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Monster Park Box of Greed Rewards

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Aug 15 12
Scania Cannoneer 3
You can These rewards are based on my experiences so far: To add something not on this list, please take a screenshot of you getting it from the box.

Chaos Scroll 60%
Monster Park 1.3X EXP Coupon
Monster Park Commemorative Coin 3
Monster Park Commemorative Coin 4
Monster Park Commemorative Coin 5
Reindeer Milk 5
Scroll for Avarice Pendant for INT 30%
Scroll for Avarice Pendant for M. ATT 25%
Sunrise Dew 10
Very Special Sundae 5
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Aug 15 12
Scania Shadower
I've yet to find the box still...
Aug 15 12
KradiaGMS Aran 4
Sadly I don't have a screenshot, but I have gotten mystery mastery books from the monster park boxes before.
Aug 15 12
Scania Paladin
the best thing I got so far is like 10 chaos scrolls and rest I just drop.
Aug 15 12*
Mardia Corsair
I've gotten probably 70 boxes already. I've got the same things as you, but I also got Avarice Pendant scrolls for the other 3 stats and maybe a weapon attack as well (not sure since I just toss them out immediately). I also got the Avarice Pendant- stats are +2 all stats, 50 wep/mag def, 5 upgrades available, and supposedly it can increase the rate of rare item drops in Monster Park if you wear it).

I'm pretty sure the possible box prizes are on OrangeMushroom anyway...
Aug 15 12
Galicia Aran 3
You can get a MMB from the box of greed, but i dont have a screen cuz i used it.... sorry
Aug 15 12
Windia Blade Master
How do I get these boxes?
Aug 15 12
Khaini Buccaneer
Secret recipes too bro
Aug 15 12
Galicia Noblesse
you can get MM from it. sorry no SS :
Aug 15 12
Broa Shadower
Does the 1.3x coupon expire?
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