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Aug 09 12
Broa Mechanic 4
Are all 100% Scroll Sellers gone :o?
Impoor :[
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Aug 09 12*
Galicia Corsair
They moved them to towns

Scroll sellers that were in hunting fields have been moved to certain towns.

Tulcus: Near Kerning City weapon shop entrance.
Barun: Near Orbis weapon shop entrance.
Vega: Near Ludibrium Skin Care.
Norman: Next to Leafre NPC Nana.

Miscellaneous section
Aug 09 12
Windia Hero
I know that the one that was in kerning swamp is in kerning now near the jazz bar
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Aug 09 12
Bera Night Lord
they moved all of them into their nearest towns.
Aug 09 12
Broa Mechanic 4
thanks i love you alll
Aug 09 12
Windia Citizen
do they sell 100% cane scrolls?
and where in the towns?
Aug 09 12
Scania Thunder Breaker 3
usually near the potion shop or armor shop
Aug 09 12
Khaini Paladin
Come on, you can't be THAT poor.
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Aug 09 12
Broa Mechanic 4
You'd be suprise with how poor i am 3dadyty LOL.
Aug 09 12
Yellonde Battle Mage 4
Don't doubt his poorness.

Yes they were moved to towns
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