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Minimun range to solo normal Zakum?

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Could anyone tell me what´s the minimum range I need to solo Zakum with buffs, and i only have 20%boss.
Thanks in advance
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antims Level 150 Bera Phantom 4
don't know minimum, but i soloed him at lvl 130 with a 18k range (buffed). Took some time thou
Aug 15 2012
Blazetent Level 200 Broa Hayato 4 Nimbus Guild
I'd say it all depends on what class you are...

Bit i guess for phantom a 12-13k range clean. But as the guy said above it took some time.

An efficient run would be 25-26k clean.
Aug 15 2012
With 25k and being a phantom should take u about 20 min
Aug 15 2012
JeffieAran Level 200 Galicia Mercedes 4
im a level 122 night lord with just under 5k range is that bad[/quote]

I've seen level 110-120 Hermits that hit 6k per star on TT at LHC. (Those extremely unfunded 3rd jobbers at LHC- especially Hermits, are the ones that are the most annoying and spams "JPQ@@" even after you tell them it's not a PQ and your party is full.)

And yes.
Aug 15 2012
Thank everyone who have commented above
So i have 31k range (buffed), so it would take me around 10min to solo zakum?
Aug 15 2012
How about for a Dual Blade, what range would he require?
Aug 15 2012
Hmmm I would say 15-20 min, not sure, I cnt remember my range when I first did Zak.

@jaga001 I will get back to you on that when I solo him today
Aug 15 2012
larryd23 Level 200 Windia Night Lord
I think the bigger problem for Thieves is not damage, but HP.

When you take a long time to kill zak, the flying monsters can get pretty thick. I can't speak for other Thieves, but NLs don't have an FMA (like Demon Cry for example). As a result, it is difficult for us to manage these flying monsters. Get hit by a bunch of them and a few falling rocks in rapid succession and you will die if you don't have sufficient HP.
Aug 15 2012
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