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Maplestory Live How to beat Alshiar?

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Aug 07 12
So I can't beat alshiar on my dual blade... I have 10 slash storm and 1 in double stab, and I saved 16 sp for the 3rd job advancement...
Do I have to beat alshiar in order to make 3rd job advancement? If not, how do I job advance. If I have to beat alshiar, how can I beat it? I'm level 30 at the moment.
Also, does anyone know how to get past the falling platforms on the 3rd part of the jump quest? thanks.
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Aug 07 12
Believe in the heart of the cards.
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Aug 07 12
Scania Warrior
its Alishar
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Aug 07 12
Windia Kanna 4
never give up
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Aug 07 12
TheAxelFenrir: howd you find Alshiar, i cant find where he spawns

Very last map of Sky Terrance, top right part of that map, there's glitter sparks like a portal.
Aug 07 12
ahitsahits: Very last map of Sky Terrance, top right part of that map, there's glitter sparks like a portal.

....he even bolded it.....
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Aug 07 12
Please, no trolls, I'm serious...
Aug 08 12
Khaini Buccaneer
ahitsahits: Please, no trolls, I'm serious...
What is a troll?
Aug 08 12
Windia Phantom 4
Toqa: ....he even bolded it.....

He's showing that he doesnt care about grammar nazis.
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Aug 08 12
Construct: Beat him around lv24 I believe, just sell your Etc stack up on pots. It should take you around 50? And yes you need to kill him in order to adv to 3rd job.
To get past the falling platforms, just jump quicker? Play the game on fast or extra fast speed if you have to.

For the jump quest, I mean the last falling platform where there are the springs that push you to the right. Should I raise any skills to help me with alishar?
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