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Person000000 Level 175 Scania Night Walker 4
Do all cygnus knights share a cash shop inventory? So I have some cash equips on my wind archer that got to level 120 a while ago.
Is there a way that I can get the equips to my night walker? Because if I put it into cash shop storage on my wind archer,
it doesn't show up on my night walkers cash shop storage.
Thanks guys.
Posted: August 2012 Permalink


. . . all of my adventures share 1 o_o
Aug 14 2012
Person000000 Level 175 Scania Night Walker 4
Err... not working for my cygnus knights.
Aug 14 2012
CiChii Level 163 Scania Night Lord
only adventures cashshop share nx
the rest like cygnus , aran , evan , Db , Mercedes , Mech , Wh , Battle mage , Jett ,Phantom etc doesnt.
well at least for now cause im hoping they do in the future
Aug 14 2012
No, only adventures share cs inventories with each other (not counting DB, JETT, or Cannoneer). Every other character's cash shop inventory is character bound.
Aug 14 2012
Person000000 Level 175 Scania Night Walker 4
Oh ok I see. Thanks for your help
Aug 14 2012

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