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Aug 09 12
Mardia Shadower
After killing ravana the 2nd time (the actual ravana and not the quest line one), i saw these boxes in my inventory called "? ?" in the etc group. WHAT ARE THEY?
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Aug 10 12
Windia Evan 10th Growth
Im not sure, I just killed him and got 10. So confused D:
Aug 10 12
Bera Demon Slayer 4
They are used in the youjustgottrolled quest where once you collect 1billion of those boxes you receive 1 premium miracle cube, untradeable etc...
No but seriously, no idea what they're for probably just dropping them or scam noobs xD
Aug 10 12
Windia Night Lord
i cant even get in ravy,
MapleStory Screen: Kumi has changed
Aug 12 12
Bera Night Walker 4
Yea i solod him twice and ow i got 20 boxes idk what they are for
Maple Story: Um, idk, maybe, yes, naw, i think, well, hmmm.....

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