • Slash Storm: Moves you forward while attacking multiple enemies. Max level (20): 190% damage, hits 3 times, 6 mobs

Physical Training: Improves LUK and DEX permanently through physical training. Max Level (10): LUK +30, DEX +30

Channel Karma: Maximizes weapon attack power. Max Level (20): MP Cost: 22, Weapon ATT: +30 for 180 seconds

30: Slash Storm 1 (1)
31: Fatal Blow 2 (2), Katara Booster 1 (1)
32: Katara Booster 3 (4)
33: Katara Booster 3 (7)
34: Katara Booster 3 (MAX)
35: Channel Karma 3 (3)
36: Channel Karma 3 (6)
37: Channel Karma 3 (9)
38: Channel Karma 3 (12)
39: Channel Karma 3 (15)
40: Channel Karma 3 (18)
41: Channel Karma 2 (MAX), Physical Training 1 (1)
42: Physical Training 3 (4)
43: Physical Training 3 (7)
44: Physical Training 3 (MAX)
45: Slash Storm 3 (4)
46: Slash Storm 3 (7)
47: Slash Storm 3 (10)
48: Slash Storm 3 (13)
49: Slash Storm 3 (16)
50: Slash Storm 3 (19)
51: Slash Storm 1 (MAX), Dark Sight 2 (7)
52: Dark Sight 3 (MAX)
53: Flash Jump 3 (4)
54: Flash Jump 3 (7)
55: Flash Jump 3 (MAX)

Katara Booster-MAX
Channel Karma-MAX
Physical Training-MAX
Slash Storm-MAX
Dark Sight-MAX
Flash Jump-MAX
Fatal Blow-2

First you put a point into Slash Storm for better mobbing, and then a point into Fatal Blow so you can take down King Pepe easier, or any boss that you do at those levels. You then max Katara Booster for the faster attacking speed. After that, you max Channel Karma for the +20 w.att, and then Physical Training for the extra Dex and Luk. You then max out Slash Storm. You finally get to max out Dark Sight so you can put some points into Advanced Dark Sight later on, which is a great DPS booster, and Flash Jump for the extra mobility now.

Blade Specialist (55-70) 2nd+

  • Flying Assaulter: You descend diagonally from the air, slashing enemies within a certain range, with a chance to stun them. To use the skill, you must have at least 120% Jump. Lv.10 effect: Lv.20 Tornado Spin can be used with Lv.10 Bloody Storm. Max Level (20): 165% Damage, hits 4 times, 20% chance to stun for 6 seconds, 8 mobs.

Flash Bang: Throws a flashbang to temporarily blind multiple monsters, with a chance to decrease Accuracy. Also works on boss monsters at half the duration. Max Level (5): 250% Damage, hits 1 time, 90% blind chance, -20% accuracy for 50 seconds, 60 second cooldown

Upper Stab: Launches multiple enemies into the air. You can deal additional damage by attacking the enemies in the air. Max Level (20): 300% Damage, hits 1 time, 80% bonus damage to airborne enemies, 8 mobs.

Venom: Poison is permanently applied to your dagger, giving all your attacks the chance to Poison enemies. The Poison is not stackable, and the enemy's HP cannot drop below 1. Max Level (20): 30% Poison Chance, 90% damage every 1 second for 6 seconds

56: Flying Assaulter 2 (2), Upper Stab 1 (1)
57: Venom 3 (3)
58: Venom 3 (6)
59: Venom 3 (9)
60: Venom 3 (12)
61: Venom 3 (15)
62: Venom 3 (18)
63: Venom 2 (MAX), Flying Assaulter 1 (3)
64: Flying Assaulter 3 (6)
65: Flying Assaulter 3 (9)
66: Flying Assaulter 3 (12)
67: Flying Assaulter 3 (15)
68: Flying Assaulter 3 (18)
69: Flying Assaulter 2 (MAX), Flash Bang 1 (1)
70: Flash Bang 3 (4)

Flying Assaulter-MAX
Flash Bang-4
Upper Stab-1

First you put 2 points into Flying Assaulter for mobbing and Upper Stab to play around with. Then you max Venom for better DPS, and then max Flying Assaulter (FATSUS at level 10 FA). Then we put the rest of our points into Flash Bang.

Blade Lord (70-120) 3rd

  • Shadow Meld: Has a chance to avoid the enemy's attack and let you hit only critical hits for a number of attacks 1 second after. Max Level (20): Dodge Chance +30%, if you successfully dodge an attack, +15 att and 100% critical rate for 1 second

Advanced Dark Sight: Learning Stealth allows you to attack in Dark Sight, with a chance of not ending Dark Sight. There is a chance to automatically trigger Dark Sight on attack and attacking in Dark Sight will increase damage. Max Level (10): 20% chance to trigger Dark Sight, 49% chance to remain in Dark Sight, 20% increase in damage while in Dark Sight

Life Drain: Chance to recover HP when attacking. You cannot recover more than 15% of your Max HP. Max Level (10): 10% chance to activate, restores 10% of damage as HP

Bloody Storm: An advanced version of Slash Storm. Attacks multiple enemies at a very high speed with elaborate movements. Lv.10 effect: Can be used with Lv.10 Flying Assaulter. Max Level (20): 265% Damage, attacks 3 times, 8 mobs, +20% Tornado Spin and Flying Assaulter damage

  • Mirror Image: Summons a doppelganger that looks just like you to assist in attacks for a certain amount of time. Your doppelganger cannot use certain skills. Max Level (20): 70% Damage for 200 seconds

Chains of Hell: Pulls an enemy close and makes up to 10 attacks, all of which are critical. Stationary monsters must be in range. Max Level (20): 105% Damage, attacks 10 times (100% crit rate), 10% chance of stunning the enemy for 4 seconds.

Enveloping Darkness: Cover yourself with darkness, increasing Max HP, Abnormal Status Resistance, and Elemental Resistance permanently. Max Level (20): +20% Max HP, +10% Abnormal Status Resistance, +10% Elemental Resistance.

70: Bloody Storm 1 (1)
71: Chains of Hell 2 (2), Flash Bang 1 (MAX)
72: Mirror Image 3 (3)
73: Mirror Image 3 (6)
74: Mirror Image 3 (9)
75: Mirror Image 3 (12)
76: Mirror Image 3 (15)
77: Mirror Image 3 (18)
78: Mirror Image 2 (MAX), Bloody Storm 1 (2)
79: Bloody Storm 3 (5)
80: Bloody Storm 3 (8)
81: Bloody Storm 3 (11)
82: Bloody Storm 3 (14)
83: Bloody Storm 3 (17)
84: Bloody Storm 3 (MAX)
85: Enveloping Darkness 3 (3)
86: Enveloping Darkness 3 (6)
87: Enveloping Darkness 3 (9)
88: Enveloping Darkness 3 (12)
89: Enveloping Darkness 3 (15)
90: Enveloping Darkness 3 (18)
91: Enveloping Darkness 2 (MAX), Life Drain 1 (1)
92: Life Drain 3 (4)
93: Life Drain 3 (7)
94: Life Drain 3 (MAX)
95: Shadow Meld 3 (3)
96: Shadow Meld 3 (6)
97: Shadow Meld 3 (9)
98: Shadow Meld 3 (12)
99: Shadow Meld 3 (15)
100: Shadow Meld 3 (18)
101: Shadow Meld 2 (MAX), Advanced Dark Sight 1 (1)
102: Advanced Dark Sight 3 (4)
103: Advanced Dark Sight 3 (7)
104: Advanced Dark Sight 3 (10)
105: Upper Stab 3 (4)
106: Upper Stab 3 (7)
107: Upper Stab 3 (10)
108: Upper Stab 3 (13)
109: Upper Stab 3 (16)
110: Upper Stab 3 (19)
111: Upper Stab 1 (MAX), Chains of Hell 2 (4)
112: Chains of Hell 3 (7)
113: Chains of Hell 3 (10)
114: Chains of Hell 3 (13)
115: Chains of Hell 3 (16)
116: Chains of Hell 3 (19)
117: Chains of Hell 1 (MAX), Put them into whatever you want 2 (?)
118: Put them into whatever you want 3 (?)
119: Put them into whatever you want 3 (?)
120: Put them into whatever you want 3 (?)

Flash Bang-MAX
Mirror Image-MAX
Bloody Storm-MAX
Enveloping Darkness-MAX
Life Drain-MAX
Shadow Meld-MAX
Advanced Dark Sight-MAX
Upper Stab-MAX
Chains of Hell-MAX
Whatever else you want-+11 SP

First we start off with putting a point into Bloody Storm for mobbing, and then we max Flash Bang and put 2 SP into Chains of Hell. Then max Mirror Image for the extra DPS, and then max Bloody Storm for great mobbing and to finish off all of your skill combos. Then we max Enveloping Darkness for the +20% HP and status and elemental resistances, and we max Vital Steal to recover our HP better. Then max Shadow Meld for better DPS and better avoidability, and then Advanced Dark Sight for even better DPS and avoidability. We then work on maxing Upper Stab because it's a good mobbing move that doesn't push us through the mobs, so it'd be great for LHC. We then finish maxing Chains of Hell for 1v1, which would help at Crockies, and it's the best 1v1 move we have until you get Phantom Blow. Then we have 11 extra SP that you could put into whatever you like.

Blade Master (120-200) 4th
It was hard for me to come up with a good guide for these levels, because there are so many amazing skills at these levels that I want to max as early as possible. I did my best, but I may still be wrong, so feel free to change this up however you want, or make suggestions on some changes. 4th job skill guides always vary greatly on your play style, like whether you boss or train more, etc. I recommend that you customize this part to however your playstyle is. I made this according to the way I play, but you may not like it according to the way you do it.

Toxic Venom: Increases Venom's poison chance and permanently increases poison damage. Max Level (10): 50% chance of poisoning an enemy, 160% Damage every 1 second for 8 seconds, can stack up to 3 times.

  • Dual Wield Expert: Increases Mastery, Weapon Attack, and Minimum Critical Damage. Max Level (30): +70% Mastery, +30 Weapon Attack, +15% accuracy and avoidability.

#Final Cut: Sacrifices a significant amount of HP to deal powerful damage to multiple enemies. Has a small chance of causing instant death, and some skills will gain a damage bonus for a while. Max Level (30): 10% HP Cost, 2000% Damage, 8 mobs, 15% instant death chance, +60% Damage for 60 seconds, 90 second cooldown, 1 second of invincibility is given after using this skill.

  • Blade Fury: Spin furiously to damage nearby enemies. Max Level (30): 165% Damage, hits 4 times, 8 mobs, ignore 20% of the monster's defense.

  • Mirrored Target: Permanently increases your Defense and Avoidability. Also, disassembles the doppelganger summoned via Mirror Image and turns it into a dummy. The dummy draws the enemy's attacks, protecting you from them. This skill can only be used when Mirror Image is active. Max Level (30): 20,000 Dummy HP, absorbs 20% of damage for 90 seconds, passive +25% dodge chance and +60% weapon and magic defense.

#Phantom Blow: Deals a flurry of piercing attacks against one enemy. A portion of an enemy's defense will be ignored. Max Level (30): 200% Damage, hits 6 times, 1 mob, ignore 30% of the monster's defense.

Sharpness: Increases your Critical Hit Rate and minimum Critical Damage. Max Level (10): +25% Critical Rate, +25% Minimum Critical Damage.

  • Thorns: Increases your ATT for a fixed period of time and allows you to resist knock-back effects when struck. Max Level (30): +30 att for 210 seconds, 90% stance

  • Sudden Raid: Calls in a horde of friends to set the stage on fire. Max Level (30): 1150% Damage, hits 1 time, 15 mobs, 210% damage every 1 second for 10 seconds, 30 second cooldown.

  • #Maple Warrior: Increases all players' stats within a team by a certain percentage. Max Level (30): +15% all stats for 900 seconds

#Hero's Will: By focusing your mind, you can ignore some abnormal status effects. However, this will not work on all abnormal status effects. Max Level (5): 360 second cooldown

120: Blade Fury 1 (1), Sharpness 1 (1), Toxic Venom 1 (1)
121: Phantom Blow 1 (1), Mirrored Target 1 (1), Sudden Raid 1 (1)
122: Sharpness 3 (4)
123: Sharpness 3 (7)
124: Sharpness 3 (MAX)
125: Dual Wield Expert 3 (3)
126: Dual Wield Expert 3 (6)
127: Dual Wield Expert 3 (9)
128: Dual Wield Expert 3 (12)
129: Dual Wield Expert 3 (15)
130: Dual Wield Expert 3 (18)
131: Dual Wield Expert 3 (21)
132: Dual Wield Expert 3 (24)
133: Dual Wield Expert 3 (27)
134: Dual Wield Expert 3 (MAX)
135: Final Cut 3 (3)
136: Final Cut 3 (6)
137: Final Cut 3 (9)
138: Final Cut 3 (12)
139: Final Cut 3 (15)
140: Final Cut 3 (18)
141: Final Cut 3 (21)
142: Final Cut 3 (24)
143: Final Cut 3 (27)
144: Final Cut 3 (MAX)
145: Blade Fury 3 (4)/Thorns 3 (3)
146: Blade Fury 3 (7)/Thorns 3 (6)
147: Blade Fury 3 (10)/Thorns 3 (9)
148: Blade Fury 3 (13)/Thorns 3 (12)
149: Blade Fury 3 (16)/Thorns 3 (15)
150: Blade Fury 3 (19)/Thorns 3 (18)
151: Blade Fury 3 (22)/Thorns 3(21)
152: Blade Fury 3 (25)/Thorns 3 (24)
153: Blade Fury 3 (28)/Thorns 3 (27)
154: Blade Fury 2 (MAX), Thorns 1 (1)/Thorns 3 (MAX)
155: Thorns 3 (4)/Blade Fury 3 (4)
156: Thorns 3 (7)/Blade Fury 3 (7)
157: Thorns 3 (10)/Blade Fury 3 (10)
158: Thorns 3 (13)/Blade Fury 3 (13)
159: Thorns 3 (16)/Blade Fury 3 (16)
160: Thorns 3 (19)/Blade Fury 3 (19)
161: Thorns 3 (22)/Blade Fury 3 (22)
162: Thorns 1 (25)/Blade Fury 3 (25)
163: Thorns 1 (28)/Blade Fury 3 (28)
164: Thorns 2 (MAX), Toxic Venom 1 (2)/Blade Fury 2 (MAX), Toxic Venom 1 (2)
165: Toxic Venom 3 (5)
166: Toxic Venom 3 (8)
167: Toxic Venom 2 (MAX) Phantom Blow 1 (2)
168: Phantom Blow 3 (5)
169: Phantom Blow 3 (8)
170: Phantom Blow 3 (11)
171: Phantom Blow 3 (14)
172: Phantom Blow 3 (17)
173: Phantom Blow 3 (20)
174: Phantom Blow 3 (23)
175: Phantom Blow 3 (26)
176: Phantom Blow 3 (29)
177: Phantom Blow 1 (MAX) Mirrored Target 1 (2)
178: Mirrored Target 3 (5)
179: Mirrored Target 3 (8)
180: Mirrored Target 3 (11)
181: Mirrored Target 3 (14)
182: Mirrored Target 3 (17)
183: Mirrored Target 3 (20)
184: Mirrored Target 3 (23)
185: Mirrored Target 3 (26)
186: Mirrored Target 3 (29)
187: Mirrored Target 1 (MAX), Hero's Will 2 (2)
188: Hero's Will 3 (5)
189: Maple Warrior 3 (3)
190: Maple Warrior 3 (6)
191: Maple Warrior 3 (9)
192: Maple Warrior 3 (12)
193: Maple Warrior 3 (15)
194: Maple Warrior 3 (18)
195: Maple Warrior 3 (21)
196: Maple Warrior 3 (24)
197: Maple Warrior 3 (27)
198: Maple Warrior 3 (MAX)
199: Sudden Raid 3 (4)
200: Sudden Raid 3 (7)

Dual Wield Expert-MAX
Final Cut-MAX
Blade Fury-MAX
Toxic Venom-MAX
Phantom Blow-MAX
Mirrored Target-MAX
Hero's Will-MAX
Maple Warrior-MAX
Sudden Raid-7

First we put points in for Blade Fury for mobbing, Sharpness for extra critical rate %, and Toxic Venom for more DPS. Next, one point into PB for 1v1, a point into Mirrored Target for the Passive 10% dodge chance and 2% m/w.def, and a point into Sudden Raid because it's fun to play around with, though you could just put this SP into something else if you wanted. Then we max sharpness because of the critical rate, and after it, Dual Wield Mastery because of the +30 w.att and the mastery, but if you'd rather have +30 w.att and stance, you can switch this around with Thorns. Then max Final Cut because of the awesome 160% damage 1 minute buff, and then I maxed Blade Fury for faster training, or you can do Thorns for the +30 w.att and stance, which is what I personally did. After that, max whichever skill of those two you didn't max before. I work on maxing Toxic Venom after that because stacking venom allows for a big increase in your DPS, and then max Phantom Blow so you're ready to take on most bosses. After that, I maxed Mirrored Target, and the extra defense it gives is great. We max Hero's Will (you have to do a quest to obtain the skill; Google it) so we can boss better. Then we max Maple Warrior for the extra damage, and then we finish off by putting the rest of our points into the last skill we have left, Sudden Raid.

Training Guide

This guide works for any class, not just DBs

REMEMBER: This guide is designed for funded characters, so for the advised place, we're going to them at levels that may seem very early to you, like jesters at level 45. If you don't like this, just stay where you're at until you're a comfortable level, and then go to the advised training area, or you could just train at a different area.

To figure out what were the best places to level up at these levels, I used a specific method. I started a timer and I timed how long it took to get 20%, and I multiplied that by 5 to get an estimate of how long it would take to level, and I compared it to the other top training places for those levels. The areas that had the best experience for their levels will be indicated with a *, and those are the advised areas at those levels.
  • 1-10: quests for your class
  • 10-18: blue ribbon pigs (lvl 13, 23 exp, 200 HP)
  • OPTIONAL: 18-20: Do the quest for the job specific hat
  • 18/20-30: mixed golems mini dungeon (level 26, 47 hp, 540 hp)/flaming mixed golems (level 28, 63 exp, 720 HP)
18/20-30: Rotting Skeletons (level 20, 74 exp, 850 HP)
Yes, normally Rotting Skeletons would be better exp than mixed golems, but they're normally somewhat crowded, and by the time you get there and get your own channel, you could've gotten 3-4 levels at mixed golems. Also, if you're making a dual blade right after the revamp, chances are that there will be a ton of DBs there because it's such a popular training place. However, if you are going to Scarecrows later, I would advise training there.
  • 30-40: mushroom kingdom quests (after you finish all the quests, just keep on killing King Pepe until you're level 40)
30-45: Scarecrows (level 50, 220 exp, 3,300 HP)
  • 40-45: CDs in Kerning Square (level 46, 116 exp, 2,520 HP; level 47, 119 exp, 2,640 HP)
40-55: Toy Trojans (level 57, 172 exp, 4,200 HP)
45-60: Robos and Master Robos (level 61, 204 exp, 5,900 HP; level 63, 222 exp, 6,700 HP)
  • 40/45-55: The small jesters room where there are hoodoos and jesters (I know this seems really early for jesters, but if your character is funded, you should manage just fine. If you don't think you can do it, just stay at CDs or go to scarecrows until 50 or whenever you feel comfortable with training there.) To get there: Enter the mansion, go up two floors, and go the door farthest to the right. In that room, go to the top right door) (level 70, 1,325 exp, 50,000 HP; level 60, 335 exp, 6,800 HP)
50-70: Ludibrium Party Quest
50-70: Monster Park
  • 55-60/63: The small jesters room where only 4 jesters spawn. To get there: Enter the mansion, go up 1 floor, and go through the first door on you left. Go to the top right door in that room
Remember, to get to NLC, all you have to do is to go to a Dimensional Mirror and select NLC and you're instantly teleported there, it's very handy for changing training spots and for repotting.
*60/63-70: Iron mutaes (level 83, 729 exp, 31,000 HP)
60/63-70: Jesters Chimney
60-70: Cart Bears (level 74, 382 exp, 14,000 HP)
65-70: Sand Rats and Scorpions (level 77, 487 exp, 19,000 HP; level 81, 650 exp, 27,000 HP)
70-110: Romeo and Juliet Party Quest
70-120: Monster Park
70-77: Sand Rats and Scorpions
70-75: Roids (level 88, 917 exp, 41,000 HP; level 89, 954 exp, 43,000 HP
  • 70-90: MP3 (level 90, 1,130 exp, 45,000 HP; level 93, 1,260 exp, 51,000 HP)
77-90: Galloperas (level 94, 1,300 exp, 53,000 HP)
90-110: Captains and Krus (level 103, 1,431 exp, 71,000 HP; level 105, 1,495 exp 75,000 HP)
  • 90-110: Aliens (To get there, once you get to level 90, accept the lightbulb quest from the mayor of NLC, and just continue with the quests until you're able to enter the alien portal thing. It's in corridor 5/6 that everyone trains at) (level 90, 3,000 exp, 54000 HP; level 95, 3,000 exp, 66000 HP)
110-120: Gigantic Spirit Vikings (level 122, 1,996 exp, 109,000 HP)
  • 110-120: Crockies (level 115, 48,376 exp, 7,400,000 HP, but remember, you get +50% exp for every member in your party, and usually you have HS for another 50% exp)
120-200: Monster Park
120-200: Hoblin Party Quest, Escape Party Quest, Dragon Rider Party Quest, and Kenta's Party Quest. If you do PQ, I'd recommend to start around 140 though.
120-125: Crockies
  • 120/125-160/170/200: Bearwolves (level 122, 52,654 exp, 9,600,000 HP, party exp applies here)
125-160/170/200: Castle Golems (level 127, 58,285 exp, 12,500,000 HP, party exp applies here)
125-126/127: Neo City Quests
WARNING: The monsters at Future Ereve and Henesys (especially the monsters in the party play areas) hit extremely high damage, only enter if you have high enough avoidability, HP, and Defense.
160-200: Various places in Future Ereve/Henesys
  • 165-200: Knight Stronghold: Second Drill Hall (level 170, 91,290 exp, 21,500,000 HP, party exp applies here) This is where most everybody trains at in Future Ereve.
170-200: Hall of Honor (level 177, 104,529 exp, 25,000,000 HP; level 179, 108,043 exp, 26,000,000 HP; level 180, 109,786 exp, 26,500,000 HP; level 182, 117,271 exp, 28,500,000 HP; level 184, 124,671 exp, 30,500,000 HP, party exp applies here)

Sorry, for 120-200 I didn't put any alternative training places. I didn't do this because there's no real need to train at any other places during these levels other than LHC/SH. The exp in these places is far superior to anywhere else, so honestly, I don't understand why some people like to train at other places, I always find it an enjoyable experience.

Thanks for reading my guide! If you have any questions, my information is wrong, or you think I should make any changes anywhere, please let me know.
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ghostme Level 174 Scania Phantom 4
Nice guide
I'll be using the sp guide from 1 to 120 after sp resetting and make up my own build beyond
Aug 07 2012
ghostme Level 174 Scania Phantom 4
I figured you would max mirrored target earlier, it's got some useful passive effects.[/quote]

You would think that, but pre-revamped DBs have been able to survive without it for some time now
Aug 07 2012
UAPaladin Level 210 Windia Night Walker 4
I figured you would max mirrored target earlier, it's got some useful passive effects.[/quote]

Yeah, like I said, it was really hard to come up with a good SP guide for 4th job. There were so many skills that I wanted to max as soon as possible, like thorns, final cut, katara mastery, PB, and Blade Fury (which I think was maxed really late too). It was hard to make correct choices with all of these good skills, and if you think I'm wrong, just modify that part of the guide for your DB.
Aug 07 2012
ghostme Level 174 Scania Phantom 4
Well I thought your sp guide for 4th job was decent

After maxing Toxic Venom, it's pretty much Bossing or Training builds in my opinion
Aug 07 2012
UAPaladin Level 210 Windia Night Walker 4
You can use android hearts without an android.[/quote]

Oh, my bad then, I'll edit it.

@above yeah I realize that, do you have any suggestions of when to max it? And btw, you don't have to get so mad over something like that.
Aug 07 2012
UAPaladin Level 210 Windia Night Walker 4
@lastrival1 The 160% damage for final cut allows for faster training, but I never realized that Blade Fury only hits that low of a number of mobs at that level. Thanks for the input, and yes you're right, I've never had a 4th job DB before. This guide is just theoretical pretty much until I get to the levels that I have down. I'm thinking about putting Blade Fury before PB, and I think I'll put Toxic Venom in-between both of those.

@GoldenHeracross why do you think that?
Aug 07 2012
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