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Aug 17 12
Scania Beast Tamer Cat
Title. This may be a really sad question but Im new to warriors and all the things online say they can use all warriors weapons but some say they use only two handed maces
help thanks
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Aug 17 12
Bera Paladin
They can use 1h/2h swords and 1h/2h blunt weapons. Weapon of choice being either 1h sword or blunt weapon the reason being certain skills need a shield in order to activate. Without a shield you'd be losing a lot of your defensive capabilities which is the main reason for making a paladin.
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Aug 17 12*
Windia Dawn Warrior 4
1 handed bws/swords or you can be amazing and use 2 handed stuff
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Aug 17 12
KradiaEMS Paladin
Wands, obviously?
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Aug 17 12
Bera Dark Knight
1h/2h blunts and swords. The only time you might use a 2h is when your a page cuz you dont have shield mastery yet and incase you didnt realize, shield mastery only works with a shield but it doubles your defense and has 10% chance to block attacks so its worth using a shield. Same goes for divine shield.
Aug 17 12
Bera Paladin
Silverfox He's not a pally no need to be so snide.
New MapleStory Screen: 127 bucc range - 11287-16124
Aug 18 12*
Khaini Dark Knight
Paladins can use any warrior weapon, but they only have weapon mastery for swords and maces. They can use, for example, spears, but their weapon mastery won't affect their damage at all, thus greatly hindering their leveling speed and overall performance. Weapon-specific skills, like booster, which only work if a proper weapon is equipped, will not work either.

Summary: they can use any warrior weapon. But to save yourself a headache, just use a mace or sword. It doesn't matter which, though 1h versions might be better.
Aug 18 12
Scania I/L Arch Mage
The average Paladin uses 1-handed swords or maces.
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Aug 18 12
Scania Beast Tamer Cat
thanks everyone I'm gonna be cool
and use a 2 handed mace lol
New MapleStory Screen: Miscarry
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