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Aug 09 12
Broa Paladin
i made a dual blader and im on a part where i need to find jeppi in elenia has anyone found him yet or did nexon forget to add him to the game?
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Aug 09 12
Scania Night Lord
i found him. just follow the arrows.
Aug 09 12*
Mardia Demon Slayer 3
Go out the top right portal in Ellinia and then follow the arrows. If they're not there, go to the map where you can go to Elluel (or however it's spelled) and at the bottom left there should be a hidden portal.
Aug 09 12
Arcania Phantom 4
follow the arrows its a hidden portal. left most side of the map it leads you to.
Aug 09 12
Windia Buccaneer
he lives amongst the trees. theres arrows that lead you to him go to the top portal in ellina and then go through it and just follow the yellow bric....er arrows.
Aug 09 12
Broa Paladin
oh wow thanks guys at lvl 29 or 30 i got the quest and it led me there.
New MapleStory Video: KMST Lv 103 Dual Blade in ToT
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