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Totem Equipment Slot amp the Totems Equips

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Aug 08 12
Bera Hayato 4
As you guys may know, GMS copied over a TMS event called Maple High School (Red Leaf High in GMS). This bought along a brand new type of equips that can be worn which is totem. However if you read the patch notes you would see that the best totem requires 4,000 friendship points 400 million mesos to buy it. Other version cost 100mil, 500mil etc by not as good as the one listed below.

What do you guys think of the price to purchase it? Is it worth the [stats] + 20 & 6 weapon/magic att for you or would you rather invest in the cheaper ones and use the remaining mesos in buying other goods/services?

Do you like this event?

Important Facts To Take Into Consideration

- The item is permanent
- All totems are untradeable
- You can wear up to 3 totems, however it cannot be 2 of the same totems (eg: you cannot wear 2 400 million mesos version of the totems)
- Friendships points can be awarded by completing the stages of the solo party like quest. 12 stages in total, including boss fights, answering questions and solving maths problems
- Event is available until 24th September
- Event is very good for people who wants more damage and/or have hundred million's mesos to spend

Totems available

Require Lvl 0 500 Friendship Points Needed (This Totem Gives: [stat] +4) 100,000 Mesos
Require Lvl 30 1000 Friendship Points Needed (This Totem Gives: [stat] +8, Weapon/Magic ATT +1) 10,000,000 Mesos
Require Lvl 70 2000 Friendship Points Needed (This Totem Gives: [stat] +12, Weapon/Magic ATT +3) 100,000,000 Mesos
Require Lvl 120 4000 Friendship Points Needed (This Totem Gives: [stat] +20, Weapon/Magic ATT +6) 400,000,000 Mesos
Require Lvl 0 4000 Friendship Points Needed (This Totem Gives: [stat] +14, Weapon/Magic ATT +4) 500,000,000 Mesos

Source for those people who haven't look into it

Red Leaf High Event
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Aug 08 12
Mardia Marksman
if its perma ill buy it one day. i love stats.
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Aug 08 12
Renegades Buccaneer
yes and no
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Aug 08 12
Khaini Kanna 4
Personally... thats quite expensive. I think I will work my way up to get the points however the purchase will have to wait
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Aug 08 12
hate it
Aug 08 12
Yellonde Hayato 4
IMO, i think its a worthless event (from its looks and for poor people).
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Aug 08 12
Khaini Hero
Are they tradable?
Aug 08 12
Khaini Buccaneer
How do you get friendship points?
Aug 08 12
Windia Mechanic 4
Smited: My totem is bigger

wanna compare totems?
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Aug 08 12
Scania F/P Arch Mage
nexon will do everything for money. theyll make a flying time machine with legs and a coffe maker that can talk to animels just to make u buy nx and purchase the dumb thing that doesnt even worth a shi(f)t
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