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will world transfers ever make a come back?
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Aug 18 12
Windia Marksman
Back when Zenith first made its debut, I made a Corsair there and bought some permanent NX clothes for it and I want to move it over to Windia with all my other classes, but I recall Nexon removing the MTS and world transfers from the cash shop.

Will they ever be coming back? Is there no way for me to transfer my character over? Or the NX at least?
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Aug 18 12*
Galicia Evan 10th Growth
I don't think the nx will be transfered I think it will stay in zenith also name change just came to Kms a few patch's ago and they never had it so maybe when gms releases the new name changer
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Aug 18 12
Mardia Phantom 4
yes , I think
Aug 18 12
Nova Kaiser 4
Well if you figure, it's Nexon, the world transfers would probably come back right after another merge or alliance. "Convenient" timing and even a sale, so everyone who hates the new worlds could switch to a lesser populated one that will get merged eventually. Just wait until then
Aug 18 12*
Windia Marksman
I guess I made a mistake when i chose to world transfer my brother's bishop over out of pure laziness (Obviously to use it as an HS Mule, which I ended up never using >.<

I thought NX also came over with you so long as you had it all equipped to your personage, or in it's inventory. Hmm...

Travis548: Waiting's not the problem, so much as it is having the NX to purchase the transfer during the 'event' or 'promotion' period.
Aug 28 12
Khaini Buccaneer
so no one knows when world tranfer come back?
and when i tranfer a character its that permanent?
and when i tranfer a character my pet permanent will come with me o stay in the currently world?
Aug 28 12
Scania Kanna 1
Capricious The NX will transfer IF it is in your equipment inventory of the character you transfer over.
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Aug 28 12
Windia Marksman
TroiSky: Oh, perfect. In that case, I can bring over my sexay nx as well as that one hideous Christmas overall. Now... just have to wait for world transfer to make an appearance and have enough NX at the time to purchase it.
Aug 28 12
Nova Aran 4
Question on world transfer: Say Nexon makes a new world, lets call it bacon. And someone has a lvl 200 character in say Windia. Can they transfer their character from Windia to bacon on the first day bacon is in existence? Hopefully not. Then they'd be the #1 there unless they move.
Aug 28 12
Bera Battle Mage 4
No, it took MONTHS for a new world to be transferred in/out of.
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