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Minimun range to solo normal Zakum?

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Could anyone tell me what´s the minimum range I need to solo Zakum with buffs, and i only have 20%boss.
Thanks in advance
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antims Level 164 Bera Demon Avenger 4
don't know minimum, but i soloed him at lvl 130 with a 18k range (buffed). Took some time thou
Aug 15 2012
Blazetent Level 200 Broa Hayato 4 Nimbus Guild
I'd say it all depends on what class you are...

Bit i guess for phantom a 12-13k range clean. But as the guy said above it took some time.

An efficient run would be 25-26k clean.
Aug 15 2012
Oshawott Level 202 Demethos Shadower
most classes can beat zak with around 15k from my experience, however it's always better to be safe, 20k would easily beat zakum within time.
Aug 15 2012
With 25k and being a phantom should take u about 20 min
Aug 15 2012
JeffieAran Level 200 Galicia Mercedes 4
im a level 122 night lord with just under 5k range is that bad[/quote]

I've seen level 110-120 Hermits that hit 6k per star on TT at LHC. (Those extremely unfunded 3rd jobbers at LHC- especially Hermits, are the ones that are the most annoying and spams "JPQ@@" even after you tell them it's not a PQ and your party is full.)

And yes.
Aug 15 2012
Thank everyone who have commented above
So i have 31k range (buffed), so it would take me around 10min to solo zakum?
Aug 15 2012
How about for a Dual Blade, what range would he require?
Aug 15 2012
Hmmm I would say 15-20 min, not sure, I cnt remember my range when I first did Zak.

@jaga001 I will get back to you on that when I solo him today
Aug 15 2012
SacredSealed Level 191 Bera Shadower
I killed zakum with a 10k buffed.
Aug 15 2012
larryd23 Level 200 Windia Bishop
I think the bigger problem for Thieves is not damage, but HP.

When you take a long time to kill zak, the flying monsters can get pretty thick. I can't speak for other Thieves, but NLs don't have an FMA (like Demon Cry for example). As a result, it is difficult for us to manage these flying monsters. Get hit by a bunch of them and a few falling rocks in rapid succession and you will die if you don't have sufficient HP.
Aug 15 2012
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