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100 Scroll Sellers Removed?

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Cham Level 121 Galicia Corsair
They moved them to towns

Scroll sellers that were in hunting fields have been moved to certain towns.

Tulcus: Near Kerning City weapon shop entrance.
Barun: Near Orbis weapon shop entrance.
Vega: Near Ludibrium Skin Care.
Norman: Next to Leafre NPC Nana.

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Aug 09 2012
daviddabest Level 130 Windia Hero
I know that the one that was in kerning swamp is in kerning now near the jazz bar
Aug 09 2012
they moved all of them into their nearest towns.
Aug 09 2012
do they sell 100% cane scrolls?
and where in the towns?
Aug 09 2012
usually near the potion shop or armor shop
Aug 09 2012
Come on, you can't be **THAT** poor.
Aug 09 2012
You'd be suprise with how poor i am 3dadyty LOL.
Aug 09 2012
shadowind7 Level 202 Yellonde Battle Mage 4
Don't doubt his poorness.

Yes they were moved to towns
Aug 09 2012

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