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Old Dual Blades, New Medals and Mounts

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Aug 08 12
Khaini Blade Recruit
How do the old dual blades go about getting them? I talked to ryden about the mount but didnt get anything and can we get the new medals for our job advances?
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Aug 08 12
Scania Aran 4
Check ur mount skills. You have the owl
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Aug 08 12
Scania Mercedes 4
can we get the new medals though?
Aug 08 12
Khaini Blade Recruit
Aug 08 12
Bera F/P Arch Mage
can we get the new masks?
Aug 08 12*
Khaini Blade Recruit
HerowithRice the masks you need to level a new db I'm pretty sure.
Aug 08 12
Scania Hayato 3
A New Blade Rises

Requirement: Dual Blade
Accept the quest through the event notifier on the left side of the game window.
You will receive a box named "Gift For New Dual Blades," which will expire after 7 days if you don't open it.
The following gifts are obtained when opening the box:
Pendant of the Sprit (30 Day): Equip it and earn bonus EXP from hunting mobs the longer you're logged in. 1 hr: 10% extra, 2 hrs: 20% extra, 3+ hrs: 30% extra. Expires after 30 days. Untradeable.
Dual Blade Reborn (medal): MaxHP/MP +20. One-of-a-kind item, untradeable.
Owl Effect (Cash item): Lets you summon an owl to follow around. Double-click it in your item inventory or use in through a hotkey to turn the effect on/off.

The owl effect is kinda like the owl pet. i don't care about anything else but this, and old dbs and jump starts are never getting them. so unfair cannonears got that monkey

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