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Aug 19 12
Windia Marksman
I'm trying to make an Aran on a secondary account to get the HP character card perk, but whenever I get to the part where I have to drink the HP potion, the silly fat penguin keeps telling me that I haven't ingested the potion yet. I've deleted and re-made my Aran several times and keep getting the same message, but when I made an Aran on my main account it worked just fine.
Aug 19 12
Windia Demon Slayer 4
Your health may have to be full
Aug 19 12
Khaini Bow Master
Take off your character cards in the login screen because your health has to be full, and the cards give you more health so the potion wont heal you all the way.
Aug 19 12
Khaini Battle Mage 4
Can we request a sticky on forum posts? Every few days there's another "Bug with X class at tutorial with drinking the potion quest" thread.
Aug 19 12
Windia Luminous 3
^ What they said.

Make sure you have nothing giving you a boost to health, when you drink the potion you have to be at completely full health or else you can't turn in the quest.

I had this same issue with an event a little while ago that gave you an buff when you first logged in, and I couldn't turn in Roger's Apple because I was at like 50/75 Hp or something like that.
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Aug 19 12
Windia Marksman
Ah, well that explains a lot... Thank you for the help. Time to make the most of what little 2x I've got left.

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